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Dice Box DnD Book

by mrhers2 Jan 26, 2017
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Quite a interesting model. I really enjoy using it to store my dice and miniatures. :) :) :)

Dumb question......Is the file of the whole book functional or is it sealed?

I'm looking at the files and thinking I really need to make myself one of these. But I have an extremely stupid question: once you print the pieces, how do you assemble the book? Do you glue the back and spine to the pages? (Putting a rod through the hinges is obvious.) I have printed quite a few things, but exclusively in one piece, and I really like the way this looks with white pages and a colored cover.

How did you design the paper? It looks very detailed, also, what software did you make this with

The original pages came from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:775824
However, I have made several designs similar using tinkercad. You can stack a lot of pyramids on top of each other and then use the hole tool to chop off one side to make it smooth and then chop off the top and hollow out the center. Let me know if this doesn't make sense and I can try to explain it better.

Spell Book MTG Deck Box
Comments deleted.

Thank you for making this! I wanted to ask, would it be possible to request a resized version of this to fit:

  • 3 mixed 7 die Chessex sets
  • a block of D6s
  • a mechanical pencil

I think the following internal dimensions would accommodate these:
L: 6.25 inches/ 160 mm
W: 4.34 inches/ 110mm
H: 2.00 inches/ 51 mm

I may also attempt to do the resizing, but I am new to TinkerCAD and CAD in general. Thank you!

I scaled everything up proportionately so that the internal dimensions matched your 6.25X4.34X2.0 inches. Just download the "Large" files and you should be good. Let me know if you have any problems with them!

What size should the rods be for the Large Book?

What 3d software did you use to create this?

Tinkercad.com is my go to for anything blocky, mechanical and inorganic. It's one of the first 3d softwares I learned on :)

Hello, would you be willing to post a blank cover? I like the image and all that, but it doesn't really fit what I need since I'm going for an old, unmarked tome in my campaign. Thanks!

Happy New Year! I hope the uploaded "Blank Cover" is what you're looking for. If not, let me know and I'll change it around.

That worked out perfectly thanks!

This is awesome! My CR-10S should be here by Saturday :) and we're playing D&D on Sunday. Don't know that I'll be able to set up and learn enough to try this just yet but I should be able to for the session after.

What did you use to paint it?

Thanks for sharing!

Glad you like it! I use a flat black primer spray paint and then I use Apple Barrel matte acrylic paint. Good Luck!

Thanks for all the info and getting back to me! The primer aspect and paint scraping off without it is extremely useful :)

Glad you like it :) If you're really up for a challenge, hop over to myminifactory and print out my secret lock box version of this: https://www.myminifactory.com/object/48821 . I spray all my parts with a black flat primer spraypaint and then I use Apple Barrel Matte Acrylic Paint. You can paint directly on PLA and ABS but it tends to scrape off easily if you don't put a primer on first. Plus, I use all kinds of random colors to print with so I just keep several good black primer cans to make everything uniform before painting :)

Great design, made one for my girlfriend. Just went to Tinkercad and designed two 3mm x 18mm rods for the hinges.

I used 2.75mm x 22 mm rods, fit like a glove.

would you be able to share the rods .stl of the rods that you used?

Can I ask what you used to put in the hinges? This looks great but don't want to print it if I can't get hold of something to make the hinges work.

The hinges are self working, you need to make 2 rods to slide into them, each around 2.75mm x 22mm (takes a couple minutes to make. I tapped them in, slowly, and they work great.

I'm a cheapo so I just broke the ends off of a tooth pick and shoved one in each hinge. If you want something printed, the original book parts came from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:775824 and he has a Rod stl that works. I think someone said they cut a piece of filament off of their roll and it fit. The cheap and easy possibilities are endless!!

Spell Book MTG Deck Box

love the design and i'm printing now. Any thoughts on modifying the pages and cover to support magnetic closing?

I had the same thought, I used a tiny magnet set, just used a glue gun to mount them, melted the underside of the lid a tad and set in it, did the same for the bottom edge.

What size of magnets are you thinking about using?

having some issues with the pages file. Will the small pages file from the spell book work with this?

I'd check your printer settings and make sure it's printing fine with a different file first. I've printed at least 10 of the books and haven't had any issue with the page file. However, not all slicers are created equally so if there is something you would like for me to change on the page design to help with your printing issue then I will gladly see what I can do :)

Same thing here. I've gone through 5 attempts at the pages file and had catastrophic fails either on the base layer or always about 3 hours in.

The spell book "pages" was modified slightly to work with my design so it will not fit if you use that file. What issues are you having with the pages? I printed mine on the lowest settings my r1 robo printer can handle and it hasn't had any problems