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Brabeast - oversized crank leg section

by Vivifyer Dec 19, 2013
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How do you assemble? How many of each part do you need?


PLATE_LEG_SECTION_v3.STL - for printing sets of legs.
END_BEAM_v3.STL - for the back end of the planetary fan module
CRANK_SHAFT_FAN_ADAPTER_v3.STL - larger hex end from the original, it slides right through the driving gear, and joins the new crank arm.

All other parts are just singular files of what's in the plate leg section.

All of this is written in the thing instructions. also this is a REMIX, not the original, i made this because the hex section from the original was very small, and weak, it rounded off the edges when cranked.

Assembly is as simple as frustrating lego.

this does not quite answer @ledrac573 's question though.
How many of the mentioned files are needed? In my understanding a "_vXXX" in a filename stands for the version / revision of the file, not the count of times to print. Why dick about and give a "teaching" answer rather than concisely giving the answer. I am well able to read and I am only supposing, that one has to print the "_v3" files three times.

If you can't figure it out by looking at the pieces then give up and find a new hobby. I spent my own time remodeling pieces for my own amusement and thought to share my work on this community. I'm not going to write instructions because I don't need to. Dont want an answer that encourages own thought and learning? You want a short cut to an answer that you can't be bothered to work on your own. I uploaded this five years ago. Which means you'll need to figure it out on your own.

you just confirmed being a hypocrite. Nobody said you have to write instructions. I just pointed out that instead of explaining "how dumb" someone is and how one should go and figure it out alone you could have easily pasted a description like the original author. I could also write a password cyphered text and give it to you to figure out to read the content. Meanwhile I could go on and ramble that if you don't have the mental capacity to read this simple cyphered text, you should give up reading.

Bottom line is, any project without good documentation is worth nothing. And that's what your contribution in the current state basically is.


na sorry, your capacity to be find outrage is endless. open the leg set file, and print it the number of times you want for how many legs you want. print 2 for 2 legs, print 10 for 10 legs. or is that too hard? how many do you need? how many do you want? the bottom line is, this is far more simple that you make it out to be, and you're getting upset over nothing. find something else to do.

Am I missing something? Everything works out quite nicely, except for the life of me I can't figure out how to attach the fan. Because the fan attachment is hexagonal, the only way for it to move if is the shaft rotates. But because the circle that the shaft is threaded into locks into place by an outer circle with all the gears, even though the fan moves, it doesn't appear to do anything, and all the joints are locked in place.

I just had to rearrange the items in the 'plate leg section' file because my printer is 150x150 and it detected objects outside the printable range, thanks for the upload though. :D

I am getting my first 3D printer soon, and I would love for this to be my first project after calibration. Can something like this be printed on a printrbot simple?

I have a printrbot 1405. I haven't made this thing yet, but I'm definitely going to. And it should be no problem. The printrbot 1405 prints beautiful parts. I got the XL upgrade, and I'm using Simplify3D software ($140 but well worth it)

I don't see why not, though the tolerance might be out just a little bit with tight fitting parts, wont know until you try

Thanks for the remix, the larger crank gets this object ALOT closer to make-ability... but... Sorry, but I agree with poster below, if the joints do not move freely enough... as in REAL loose... this object will not walk. As such the crank's hex inserts fit tolerance is still too tight. The maker must sand, file, grind and lube and still movement is not free enough to allow the torque from the fan to move more then one or 2 of the leg assemblies, IMO the crank hex insert needs to follow PLA guidelines for tolerance a bit more and the diameter of the crank has to be a touch less for the 4 leg partss to move freely on the crank... also the to crank parts can't squeeze the leg circles when the parts are fit together.

One thing I found helpful was proper lubricant. I used teflon chain lube from my local bike shop. My model was super tight but I was able to have a functional machine with an ABS print at .10 resolution.

Many thanks, it's great to have multiple solutions to multiple problems. I commend you for this re-mix.
I guess my printer flow rate is tuned differently to others.

Yes , I modified the crank in a similar manner for the same reason, Eventually I will
publish my solution that is anyway really similar to yours. I
would ask your expience with the fan and the planetary. In my prints they are not really efficient and they do not substantially work (when I try with my hair dryer)

I would say that its due to the pins used to hold the planet gears in place are too tight. A lot of the functionality relies heavily on the fact that all joints and all moving parts are spinning and moving with ease. I even had to lubricate with some silicon spray, which seem to help along with the slightly narrower pins i made for this thing.

Give my leg pins a try, they do not connect to the brabeast's legs, but to themselves and work as axels so there is much less friction on all the moving parts. I printed with ABS and they snap together extremely well, but if the caps are loose you can super-glue them. Now I'm off to try printing your crank bits... :)

I assume the fan comes from the original model?

it does indeed, I guess I could upload the fan on this for convenience. But essentially this is just a replacement leg set with a larger crank.