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flsun nozzle tip cooler v3.0

by BoyDrone Feb 6, 2017
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Hi, this is something I missed on the original design. I use another piece, like the original duct for e3dv5 extruder, but cutted horizontally (and dismissing the top). This is to prevent 30mm extruder fan blow air to nozzle. Maybe you could redesing your blower to adapt the frontal fan in other position or something to prevent this output air perturb nozzle cooling (thinking about printing abs)

Hi Choutos, I am planning on incorporating the bracket into an extruder cooler as well. But I can only design it for the stock extruder since I don't have the models for all variances on this gantry.. unfortunately.

Hi, I forgot to say I use stock extruder, maybe its not e3dv5 but it fit this part: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:840452

So with that flat botom plate fited on the extruder, air isnt blowed down

Hotend 40mm Fan duct E3D v5

Really nice design, I'going to try to print it! One question, why is the outlet so high compared to the height of the printing nozzle? It seems like it isn't cooling the filament in this way? I'm just guessing this of the pictures you uploaded!

Thank you, willie! the bottom of the cooler duct is higher than the nozzle tip so you can clear the screws in the corner of the heated bed if you're not using a piece of glass on top of the bed. also, the exhaust ports are channeled so the air shoots down to the nozzle tip outlet, so it performs well in that manner. Let me know what you think and if you see the performance increase!

Aah, I see! Thanks for the explanation! I'm planning on mounting a e3d v6 clone with the stock fan, can I just use the v3.0 of the design? Will it be at the right height with regards to the nozzle?
It would also be awesome to get that bltouch mount design from you! :D

The next design iteration for this cooler will be to incorporate a more efficient extruder cooler duct.

The trouble with the various extruders, and Heights is that I'm not sure what the difference is in the dimensions from stock... If I had the models, I could design for all variances, but even that would be quite a lot of work. But it can be done ;)

If you're using something different than the stock extruder, is suggest using the full fan mount design as that mounts directly to the gantry. I just hope it clears your fan and is at the right height. I'd not, is really appreciate some feedback on the height difference, and I can adjust it from there.


I just installed a e3d v6 on my machine, but now the nozzle tip cooler is at the same height or slightly lower than the nozzle itself... Do you have any time to adapt the design to make it a few mm higher? That would be awesome! And if you don't have time or don't want to do it, can you supply the original files so I can adjust the design? (:

So I printed this up, and it didn't quite make it to the fan on the back side, like it needs to be lengthened maybe? Or the posts with screw holes angled a bit... Also it looks like it would blow more on the hotend than below it. Does it direct air downward?

Hi Ryan, you're right, it does blow air a bit too high, I'm made it lower last night but didn't have an opportunity to upload it last night. But regarding the duct not reaching the fan, how far is your fan? Is your design different than stock? if possible, upload or send me a photo so I can see what the issue is and help you out in that manner.
Looking forward to your response

Hey there! I was beginning to think that I was the only one in the world who bought an flsun i3! Everyone else buys the kossel model. I need this! Gonna print tonight and see how it goes. Maybe you have also Contemplated an X tensioner for this printer? I was gonna design one eventually...x belt mount system is SUPER Dumb on the carriage!

I thought i was the only one who bought this printer eighter :D

I bought this printer on October and there wasnt any design to tune it, but thanksfully people are great and started to make things to improve this machine

There are loads of people who have this one, its far superior to the competitors. There is a pretty good support group/system on facebook if you'd like to search it up. Looking forward to seeing some feedback!

Hi Ryan! Yes, I definitely have been thinking of improving the x axis belt. Consider joining the flsun FB group if you need a support group, there are nearly 1k people in the group.

All designs I have seen so far so not decrease the flow path area the further away from the fan (as you loose flow through the nozzles, the smaller the ring area has to become or better said when you loose mass flow over nozzles, the ring area has to decrease otherwise the flow slows down in the ring). Your design channels the flow and divides those flows over segments, correct?

Hi Oscar, yes that is correct. the inlet is broken up into 5 channels and each channel routes air to 2 outlets uniformly. at least that's how it was designed. the 5015 blower fan I have blows out 10.7 CFM, so I used 10CFM as a baseline for the simulation.

Unfortunately though, I think the channels are a tad too narrow, so I'm currently in the middle of redesigning this a bit to make the channels wider for more uniform flow.

Could you post some more pics from the fan? I have a 40mm radial fan, not sure if it fits

Hi vizkoze, this is designed for a 5015 fan, but I'm sure it can be easily adapted, do you have the same printer?

If that's a flsun I3 model, then yes :)
i'll try to print it tonight and see if it fits. thanks for sharing your design.

no problem vizkoze! I thought my blower fan was a 40mm blower as well until I measured it and realized it was a 50mm fan. and yes, the printer is the flsun i3 that it is designed for.

How did you perform the flow simulation?

Hi! I used SolidWorks to run the flow simulation

Mmm.... I'm just finishing up the design of a similar type of thing for the Lulzbot Mini. Designed in Onshape and I'm trying to figure out how to use one of the simulationHub apps that looks like it should work. So far it's being very slow and so I'll let it think for a few more hours.

Any thoughts on the design below?


Hi dsplawski, unfortunately I had the same error and I cannot view your file due to permissions.

No idea, no permission to view the tab sheet

Perhaps the links died after I updated the version number. Anyway, not much of a rush any more. I think the rambo mini doesn't provide enough current to drive the blower I designed around. After discovering that the hard way, I hooked the fan up to a wall supply and it's a freaking tornado machine. New fan on order and I'll have the revised version ready to roll in a few weeks