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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Cherry MX lambda/Cthulhu keycaps

by armyofevilrobots Apr 7, 2012
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amusing :)
i hadn't encountered Cthulhu before.

Looks great! I like the cute Cthulhu face. It would be great if there was a version that had a flat top with the bottom of the face parallel with the print bed. That way, you could pause and swap out filament to a different color when the printer is ready to print the face :)

If anyone needs cherry mx black keyswtches (2 wire and 4 wire versions) message me. I'm in USA

Printed a few of these, but the solid rectangle that houses the + sign doesn't fit properly. All the stems on my keycaps are circular, which lets the key be pushed on to the switch properly. The rectangular block prevents me from pushing it on all the way (hope that made sense!) Any chance you can change the stem to a circular one?

(The stem on this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:352885 seems perfect. I have tried to edit it myself but I couldn't figure out how to use FreeCAD to do it :/)

Blank Cherry MX Keycap
by eychu

I am not sure where I keep those files at this point (I have them, but I have cycled through a couple of shop computers since then, so they are in the fileserver somewhere).

I have used those keys on a variety of cherry-mx switches, and they fit blues, reds, browns and blacks just fine. I suspect that if you are getting issues with the print fitting, it's probably a print calibration issue. I made the squares fairly close to tolerance in order to get enough strength to not snap off inside of the switch (disassembling a keyboard to pull out a chunk of a keycap wouldn't be much fun).

Just for fun, try setting your nozzle diameter to a little larger than you actually have, and then re-print. ie: if you have a .5mm, tell it that it's .6mm, and try again. Something I have done as a last resort (via Slic3r) a few times, and sometimes it does the trick!

I tried printing and it's pretty cool, the only thing it seems is that it can't fit onto my cherry MX keys, because the 't' shaped slot is too small. I tried scaling the model up just slightly to give it a bit more clearance to fit, but to no avail. Just wondering if it might be possible to get you to increase the slot by say something along the lines of 0.5mm? or perhaps to upload the original CAD files so that I can try to modify them?

i'm not sure if it's my printing parameters or calibration which may be outta whack, it's definitely a possibility that something is calibrated slightly wrongly (extrusion or X/Y scale)

Most likely a combo of the two. I calibrate myh printer pretty carefully, but even a small difference between calculated filament diameter and reality can make the holes too tight.
The easiest fix is to scale up the key a couple of percent and see what happens. There is plenty opf clearance on the sides for most keyboards.

i have an annoying F-Keylock on my logitech key, so wonder if this can fit there. so i avoid hitting it all the time :D

Probably not; the cherry switch stems are specific to that manufacturer. Modification of this design is probably do-able though. I just used calipers and a couple of test prints to get it right. The shape and size of the key cap itself were the tough parts, and they should be pretty close to the logitech keys.

Shameless bump :)

Would be cool with any updates!