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Vibration Damper for Anet A8

by mcapinha Feb 11, 2017
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This is amazing! I use 8 of them and the overall noise level is now about as loud as a microwave(I also switched the loud extrder fan to a much more quiet noctua one). Especially the low frequencies of the y-axis are filtered out pretty good.

what is the difference between corners 1 and 2?

they are a left and right corner...

Just printed a remix of this damper with PLA+ for my Anet A8 and the noise reduction is amazing. The only noise now is the additional power supply fan I added that runs on full speed. Thanks for designing this. I printed it wtih:

0.3 mm layer height
Infill 20%
No Raft or Support


Waaooo quelle différence ! Je n'aurais jamais cru que cela atténue le bruit à ce point la.
Au début on a presque l'impression d'avoir les oreilles bouchées. C'est vraiment une amélioration très utile.
Un grand Bravo au designer.
Merci beaucoup.

Thanks a lot.

Very nice, we can print during night now! very quiet!


These work really well. Thank you

It worked fine for a moment but after few weeks, the frame started to bend due to these dampers.
As a result, the heatbed was impossible to level and I finally be forced to remove the dampers.
Too bad...

Would these works for a 2020 frame? like cr 10 or tevo tornado

i think there actually was a cr10 verison

CR-10 Vibration Dampers

Whoa! Waaay quieter! Thank you lazzymonk!

I'm astonished at how much quieter my printer is after installing 6 of these bad boys. 2 in the front, two under the z-motors, and 2 in the rear. I've also placed small 3x3 inch squares of anti-slip "Easy-liner" under each.

Hi,nice and useful.
Bed is going up,do i need to change the Z axis after installing the dumpers?

these do no affect the height f the bed, nothing changes

Comments deleted.

Before printing these for my Anet A8, I had to stop printing at a certain time so people could sleep without hearing it. Now, with these installed, I have to double check to make sure it's still printing! Absolutely blown away at the difference these have made. And I have seen no quality difference at all in my prints. Epic design, thank you!

I printed 6 of these. 4 corners for the front and back, and the slotted ones I slapped underneath the frame of the Z steppers (for now). Of course, those parts are thinner, so I slapped some bluetack on it to hold it in place for now.
The slotted ones near the steppers are only there until I decide on thew best place to position them. (I have Leo's front frame brace installed on the front hence the edge ones on the front and back.
I'm thinking now though, I may move the slotted ones to the rear and have the rear edge ones underneath near the Z steppers. Hhmm.

I already had black ABS loaded in my Anet, so I used that. And they printed fantastic.

In MatterControl, I used 4 Perimeters and a fill density of 30%. The infill doesn't make a difference, because the main part of the damper is solid no matter what.
The ABS has plenty of strength and has a nice spring to it.
I haven't had a chance to print again yet. But something tells me the printer is going to be a lot better.
I also took the bed off, loosened all the screws going through the H-plate, and applied a drop of thread lock to them and re-tightened them too. I love my Drylin bearings, but damn that Y axis movement gets loud after a while.

It's pretty suprising how much they helpmwith sound. Doesn't seem to affect the quality too much either

Really cool these dampers! Thanks for sharing!

what infill and with support?

Which is better , PLA or PETG

I've printed mine on PLA, over an year a go. And they're still going strong!

I can't believe it!!! I tried silicone motor dampers, different bearings, different belt tensions...I tried a lot of improvements to reduce the noise. Yes, the A8 was a little quieter, BUT... with these dampers the result is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!!! :D
You made me happy! ;) I can print during the night without disturbing my pets! ;)
Thanks a lot for your work!

Absolutely awesome worked like a charm. So much quieter. Thanks for the great design

Awesome, worked much better than expected. Thanks :-D

Great job !!!

Wow, they are working awesome! I would have never guessed that.
I have currently only printed the main parts and not the helpers. Is there any good reason to use the helpers, cause currently I don't see any. If its about stability, I would prefer using more dampers instead of the helpers.

I've printed 6. Best upgrade for my Anet A8 standing on an IKEA Lack table.
Thank you!

These worked wonderfully!

I printed 8, two for the front corners (with braces), two for the back of the Z motors, two for the back part of the back frame and two for the sides of the back frame.

After inserting helpers into dampers, at first I couldn't get it to fit 100% - the corners of contact between them didn't fit in quite all the way. I thought of using pliers, and indeed I managed to easily press them one into another in all corners of connections.

Now - how do I silence my fans? :P

get a noctua 12v 40mm fan, will seem like its off while printing.

These were a total dream to print and assembly was easy.
It does the job very well! My printer is so much more quiet now that I have these on.
Thank you so much for these!

What a re these made of?

I printed mine in PLA.

This is utterly and absolutely amazing the amount of difference that these made. Before, it wasn't over bearingly loud, but you definitely knew when it was printing. Now? The only thing you really hear is the sliding of the ball bearing linear bearings. Get me some IGUS bearings and a Noctua fan and this thing will be in stealth mode. Thanks for the design and the upload. I am not using the helpers yet and seems to be doing fine. Will be printing those soon just for extra strength and longevity.

You can print the bearings. I printed version 4 of these:
And they simply work amazing. I am surprised something I printed out in plastic can outperform the real thing (though, to be fair, the originals were awful)

LM8UU Linear bearing and block (3 versions)

Im polymer bearings all the way, those metal ones scratched up my rails rather badly.

The Cura slicer is doing 4 lines for the curves. Is that okay?
I have printed one 8mm+Helper.
But it feels extremely stiff, I can barely press it down by hand. Is this normal? I've used quality PLA from JANBEX.

I'm not sure if I should just make the walls a little thinner and print them that way. 3 lines or even 2 should make more flexible results?

Line width was 0.4 and wall thickness 0.8. When I choose wall thickness 0.4, I only get 2 lines and some empty body. Perhaps this is the desired setting so I don't have to remodel (make it thinner) it.

I recall having printed them with a wall thickness of 0.4 and line width of 0.2, which gives 2 passes per wall.
I think you'll be OK even if they're stiff since they should still flex enough to absorve the vibrations.

Not only those work perfectly, they do a world of a difference. Silent printing is something everyone should get. Thank you a lot for those dampers.
You want them to be printed on the side. They are quite hard to insert but some pressure will do, WD40 might help.

Hello all, one quick question - would be really nice if someone could answer very fast.

I'm currently printing 4 of the helpers and 4 of the 8mm's. The problem is, that I thought they would be much much smaller - no my filament is getting empty before the print will finish. They are at a height of 15.5mm currently. I suppose the filament will reach till 17 - 18 or so. So my question is - can they be used even if they don't have their full height of 21mm? If not - is it possibly to pause the print change the filament and continue printing with another color? I know this will look weird - but will it work?

I hope theres someone who can help me out. Thanks.

Comments deleted.

Does anyone have a good solution to fix these on a (lack)table and then put the printer on?

Drill a hole in them, screw them to the table? Or just double sided tape?

Thank you! I never thought my printer could be so quiet, I went from being able to hear printing 2 floors down, to not hearing it in the next room at all.

This is a must-have for the Anet A8! They reduce sooo much noise.

Absolutely the best addition for anyone with a printer. Completely removes the vibrations and makes the printer dead silent. Get a quieter fan and your printer will be no louder than a standard desktop PC.

I realise it sounds obvious but I was super tired when I first printed these and made a stupid mistake... TURN THEM ON THEIR SIDES! The file you download comes with them stood up. Flip them onto their sides so the openings are on the top/bottom. Printing them as they are in the file will result in you wasting material on supports and they will just break apart when you apply any pressure to them. Print them on their sides like they're supposed to be, and they are almost impossible to break.

Wish I'd seen this before I started printing it! Tried to do four sets at once and I came home to spaghetti string. Should've done a prototype first, I guess! Thanks for posting this tip.

Thanks, came here looking for this info. Not obvious to me because I have this assumption that STL files open the way they should print. I'm still learning.

First thing to print, you must have this, now i can print at night, really works perfect!!!!

Very nice design. Thank you very much. Quick question.. Should the helper also touch the ground? I fit it tightly, pushed it with pliers but only the main part touches the ground.. Does your helpers touch the ground?

Actually, the design is not mine, I just remixed it for the A8.
The helpers fit inside the dampers so it's not necessary for them to touch the ground as they'll take some load transfer anyways..

thanks.. Because I printed them with an A8 and I thought that maybe some setting were wrong (wall thickness?) or my printer was not calibrated..

I've just printed off a set of 6 of these - can confirm the noise reduction is IMMENSE! Thanks very much! My wife appreciates it too =D

Wouldn't that change the height where back/center/front would settle after some time?

If height would change, that would affect the distance between bed and extruder. So it would require recalibration after some time.

There could be some plastic deformation over time and that will depend on which material you choose to print and/or other conditions.
Overall, you shouldn't notice it.

You'll probably have to recalibrate the bed once after installing as this setup might introduce some flex and move stuff around: on the original setup the machine is continuously deposited on a surface and now it'll rest on just a few points.

From personal experience, I can't really recall the last time I calibrated my hotbed (but I print on glass which helps a lot).

These work great to reduce noise :) family doesn't get pissed at my nighttime printing anymore! The more you add the more stable the printer is and possibly the quieter. I am using 8 right now. I did manage to successfully print with only using 3 of them though.

So far have just printed 2, but found it easy to insert the helper by using needle nose pliers and gently clamping down on the middle section as i pressed the pieces together with my hands. I printed on the side, 100% infill and there was no breakage.

Just wanted to say thanks for this! Has made a world of difference to the noise coming from my printer. I have it sat on a cupboard and it used to reverberate through it.

Now the loudest noise is the whistling from the turbo fan... Need to find a quieter solution. Looking into a couple of 40mm fans for this.

Like the other guy, I was not allowed to print at night due to the noise. She doesn't mind it now! Big thanks for that :p

I found if you cut the right side of the piece of the fan nozzle that fits into the fan house off the noise goes away completely, couldn't stand the whistle noise it made.

Printed 6x 8 mm damper without helper. The noise reduction is absurd. Thanks!

Thank you for nice design. I used them even with O-rings on Y stepper but printer sounds same noisy like before...=/

How do you get the helper in without breaking the damper? //////you do print them seperate right?

Just push/squeeze the helper in. It won't break =)

Thanks fo the quick response! My broken damper tells me a different story :(
I use 1.2mm wall thickness and normal PLA. Is this correct?

My dampers tells same story =D 0,8 wall thickness and normal PLA.. But after some broke helper parts I just used wooden spoon to get in =D

I made a noob mistake. I printed them standing up. When put on the side they work without breaking!

Ok, I printed them on side and still they broke without my wooden spoon helper... =D Maybe I have bad filament (but it cost me 27$)

Printed 6 of them (2 front, 2 center, 2 backside) in PLA. Dont even need the helper parts. Only oce piece is more than enough to dampen the vibrations. Helps alot! Put some o-rings or TPU-rinted rings between Y-motor and motormount and you barely wont hear anything but the fan :)

If infill should be 15% then what should the wall, base and top thickness be? Unless its very thin it will end up being 100% anyway.

Any thoughts?

They look awesome by the way.

Is 100% infill okay?

I printed these at 15% infill. I changed the settings until I got a nice pattern to distribute the load.
So far, so good!

Do I have the quantities of each file needed correct?
corner1 X1
corner2 X1
8mm X2
Helper X4

For mine i used 1 x corner1, 1 x corner2, 4 x 8mm, 6 x helper.
I placed 2x 8mm at the back frame, 2x 8mm near the z motors and 1x each corner at the front frame.

Okay thank you:)

You crazy bastard! You destroyed my printer! It doesn't make any sound anymore... I think I have to buy a new one...
No seriously: Thats so awesome!!! Now I can print at night again without waking up my girlfriend. Its perfect!

Your comment made my day. I'm glad you've found these useful.

Where can i find the reinforcement??

Was asking myself the same - mcapinha which front frame brace did you use on your printer?

Sorry @Alex_Bretaudeau, I missed your comment!

The reinforcement is this one, by Leo_N: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1857991
I also printed the one for the back frame, they're great!

Anet A8 Front Frame Brace
by Leo_N

Funny, two "churches" here, one who put the printers on so called dampeners (most copy each others like here), the other who bolt the printer on a heavy base.
Who has the right "faith" ???? :)

I believe that most people bolt down their printers to keep them from moving (and having to re-level) and to ensure that they are squared.
If you move it onto dampers, you'll notice that the printer moves a little while printing. But it moves as a block so I don't feel this affects print quality (haven't noticed it so far). But the printing is so much quieter! After installing these "dampers" all I can hear is the fan now :)

The right faith is to mount the printer to a big solid thing and then put that on dampers.


Some printers might just come alive and go walkabout while printing... Maybe that could be a start of a new game ;)