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Elite Dangerous custom ASP Explorer

by Solid_Alexei Feb 6, 2017
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Love the extra detailing you have done to the hull. Do you have a version without the ship kit components on? I dig the classic look.

Is this scaled to your Fer De Lance model? I printed the FDL and loved it. I'd like to print this one too. (Make of the FDL going up some day when I have time)

Hi no unfortunately I don’t think I scaled to the FDL if I remember correctly:(

Great model! have a newbie question. We used the cut file and rotated both the front and the rear to print cut side down on a MP Mini V2 using PLA. I sliced the models individually using Simply3D printed the first at a 30% infill and decided to print the second with 20% to save a few hours. Well not so much time saved but maybe lesson learned? Both have pulled up on the lower right and left side but worse, one is 7% larger then the other. Any ideas on the growth?

Looking for a corvette can anyone help?

I cut this one up further to pull the main fins off and print separately. Right now I can't upload the Remix of the STL but I have them. I am printing them now and will post my build once complete. I am printing this at 150% since I have space on my printer and I wanted more details for this desk model. The for and aft sections are now separate STL's so you can print them separately. The main fins on the aft section were removed leaving the attachment pylons. The left and right fins are flat on the print bed and can be glues on leaving the details without so much support being needed.

Any chance of getting those fins? I have had 2 prints fail on that part.

Very cool - was looking forward to seeing this one. For some reason whenever I try printing it on the replicator+, it just turns out like a blob of spaghetti. I'm a noob to printing so I'm sure it's one of my setting I'm missing...

New to 3D printing and looking to contract out this print job. Can you scale-up something like this? I'd love to have one about the size of a dinner plate. Thoughts?

You can have to scaled to whatever size you want. I am printing mine at 150% right now. I'll post pics once finished.

Hey nice Ship!

I search for the Corvette but i can't find it. Can you create a Corvette ? :P

Hi unfortunately no. I don't have any corvette files I'm afraid:(

I have the files for blender but my issue the export to STL. I can send the files :)

Ow really? Please do but I will not be able to do any fixing on it for a few weeks as I'm working on other commissions at the moment and it will be some time before I can jump onto the Corvette:(

No stress i have time :)
I send you a message the next days.

Brilliant! Thanks a lot!

Any chance for a custom python? :D

My next ship to upload yes haha:) Hopefully soon enough whenever I get a chance to work on it.

Did you rip the model from the game or model it from scratch? I looked up how to take it from the game files so I can start uploading some too using shipkits. I'm actually printing this one out right now since I've been dedicating a lot of time to my ASP and I actually use the same shipkit as well. I making a huge one, takes up the entire print bed! I'll post pics when its done.

Wow please post pics where you're done! Looking forward to see the final print. I used the extracted ingame model. Fixed it up, thickened geometry that needed it and modeled the ship kits parts myself. So do you know how to extract the ship models and ship kits bits????

Well as far as I understand, the favored method is by using the loading screen model for the ships exporting it through directx. As for extracting a model with the ship kit on it as well, I think it is possible to extract the model while in a station, but I've heard a lot of people have tried and failed as their games have crashed. I'd really like to try to get that to work because with that accomplished you can even get landing gears! If I can figure it out, I'll have to do that, plus an SRV for good measure ;)

Don't suppose you can track down the guide you used by any chance?

Hi unfortunately I just found a bunch of ships already uploaded here and used that. They all got deleted due to copyright issue soon after haha

Ahh too bad, oh well. When I can, I'll give it a shot myself. I'm doing a timelapse of this model at .04mm layer height. Comes out to 260mm wide, using your cut model. It's going to take forever XD! I'm thinking when and if I can extract a Python I'm going to cut it in quarters to make it even bigger just for fun. I'll post the video once it's done.

Amazing! Cannot wait! You should scale the Python up to be of same scale with the Asp!