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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

DJI Mavic Pro Clone

by CdRsKuLL Feb 2, 2017
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Could you design beams for the original motors mavic?

If you'd like to try edit yourself, the original motors have a 13mm triangular bolt pattern for M2.5 bolts

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diyrc link gives a fatal error. Anywhere else I can get the build notes?

Hi, sorry they had upgraded the server.. which killed the site. I've fixed it now :-)

perfect, cheers for the quick response!

If I print at 125% , will the components and screw still fit ?

Do you have a full parts list? Especially details about the various screw/nut sizes needed to make this. I did register on the other website, but other than updated cad files I didn't find much more detail.

Also, I'm printing on a laser SLA (peopoly MOAI). Don't have an FDM printer. There is a step where you "just used a length of filament". Can you tell me the length and diameter of the filament so that I can print a piece or find a suitable replacement?

Thanks in advance!

Can you make phantom 4, please???!!!

I have a Mavic Pro and find this work as an absolute masterpiece. Fantastic job!

I am just getting back into 3D printing and this looks like a great build to get into 3D printing. I notice that your files are in .stl. . .do you have a .x3g version as my 3D printer does night recognize .stl?

.x3g is a slicer file for Makerbot type boards. The STL is what you put in your slicer

HOLY MACKREL you sur are a bloddy genius

I build this copter with 2212 1000kV @ 9045 AiroNaut Carbon props. On board is an 4in1 ESC 20A and a Matek f405CTR with an additional GPS Modul. it is very Handy and stronger as it semms to be. BUT: the rear legs should be tighten very strong and you should know if you Crash, the rear legs would break.
Ist a very nice copter but shouldn´t drop out of the air.... the holes inside the arms are a Little smal so you can only use 0,5mm² cables to connect the Motors, but ist OK.
It isn't a build for beginners, cause of wrecking a leg is a Little more work to Change it...

Hi what motor and Propellers do I need thanks

It would be great if we get the updated version from here Thingiverse. It's not fun to create an account for yet another site I probably never use again.

I dare say it took you about the same time to write that post as it would have done to join the forums.. . If you look on there you will see a wealth of information, user contributions with improved and updated designs.. and it's all for free. I would say 50+ build diaries and a number of members only willing to help. So, sorry no updated version will be posted here. It's not like I'm charging for it, it's free.. Still, if you can't be arsed.. neither can I ;-p

It's not like it would be time consuming or a challenge to create an account. I literally don't need anything else from that site - If you don't get what I meant, you wont. Thanks for reply.

Hello CdRsKuLL, I was wondering in total, how many ball plungers are there. I went to ebay and could not find them, is there any other site you know of that has them. Thank you for posting the design!

Hello, what are the dimensions of the drone without propeller, length, width, height

Great job man! Curious how much material and how long it took to print all of parts. Thank you

Hi, great drone. Halfway through printing mine now. Any suggestions on a gimbal? i noticed over on diyrc the files include a gimbal holder. But for which gimbal? Cheers. Jim.

Is there a hardware list somewhere? I wanted to get the screws etc. on order while I get it printed. Be good to have one in the thing details section? thanks! great design......

Hiya, The list changes depending on what you can get hold of locally and what bits you want to put in it.. Check out http://diyrc.co.uk , lots and lots of build diaries on there :-)

I own a Mavic Pro. This work is incredible.

Comments deleted.

should I print this in abs or pla (;

Hello, how are you ? Very nice job ! Could you share CAD files of it please ? I would like to do some modifications ? It was designed on Solidworks ? Thanks you for your reply.

Hi, many thanks for your kind comments. Please go to http://diyrc.co.uk and join the forums (its free). In the download section are all the latest designs. You can also download them in a .iges format which you can import into Solidworks as I designed this in Inventor.

Thx so much for your work! Is it possible to connect a gimbal?

Have a look on http://diyrc.co.uk, a few people have mounted a gimbal. Have a look at the build posts.



Thanks for the effort to add these files, it takes a lot of effort and it is appreciated.

@CdRsKuLL Thank you for sharing this amazing project with us! I am a registered member of the DIYRC page and I am currently in the process of printing out all of the parts. The only question that I have (and the answer is probably right in front of my face) is where can I find the non-3Dprinted materials list and the assembly instructions? Thanks in advance and great work!!

Hi, thanks for providing this project. Great work. But I have two questions that I couldn't find here or on your homepage. How many ball plungers do I need exactly and which alternative motors fit in? The motors you have specified cannot be found. I would therefore really appreciate an answer from you! :)

Edit: I still have a question, which remote control do I need to use?

is there a version for naza m lite?

Hi, yes. Goto diyrc.co.uk and you can download the Naza version for free.



is there a version for naza m lite?

can i use the official dji parts for this Quad

How many ball plungers do I need and wich dimensions should they have?
And where can I get these?

I want to make still hesitate, can to spec FC NAZA + GPS, esc 30A simonk - motor 2212 using same propeller 9450 battery 3S (14cmx2.5cm). can enter no. trim's

Is it possible to put a gimbal mount with an action cam on front of the clone?

Thanks a lot for your job! I start printing today in black petg.

i have watched your you tube video on constructing this clone, however you don't show any information on the feet and how they fit together, especially the back feet mount, i am very confused, mind explaining how is goes together?

Hi, nice project... is it possible to know which motors and propellers are you using?? Thanks a lot

Posting the updated version to a site that requires registration to download is poor form.

Really.. so I spend hours designing this version up and post for free here... I then spend double, if not triple the number of hours improving my design, so much so... and with far more detail couldn't possibly keep this up to date. I then pay for hosting of my site (£100 per year) so others can still download for free... this is costing me to give it to you for free.. and you complain? Seriously ? I won't bother releasing the next one then.. wouldn't want to upset you and carry on my poor form.

Calm down there, turbo. We're a community of makers who share, you know this. If you want to provide a link to your site where people can get more info, cool. We all get that you're trying to make a community around this thing, and that's cool too. Just don't force it on people.

Listen man, you admittedly ripped off a popular design and you're trading on the popularity of it to promote your site where you have your PayPal donate button and you're clearly using affiliate links.

Your high-and-mighty holier-than-thou response(s) about how this is costing you money is absurd and transparent. This is about you building a site and a community with the email list to match. That would normally be fine. But you're doing this by ripping off another company's designs.

Share it or don't, nobody really cares. Don't use Thingiverse as a platform to make money off of a pirated drone. It's just poor form.

Yeah I'm sat on some beach somewhere sunning myself with all the money rolling in!

I make about £1 - £3 on google ads in a good month.. ZERO from affiliate links so yes.. it costs me money. Donations I have received and the money used to buy components to design around.. ie.. Naza M, I didnt need it but bought it to design around.. Pixracer, didn't need it but bought it to design around. This was all done to help members. So no, I don't make a penny and yes, it does cost me money.

I'm really not bothered if people go to my site or not. They don't need to, the model on here is complete. It's not like half a model and they need to sign up for the remain stl's.. So I'm not forcing people to do anything. It's completely up to them / you . If you want the next version then sure, go register at my site, grab the files and it costs you nothing. If you want to get more involved and do a build diary-like many have, then great this is what it's all about. Be as involved or not as you want.. it's up to you but I'm not making you do anything.

I certainly don't care if you do or don't, many people are grateful for the time I've spent doing this project. It's something I really enjoyed doing but please don't think for a minute that I did it to make money.

Yes it's a clone of the Mavic. and no it will never be as good as a mavic, those things are amazing and I've been lucky enough to own one. This project was all about the challenge of building something similar, not about copying something. I supply the stl's and all the information for free, yes even to people like yourself that complain about spending a minute registering on a site! So there you go.. maybe I should have charged for the updated design.. god imagine how much you would have gone on then... ;-p

CdRsKuLL, just ignore. There are people who have the need to complain about everything, even when it's free.
Congrats for you job :)

People need to stop complaining. This is great. Thank you!

How much did it all end up costing you?

Comments deleted.

So why's that then? I spend hours upon hours, days upon days designing it all up and give it away for free and you complain about spending a couple of minutes registering so you can download for free?

Who's the lame one?

@CdRsKuLL: Don't listen to the haters...

To all the crybabies: It's a free mavic clone people!!!!!!!! And a very good one at that. Do you even realize how much time and effort it takes for A SINGLE PERSON (yes, that is, ONE PERSON, not the whole dji r&d department) to reverse engineer and design something that accurate so well, and make sure everything clicks together to work correctly? Don't complain just because you have to go to the guys personal site (NO ADS, or shorten url to make money links) to register (for FREE) and download from his server (FOR FREE, again) and show him some support that way. He didn't ask for your money to give you the stl's, he just asked to make his r/c forum better known to people, so you can download the stl's in return!!!!!

I've seen rc stl files that are 1/10th as good and not even 1/100th complicated to design and put together as this one here, and guess what, you PAY for them. But nobody complains then, do they? People are so ungrateful nowadays, smh!

Don't make people register for it and it would be less lame... I shouldn't have expressed it like this but I was frustrated to come here and see the note telling me to go somewhere else to see it then register to get it. Seemed like I should be able to get the thing right here.

The build is to involved with so many different parts depending what components you use it wouldn't of been possible to list everything in here not to mention the wealth of knowledge and build diary's already on there. The registration is so you can become a member and build something and even help others build too. I'm not forcing you to join, far from it. People just want everything for free these days.

What are the dimensions of this frame?

There is a Puzzle Game at Banggood where you can win a DJI Mavic Pro right now:


Comments deleted.

Thanks for this awsome design!
Here is a video of mine printed :D I scaled it up 20% to fit the parts that I had laying around.

it ended up being so nice, I have 4 2212 950kv phahtom replacement motors laying around, and an spracing f3 board with inav that I wanted to put to good use. So if you scale it up to 1.2, it fits the 2212 motors just fine? Amazing video and build btw, I hope you're still enjoying the nice quad. I notice you're using 9045 (or 1045 props?) and a 5000mah battery (3S i suppose). What's your all up weight and flight time? Do you suggest i switch to an apm3.1 and leave the inav/spracing family?

Could you make one that would fit a Pixhawk? Awesome!

you can use Pixhawk Lite from china stores

do you think this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1997900 will work on you mavic clone files? i want to print one out but need to connect a go pro sessions if possible to it..tyvm

DJi Mavic Pro Camera mount for GoPro, Gear 360, Ricoh Theta & LG 360 Cam

can you make a better lock for the arms. keep falling down with motor on them.
back feet

Have you tried version 4 with the ball plungers? Check http://diyrc.co.uk for the STL files. Thanks

Is there any way of getting the CAD files to modify for our own motors and flight controller?

Hi, I've released the iges files on http://diyrc.co.uk they are in the download section. You need to be a member of the site but it's free to join. Lots of build info on there too. Thanks steve

Comments deleted.

Hi, I've released the IGES files and uploaded them on http://diyrc.co.uk You will need to be a member and log in but you can download them for free :-)

Hi Steve, I think I asked you before somewhere, cant remember .
Can I put DJI Phantom parts in to the version in this link?
Be specific please. Thanks

could I put a hero session on the front of this or would that mess up the weight? am I better off with something smaller? if so do you know of any cameras that have similar quality to a gopro but have detachable batteries so that I can power them externaly and move that battery back.

what hardware do i need to put this drone together

Hi, have a look on http://diyrc.co.uk all the information is on there. I'm currently on version 3 and also producing STL files for a NAZA flight controller.



Hi Steve,

I tried to get on your website and it asks for a three digit word that apparently starts with F (f**) and for the life of me I cannot find it. I'm really excited and want to register on your site to see your work but it's not letting me. Can you please let me know what the word is?

Hallo CdRsKuLL
Ihr Modell ist bisher die beste Kopie des Mavic, gefällt mir sehr gut.
Ich hab das Modell derzeit im Druck.
Eine Frage hab ich dazu: wie lösen Sie das mit den Kabeln zu den Motoren auf der "Hinterachse" ?
Das ist auf Den Bildern leider nicht zu sehen!

sind alle datein hier vorhanden oder muss man sich auf der seite im link regestriren ?

Es ist alles hier vorhanden. Die Teile passen wirklich gut, wenn Dein Drucker sauber Druckt. Du musst die Teile nur in die Richtige Lage bringen, dann ist alles sogar sehr leicht zu drucken.
Ich hab mit einer Schichthöhe von 0,17 mm mit ca 25 bis 40% Sättigung und PLA gedruckt. nicht zu schnell drucken, da sonst Feinheiten an den Beinen verloren gehen. Stichwort- Arretiernäschen!

Du musst zu diyrc.co.uk für aktualisierte Dateien gehen

Hi CDRSKULL, im having issues printing the left front leg, i had flipped the model so the bottom was orientated to start on the build plate but it doesnt insert the motor holes and wire acess.

Hi Is this from the Thingiverse files? If so, you should really be printing the v2.1 (at this time) on http://diyrc.co.uk

I'll take a look at this one in the V1 now.. and let you know

OK I'll have a look

what motor are you useing

Do you by chance know if the Q Brain 25A ESC would fit in this? Its measurements are 69x62x11mm

Hi, no I doubt it to be honest. The internal width max is about 50mm. Sorry Steve

Ah alright. I figured I'd ask as I already have it for an rc truck project.
Do you think the DJI Naza M Lite flight controller will work in this? The whole kit with gps is $70 on ebay at the moment.

Great work. I've printing all the parts, I want to try it with dji naza controller with 2204 2300kv batt2200mAh prop8045. I hope to have 10/12min fly time. Please, asap, publish a build instruction thank you.

Hi Scrat80.. have a look on http://diyrc.co.uk I'm now on version 2.1 Is it the V1/2 Naza you are looking to use? I could try and alter the base a little to it should fit. Them props should be fine, I'm using mavic props which are 8030.


One more thing. If you want good gps capabilities then use Pixhawk lite controller. It doesn't cost much and is really superb. It is using px4 or Arducopter firmware which is currently best on market for navigation, telemetry and etc. When adding telemetry link you can have follow me and autonomus missions. But as I said in other post ... you need a little bit wider body.

Can you make the bottom and middle a bit wider. I'm using li-ion battery package which is 55 mm wide and 40 mm tall. So 57-60 mm would be great. When you use li-ion high drain batteries (Sony VTC5 - 3S2P) then you have 5000mah battery which is 300g only. And the max current arround 60 A which should be enough. I'm using li-ions on 260 fpv drone ... more for aerial video than racing.


Nice design. I printed the other clone mavic with a few changes in the design and it came out ok. I have not installed any electronics yet but I might print yours instead. I also was going to use the stock props and just bore the center holes to 5mm. What motors are you using? I did some research and a 1600kv -1800kv 22xx motor was what I came up with using the stock props on 3s.


Hi fella,. I've released v2.1 on my website, it's also got details on what I'm installing. I went with 2208 1800kv with mavic props drilled out to 5mm .. great minds ;-)

Have a look on my site.. more info there.



Ok great! I will have a look. Thank you for the quick reply.

Good day to you

does this folding mechanism resist the vibration? Also does it wear out? Do the arms wiggel if you try to move them?

Hiya, not sure on vibration as I'm still waiting on my flight controller. It will wear as it's soft plastic.. however you can just tighten the screws up... No they don't wiggle.. and I've put a notch to help them stay in place.

Should have it in the air next week.