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Customizable stereographic picture projector v3

by threonin Feb 2, 2017
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Do you have to have supports inside this?

no, I printed this without any support.

I really did get lost in the woods! Your explanation is hugely helpful threonin. What led you to discover this stereo projector method? It's quite beautiful.

Could you please clarify threonin: You say in your post below...
"place the generated array "[lots of numbers]" into the line "image=[lots of numbers];" instead of the original array. Then you change the line "part=preview;" to "part=projector;", render with F6 and export the stl.

In JSFiddle I see several references to the word image together with another word i.e. imageLoader, Image File, Not image on its own as you describe i.e. image=. Where is this image= located in JSFiddle?

Also, when a different image is used in JSFiddle, how should "part=preview;" & "part=projector;" be written?

As you can see I'm not a coder so correct wording is a huge help to me.

Sorry to bother you with this and thank you!

You don't need to edit the fiddle, all you need to do there is to upload the image in the bottom right quadrant and the image should appear next to the button and below it the generated array in a textbox. You copy the contents from the textbox and insert them into the scad file, the latest version is stereographic_projector_v3.2.scad. There you also need to change the part to projector, load the file in OpenSCAD and press F6 there. In the file menu you can then export to stl. The fiddle is only there to convert the image into a format OpenSCAD can understand.
Or you could simply upload it in the Customizer for the high res version, as this already is 85x85 pixels: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2094215
There you only need to press "Open in Customizer", upload your image and click "Create Thing"

Customizable stereographic picture projector v3 highres

Could you/someone do a video / post a link on how to make your own projector, please? I've tried a couple times from what your description says, and I cannot seem to get it to work? Many thanks in advance.

You seem to get fairly sharp images out of these, I would have thought you'd need lenses and so on. Do you think it's because the LED light comes from a small enough point?

Yes, and the LED is positioned exactly at the north pole with the chassis.

I'm very interested to create different stereographic designs.
I wanted to ask which program you choose to create thiese amazing designs and which steps you go through to create them? :)
I have good skills with autocad, solidwork because i work with it for living :)
Saw you're designs and they amaze me and thought I want to create something like this by myself.
Thank you :)

What should I use for # of Perimeters, # of Top/Bottom Shells, Fill Type, etc?

It does not matter that much as the walls are very thin and will be filled 100% anyway even if you use only 2 perimeters.

How do i use the fiddle, and what even is a fiddle?

JSFiddle is a page where you can upload Javascript, HTML and CSS and have the results displayed live in the browser. It's main use is for sharing code snippets and linking them for example from stackoverflow.com when answering web development questions. I used it simply to write a small script that takes an image as input and outputs a array in OpenSCAD notation that can be used with the scad file I uploaded here.

Comments deleted.

What kind of troubles do you have?

I applied all your steps but i got syntax errors

Maybe you forgot the semicolon after the image array.
It should look like this:
image=[...image data...];

Could you please send me the code which ı have to write to openscad, so i can see my mistake(s) ?

What exactly are you trying to do? If you just want to use your own picture you can use the Customizer and don't have to do anything in OpenSCAD. Only if you need another resolution it makes sense to use it, then you scale the image to the desired resolution, process it with this script: http://jsfiddle.net/threonin/6dr8qu41/ and then you place the generated array "[lots of numbers]" into the line "image=[lots of numbers];" instead of the original array. Then you change the line "part=preview;" to "part=projector;", render with F6 and export the stl.

I'm doing all what you said but ı can't make holes at the surface of the sphere

Did you change the part variable to projector? It is initially at preview so the Customizer does not break.

I did this both 55x55 and 85x85 resolution. Thank you for your help and especially for your patience :)

Comments deleted.

I love this and want to use it with my students, but I am having trouble with the light. The links are for the German Amazon. I have tried the LED push lights but not getting good results. Help!

I found them on amazon.com here:

Any LED should work, you just have to adjust the settings for cooler height and radius, the chip needs to be exactly at the northpole. A higher resolution version is here, this has a much better picture, but is also very large: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2094215
Good Luck!

Customizable stereographic picture projector v3 highres

Very nice, I especially love the fact that the image is obscure enough to see on the dome that you can really only see it with the light.

Looking from the inside it is possible to make out the image, from the outside it is very hard if the motive does not feature some stark contrast differences. For v2 I have this high res version where it is actually possible to easily see the motive from the inside in the second picture: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1923764
A high res version for v3 will also come soon, I had some troubles printing it, I will upload it as soon as I have a nice print.

Customizable stereographic picture projector v2 highres

this is awesome great job!

thanks, glad you like it!