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Luke Skywalker - Lightsaber (ROTJ Hero Version)

by diogorsergio Feb 1, 2017
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its a good model, but even at 80 infill the threads are still shit.....be very careful

Printed a copy and it came out great!
I printed it in 3 colors:
Gray: PowerCell, LowerGrip_Bottom, LowerGrip_TopBox
Black: UpperGrip
filament color swap: Black -> Gray: LensAssembly (actually Gray->Black, as it prints upside down)
Gold: LensAssembly_Crystal
filament color swap: Gold -> Gray: EmiterMatrix (actually Gray -> Gold, as it prints upside down)
Gray: BladeEmitter

If you ever revisit this model, it seems you could re-cut the pieces to avoid these color swaps, so they could be printed in single colors. (e.g. include the black bottom of the LensAssembly with the UpperGrip, maybe print the remaining gray disk as a pass-through washer)

Also, if you revisit the model, please consider increasing the diameter of the threading on the larger lower parts, to decrease the likelihood of the thread snapping off. Our printed model snapped at two places from mishandling and needed to be glued.

One last comment. Would you consider making a LowerGrip_TopBox with some slight cheats to avoid printing supports? For example, small 45-degree triangular prisms under the ladder-like bars of the box, to avoid the tiny 90-degree overhangs which don't print well. And a small support between the two large buttons on the side of the box?

Thanks for this awesome model!

do the threads break off easily if printed with ABS and with a 20% infill?

Loving this design! Printing several of them for raffling as prizes at my library's upcoming May the Fourth event. Any suggestions for what size triangle ring would work best to hook it on a belt?

hi, great file, was wondering if its about the right scale, 29ish cm in total?

Yep! It its. :) I tried to be very accurate.

oh thanks for that super quick reply! will definitely be printing this soon, it looks great!

Just printed the lightsabre and wow can't get over how it looks. I can't wait to get it painted.
Have you anymore done yet?

Love the design. Definitely do more. Obi-wan would be very similar to the Luke. Would love to see interchangable or customs. from the Expanded Universe: Exar Kun (single and/or double) as well as Ulic Qel Droma or Darth Revan.

This lightsaber is sensational! I've printed 3 as I've gotten my MP Mini Delta dialed in. The design is brilliant and printing it has been a breeze!

Can we convince you to do another screw-together lightsaber model? Perhaps Darth Vader's lightsaber?

Can you also make the same lightsaber with press fit pieces?

Hey on the control panel the second button keeps on slouching. Is there anything to do to fix it?

You need to add supports underneath it and between the second button.

But if you do that how can you get the support material out?
When I tried doing that the plastic fused with the buttons.

Btw I am a huge Star Wars Fan and I'm so happy there's a lightsaber with the correct grip bands and accurate buttons on the control panel.
I also tried making the clip with regular filament by heating then bending it to the triangular shape.

I would say to try and increase the separation of the supports and the actual piece.
Ohh.. wow thats a great idea for the clip.. how did it work?

For the clip, I got a piece of filament and bent it into a circular triangle. then I taped it to a piece of paper and heated it with a hair dryer to set the shape. I didn't fuse the top part so through that opening I fed it through the hole.

Comments deleted.

Hey there. This is an awesome piece. I am on the last part and printing it using the Cocoon 3D Touch (Wanhao i3 Plus). The bands on the upper grip are not uniform. they range from 2mm to 3.05. Is that by design? I am a virgin to 3d design and printing so I'm gonna have a crack at making then all about 2.5mm because I want to chrome that part. Will post pics of finished one. Thanks for the design. Its awesome.

Hi! ;)

Yeah that is by design. The hero version (used on screen for recording) of the lightsaber in ROTJ had differences in those bands. I was trying to be the accurate to the real thing.


Comments deleted.

How big is the largest piece? My build plate is only 120mm^3

The biggest piece (UpperGrip) its 85mm height

You're good to go! :)

Printed in ABS at 0.2mm on my Maker Select just fine. Threaded portions need some beefing up. I broke 3 pieces tightening a little too much, snapped the threads right off into the adjacent piece.

Yep. I broke every single one of my screw parts trying to put it together. So I have to redo the entire thing with more infill. Wish I had read this before I started.

I ended up using acetone on mine to glue each piece together.

Do you mind telling me what kind of acetone you got and from where? My parts look so good I really don't want to redo them. I have the final part printing right now.

Just the generic acetone from Home Depot, nothing special.

Ah. Just realized it won't work with PLA. :-(

Oh cool, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah the threads work nicely, but they will give if you over tight them, specially if the part is printed at 30% infill.
To improve that, in your slicer increase the infill to 100% a bit bellow the screw threads all the way to the end. (or even the whole piece, it will give a nice weight to it).


Good tip, I'll try it if I break any additional ones. I'll post a pic once I finish reprinting the pieces and put it all together.