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Save pangolins

by amaochan Jan 27, 2017
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Made this guy the other day it was a lot of fun and everything went pretty smoothly however the front feet printed at 100% were too big to fit on the notches so I scaled them back to 95% at 80% infill and they fit perfectly now. Printed in Black PLA

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What size should I print the feet if I'm printing the body at 75%?

Decrease the feet to 75% too.....

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that model used to be in one piece isnt it ? where is the original model ? the old model was so much easier to print :/

I printed everything perfectly, except for the actual body. How can I make the body flex upward, as seen in the picture?

So sad, they're such unique and beautiful creatures. Definitely one of my favorite animals that some people haven't even heard of when they hear the name. Great sculpt, and good on you for getting the word out!

I have printed 4 of this cutie at 50% scale and 0.12 layer height.
At 50% scale, I measured in meshmixer, the tolerance is about 0.15mm. At this tolerance, I cannot break loose all the joints.
Setting the horizontal size compensation in S3D to -0.15mm worked. All joints can move freely right out of print bed. If I would print again, I will lower the compensation setting to -0.1 or -0.05 because the joints are too loose at current setting.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful model.

Id like to have one of these mounted in my living room.

Does anyone have any advice on printing the limbs? I was able to print all 4 limbs but when I tried connecting them to the body they break. I'm printing in wood filament pla I tried 30% infill and a 100% but in both cases the connection points on the limbs broke.

Print the legs at 95% scale and at least 50% infill. Even with regular PLA we have to print them out at 95% scale. Some special types of PLA (such as wood filament) is more prone to causing blockages and breaking due to the material itself. The limbs are the most delicate part - try to gently wiggle them on using a forward and back motion (or at a slight angle instead of dead on). You can also try using something to make the surface more slippery so they glide on easier e.g. cooking oil or butter. Let me know how it goes :)

i regret don´t have enough english speech skill to remark your words, you have done a great job for a greater cause. Felicitaciones from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

i have a friend who loves pangolins and is super into saving them this will be a perfect gift to her!
thanks so much for the modle!

You're welcome.I hope she love it.

So I printed this poly smoth and was wondering if I would be able to smoth it or would it fuse the parts

You could smooth most of it - I would be extra careful around the joints though.

Sad times i just spent 11:36 hours printing this little guy at 100% in poly smooth blue and he turned out great however when i whent to free the joints i broke off his tail

If you split the parts in your slicer, you can re-print the part that broke.
It will be tough to separate the printed parts to make the swap, but you should try.
Getting the parts back together is possible with a little shaving/sanding of the joints.

Thanks but I ended up reprinting it and lowering the temp worked great

Really good, the joints are flexible right off the plate. Would it be possible to release a version with all the parts separate, instead of having sections a to d? I'd like to print each body segment at a slightly different color. this version makes that impossible, as the parts cannot be snapped together.
By the way, just some slight modifications and this would make a fantastic lobster.

You should be able to separate the parts in your slicer.
And then with a bit of filing/shaving, you can modify the joints a little so that they snap together.
I did it with the head and the tail piece, and it worked fine. I did not try with the middle parts, but I suspect the joints are similar.

Yeah, thanks. I did just that to the head, except I used a hacksaw to make a notch in the joint.

I printed this at 100%, 0.2mm layers, it took some work to get the joints free. The legs fall off at 100%, I scaled to 95% and printed them solid.
My issue with joints fusing was from printing too hot for the PLA and some stringing.
My daughter took it to school so this project accomplished what it set out to do, congrats.

Thanks for sharing this amazing model, AMAO! It feels like I have a new real pet. So much character. Great engineering.

I had no problems with parts fusing. They printed nicely and came loose with no effort.
The legs were a bit loose so I reprinted them at 95% scale and they clip in nice and tight now.
Here's my make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:568128

I didn't know about pangolins before. Now I'm gonna be rooting for their survival. Save Pangolins!

Save pangolins
by chexone

All my joints were FUSED including legs and body. Way to small of tolerances. Going to try again with slower speeds and 90% flow. might take 24 hours to print though. ALLOW REMIXES.... so we can fix the issues.

What material were you using and at what scale?

Printed it 3 times at 50% scales. Went from 120mm/s to 70mm/s and nothing changed, fused limbs on one side. I switched back to 120mm/s and added -.2mm xy (horizontal) compensation and it printed beautifully. This was on an Ender 3, gorgeous model.

hopefully gonna try this print soon.
anyone reccomend some settings? I got a flash forge finder and use flashpoint slicer.
any tips would help as I don't wanna spend hour and am novice,

Have you printed it yet, if so at what settings? I use same printer and software as you and also don't want to spend so long on a wasted print!

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I use a 50% sized print as a test print for my printers. They generally come out perfectly.

Hi Amao chan, thank you for creating this model. we use it as a test print, which as youtuber showed, we are sorry we do not inform you in the first place, we send out everything for free, and later when you contact us, we delete the file and page immediately from all our official store and show your Thingiverse link in our video, again, we are sorry for not contact and mention you in the very beginning.

Did Creality get your permission to modify this file and release with all their CR-X machines as a test print on the SD card?
They removed your name and made it say "Creality 3d"....Seems like this would violate the "No derivatives" part of the license.

Creality is not currently licensed by me. This is very unethical behavior.

I would contact them since this breaks the copyright laws. Email them - explain who you are and quote the copyright law in relation to your licensing. I would also quote the punishments which can be infringed by law on those who break it. Tell them what you would like e.g. to be credited and maybe a small commission? After all, they stole your model and used it without your accreditation or knowledge. You have a very good case here.

Printed the whole thing together in PLA, at 100% scale and 0.2 z-height.
It came all glued together, while trying to snap the sections it broke, ehat a dissapointment!

I scale down the size to 0.6 of orginal size for saving time. I found joint fused in the printing process. The joint was fused when printing finished. I try bend the body and one joint broken. I try to bend the head and the head broken in the neck. By now, I got three piece of pangolin body. I wonder how to print loose body?

The author had give note that not smaller than 0.7 . I will try again soon.

I spent a whole night and finsihed. The model glued again. Only 7 of 17 joints can move. Maybe the printing parameter was not good enough. My printing parameter was: layer is 0.2, nozzle temperature 205, bed temperature 70, speed 40. I will try 0.15 layer again.
by the way, I put the model into boiling water. The model became soft and I detached it to many parts. I found some layers were cling together.
Maybe someone can change the joint as this : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2818955 or https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2810756.

Articulated Slug
by 8ran
Articulated Butterfly
by 8ran


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I finished printing my Pangolin, but when I try to connect the legs to the body they keep falling off. Is there any way to prevent from falling off the Pangolin body?

Print the legs at 95% scale and they will stay on better

Had the same issue, legs don't want to stay on for anything.

I am having the same problem. Reprinted them a couple times and it doesn't seem to be artifact issues.

Very cool design :)
Just the connection of the feet is a bit too big/loose so they easily fall off.

Thank for that great File! This is one of the summer projects od my daughter. We painted it with airbrush technique. It was fun.

This is soooo cool (one of my friends loves pangolins so I am printing this for her).
I have one question thought. Attached you have a lot of different files, do I have to print all of those files to make the pangolin or do I just print some of the files?

Thank you!

there are files for all the parts you need to build it but there is also a file so you can print it in one piece. you will still have to print the legs separately along with the stand. there are also a few other files

Hello, looking at your item, I thought you might be interested in my project. is a lamp printer with which you can extrude resin and print similar objects.
what do you think about it?
thanks bye

How big isn't it when done and how big is the baby when done

Thank you I'm going to print this with my school 3D printer

I am having trouble on getting my parts apart and having them move without breaking it, any tips?

I had this problem and was able to print two successful ones after that by lowering the bed temp just a little and the nozzle temp just a little. I also slowed down the print speed. I'm not an expert I was just playing with the settings and this worked for me.

I printed this on my Qidi X-One, it turned out great, but the legs had to be scaled down by 1%. I also made a 80 % sized one that worked great
Good Job:)

I love this pangolin, thank you very much for this amazing work

Thank you 謝謝

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Was there ever a full body file with the full body except for the legs separate? I saw a few youtube videos linked to this and they all showed a single print piece then the legs separate?

Anyone else have the issue where the limb connectors are too large and the limbs fall off the body easily?

Great model, printed fine in ABS, but it bends only in one direction. I can't stand it on it's tail like on the picture. The legs I printed twice, once with 90% flow and these are working fine.

hi, I want to buy this pangolin art. where do i get one.how much will it cost?

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To attach the legs, is the circular cutout on top of each leg supposed to fit down over the little protrusions on the third and eighth "ribs" along the bottom of the pangolin? I've used quite a bit of force trying to attach the legs that way with no success, so my next step is to fire up the hair dryer to see if it will soften the plastic in the legs enough to allow me to make the connection. Am I doing it wrong? Thanks for your help.

I printed all the body parts separate, and the connector piece does not fit into the ack of the other pieces because it seems to be too large. Should I just sand it, or is there a special way to get it to fit?

Comments deleted.

Printed the body yesterday:

Anet A8
3D Solutech Red PLA
.2mm layer height
100% flow (110% for first layer)
.8mm wall thickness
10% infill

Took about 11 hours. While it was printing it looked like there might have been some fused joints, but once I got it off the bed it was easy to release the joints and after working it a little bit it's now completely loose. I'm now printing the legs and base.

The new all body printed very well. No fused joints and it moves as expected.

I used similar settings on a homemade Prusa clone using Filament Outlet brown filament.

There's this bit in the forelimbs that tries to air-print, detaches, and has ruined several attempts (conveniently, the flaw is apparent quickly). It's the bottom of the pin that connects the claw inside the heel. The heel looks like a squared "U" on the first layer, then the second layer adds a little bit of a disconnected cross-piece at the top of the U. Printing in air, this doesn't attach very well, at least not in PLA on Prusa's PEI bed (cleaned with alcohol)! I checked both the original and new STL files, both Slic3r and Cura. I have tried all sorts of layer settings to get this to stay put, but even by setting the first layer to 0.4mm so it does appear in the first layer, it still breaks loose after a couple of layers ruins the print. Suggestions? (The attached PNG shows the problem area of the first layer on top and the second layer below for reference.)

I ran into this issue as well. I solved it by cutting off the first layer in Slic3r. Now my first later looks like the attached image.

Awesome design and an awesome print. I've created a couple now with my MakerGear M2 and just wanted to note the following:
1) Hatchbox wood PLA worked great for the body, not for the legs, which would always crack when fitting onto the body. I may print another set and use a heat gun as others have recommended, but as a fallback I'm just using regular brown PLA for now
2) The base/holder is a little on the small side. Scaling it up 130% seemed to work perfectly

Hi, how much can I scale down this design and still have it print fine? I'd like to print at 25% of the original size. Working with Cura and a Prusa i3 printer.

I suggest to make some test prints first. If you use Windows 10, you can use the 3d builder app to ungroup the model and delete some parts. I did that to test if I could print it at 75% and It didn't work (I wasted 1 hour instead of 13). Next thing you have to do if your test print shows fused joins (and you can unsued them) is to adjust a setting in Cura called "horizontal expansion". You have to set it to a negative value. In my case, I tried -0.30 mm and it worked but was a bit loose. So my final print will be today at -0.25mm horizontal expansion.

grazie per il Tuo impegno in questa causa!!

Hi !
Thanks for this pangolin.
The left and right forelimbs does not move.
My PLA settings with Cura for Geeetech Prusa I3x:

  • Size 100%
  • Nozzle temp 200°
  • Bed temp 60°
  • Print speed 45mm/s
  • Infill density 20%
  • Layer height 0.2mm
  • Wall Thickness 1.5mm
  • Top/Bottom Thickness 1mm
  • Diameter 1.75 mm
  • Flow 100 %
  • No supports

Can you help me?

Thank you !

If feet are fused, hold up feed to a heat source like a hair dryer, it'll soften up the plastic enough for you to move the joints more easily.

Mine were close to being fused, but working them aggressively but not so much as to crack the plastic free'd them up.

Dear Amao,

would you mind giving a short description of the individual files of the project (why ABS and PLA are different, what the new files are for etc.)

Thanks for the sketches, I love Pangolins!

Yes, I would like to know this too.

I'm planing to print two, one large and one smaller (to represent a mother and her baby) but am not sure which files to use.
The smaller one I plan to scale to 50% and print in PLA, the larger one I'll print at 100% and print using WoodFill filament.

To print a pangolin using PLA I'm assuming these are the files I should use:

Did you ever print these? Like to know if the above files worked for you.

Yes, I did print those files and they were correct. While I did have a little trouble with the print itself these files are indeed the correct files to use.

The 100% scale model is surprisingly large but is very nice. The 50% scale modle printed well enough but 50% appears a lot smaller when next to the 100%. I would have probably have been better printing the smaller one at somewhere between 75% and 50% scale.

Also, the wood filament caused so many problems and never even came close to working, but the 100% PLA print came out really nice!

Thanks! I appreciate the reply.

Perfect timing too, just finished the first body part.

Muy buena pieza y loable el objetivo como es conocer y ser conscientes de la preservación de esta especie muy amenazada en su hábitat natural.

and is AMAO just because of your user or is that a organization?

AMAO is just a user not an organization.

I hope these cute creatures never go extinct :'(

I tried importing the left and right hind legs for the pla version into TinkerCAD to resize from work and the uploader keeps telling me the files are corrupted o.o

I have printed 3 different left hind legs in ABS and they keep snapping - two using the ABS file (one at 98% size and one at 100%) and one using the PLA file. Printing temp 240 and speed 50 mm/s, 100% infill and layer height 0.2mm. Please help! Rest of the model is great.

Had same problem with PLA. But hot gun fixed that!

So I am trying to print this currently, however, I cannot get body parts b and d to actually print. I am loving what I have so far though. Is this just a problem I am facing.

Comments deleted.

Printing it right now on a anycubic i3 mega. This is my fourth 3D print in my life. Legs and body part C are done.
Printing in black pla. Hope all goes well.

Thnx for this great design.

Now done printing, Pangolin came out perfect, base has big hole in the middle of the rounded part. don't know why

What color filament was used to make this?

This is an amazing print, came out pretty near perfect for the first try! Big thanks AMAO!
If anyone was wondering with 15% infill the 1:1 size weights 128gr without the base (white PLA).
In case you have some issues with the legs being a bit loose or too tight there is an easy solution for PLA - just hold the leg (separated from the body) in front of a hair dryer for about 5-10 sec and then it becomes soft, so you can modify it as you wish;)

I've hrinted a couple of these in PLA since some friends saw the first one and wanted one (they're awesome).

I have issues with the front feet popping off of the body; is this a common problem? I can shake it and the back legs stay on great, but the front legs will pop off with relative ease. Other than that, not a single problem with the model's movement.

Exactly the same here, it's my first ever 'large' print on my new Cetus3D and very pleased with it, except for the front leg attachment being loose. I'll try and warm the legs up and tighten the joint, or maybe just print them again a bit smaller. It's an excellent model though. I printed it in dark grey and my terrier isn't sure if it's a rat or not...

This was a total pain in the butt to print, but I finally got it. It's really great.

I have a lot of tips in my make: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:375291

Save pangolins
by inches

AMAZING PRINT this is the most well designed print I've ever printed. perfect tolerance for my lulzbot mini.


Comments deleted.

Anyone using a Zmorph with Voxelizer?
I'm going to try with Cura because all my parts is fused together.
10% infill
scale 100%

Voxelizer is just so bad slicer, move to Slic3r PrusaEdition, Cura, Simplify or any other, but not the Voxelizer, the principe on witch it works is just off

Printed great in PLA. I'll post up a make tomorrow. Great model. Took a long time to print but turned out perfect.

Exactly same!! Printed on Prusa i3 MKII, just awsome. Also printed like five for my friends!

OMG I love love love this model!

Comments deleted.

What support does this model need to be successful? Thanks

Lovely design, and my kid is crazy about it. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Love this design I never knew about pangolins till now! Also how big is the pangolin you made?

the stand and the body part b are giving me a fail to load when i try to open in Cura??? any suggestions?

Is anyone else having trouble with the overhanging layers curling? If so how did you fix it?

Reduce temp or slow down your printing ;)

How much pla will this need in kg

For those who can not load some files in ReplicatorG:

I had the same problem but just follow my instructions and you should be good to go!

Load the .stl file (that won't load in RepG) in 3D Builder.
Center it.
Save it as a .3mf file.
Download NCH's file converter (http://www.nchsoftware.com/3dconverter/)
Load file in Converter and convert to .stl (save in different place so you don't get confused)
Load new .stl file in ReplicatorG
Align to center!

I used the FlashForge CreatorPro. Let me know if you have any questions!

This printed out nicely. I used a wood filament. Tried to gently crack the pieces to get the curl. The tail likes to snap in half. I've printed 4 of them all with the same issue. Not sure its because its using wood filament.

Also tried using aromatic coffee filament. That filament was too weak and snapped.

Your message is as inspiring as your model!!!

So awesome!

Great model. The feet are a major pain to print. Both sets tend to snap while trying to get them to fit on the body. I'm on my fifth set and I've slowed the print to 10mm/s to get the hinge to work on forelimbs w/o too much pressure. Hindlimbs fit well, the forelimbs are continuing to give me issues with ABS. 35% infill.

Still, I am working to get it just right because it is such an amazing model. :)

There may also be a heat problem... if the temp is too high, then it tends to join with the whole leg.

Oooo thanks for the heads up I will try with lower temperature next time

Did this work out for you in the end? I am having the same issue and am doing a bit of research before reprinting. I was going to attempt to reduce the extrusion multiplier and/or temperature to try and prevent fusing of the forearm. Having seen the suggestion here of lowering the temperature I wondered if this worked for you or if the layer bonding was too compromised. The body has printed excellently in ABS for me.

My legs were a crap shoot. I got several to print a-okay and others would rip apart when I attempted to bend the joint.

Best luck was with slow print speed highest Rez I could get (.1mm ?) and initial layer height at 100% and not any wider.

Of course I've fixed my bubbly print bed since I last tired....maybe that will help too

Thanks for that. I'll give your suggestions a go and feedback what I find.

Can you print the separate parts without support?

The answer is yes for everyone else.

Amazing work on this design!! I printed one at 75% and one full scale. They actually feel like they should be alive the way the sections move.

Great work mine printed good,their will always be people who criticize they just are starting to 3d print and expect their printer is fully calibrated when its not,Keep up the good work

I finally solved my foreleg issue by setting my print speed to 10 mm/s. This is probably extreme (printing previously at 45mm/s ) but it solved the issue none the less.

Great model, thanks for sharing. I printed the body-all at .3 layer height and it came out nice. I used a small moderately stiff spatula to slide between the scales and then pry up a little and was able to free them all up without much difficulty. The most stubborn was the last joint by the tail, I resorted to a small flat blade screwdriver and a few gentle whacks with a light hammer, with the tail tip resting on block so it had room so move when I smacked it. Success, all joints are free and work well. I did the feet at .2, and the front feet joints were stuck where they rested on the bed, but I ran a pocket knife blade along the hing and wiggled it back and forth a bit and was able to pop the hinge free. The support on the nose is also pretty easy to shave off with said pocket knife. There is nothing wrong with this model, it is really well designed I think. There will always be variations in fit from different materials and printer calibrations, but don't blame the model, it is fine. I printed at the default scale. .2 probably would have been better for the body, but .3 is really not bad. It took just over 8 hours for the body-all, at .2 the ETA was about 12 hours. I will post pictures under the I made one section. P.S. - For those having issues with parts being stuck together, go to your print settings and uncheck merge overlapping lines and expand thin walls (or comparable settings for your slicer, I use MatterControl).I unchecked them on my print and it was successful.

Should I print out the 3 parts of the body or should I print out the whole thing together? if I could get some feedback that would be great thank you

I printed three separate parts. Better to be safe than sorry. That way, if one part doesn't print correctly, than you just have to reprint that section. Hope this helps, and sorry about the late reply.

If printing the full body, will the limbs be to able to fit as they are in the file or will I need to scale them down?

for some reason all of my limbs just fall right off, don't even click on. I'm going to try scaling them down.

i printed the limb. but it doesn't move

I had the same issue until I lowered my print speed. Good luck! I hope you get a successful print.

What can i do to prevent the backbones from sticking to each other?, i printed it out, and the inner parts sticked, so the animal cannot fold. i had by change only 2 random joins working, but very stiff

I've printed two of these so far, one at 100% scale and the other at 48% and both bend perfectly well after gently but firmly breaking the initial stuck parts (which wasn't too hard, but be careful not to pinch your fingers). If the joints are truly fused together and you can't break it at all, chances are your printer isn't quite calibrated enough. I had this issue myself before I upgraded my belts and added tensioners to them. Once I did that I was able to print hinged parts without a problem. The spaces between the parts are small enough that even the slightest additional movement to the axes is enough to cause a hinge to end up fused. Tensioning the belts removed the extra movement my printer had when the belts were only hand-tightened.

total newbie - I'm using the latest CURA and i can't open some of the files? they will not load?

Run the files through a application like Meshmixer export them as an .stl file and they should work fine.

I'm having the same problem. The body will open just fine, but the CURA won't open the legs.

Fantastic! Printed perfectly on first try. All joints easily flexed. Amazing. Printed on MakerBot Rep 2, PLA, 190 deg, 0.2 mm layers, 12% infill, raft, no support. Honestly not sure how it prints the near horizontal portions of the segments without support, but it does!

I do find it a little sad that I cannot sell these. I've had numerous people begging to buy them, and I really can't just "give" it to them since it costs money to create these masterpieces. People find that they are very sturdy builds, and would make great children's toys because of such. Anything you can do for me in regards to this? Some kind of deal to be made?

You could always edit (if possible). Take out their company symbol and maybe put something of yours? Or somehow create this into your own design? Try working something out with the creator? though, he isn't very good about communication.

You could maybe have them make a donation to the Save the Pangolins Foundation, and give them a model as thanks! That would probably be a better use for the money than keeping it for yourself, since the whole point of the model is for the awareness ^^

Bravo émouvant et techniquement bluffant pour une novice !

Can anyone help me get the 5th shingle from the middle alone? Mine cracked as i was trying to make them mobile.

I got it.. but can anyone tell me what I can do for the legs.. I have the whole body at 75%.. and the legs are not good at staying hinged on.. what do you guys think I should do??

print the legs at 74% or 73% and they'll click on nice and tight -- worked for me.

Does anyone know if i can't print this at 0.6 percent of the original? Which would be 60%.

Printed just with 0,5 (50%). I think 60% should do it also.

thanks a lot man. i already did it at 75.

I just made one with my davinci jr 1.0 wireless. Overall, it came out great. The only issue that I had was that the nose supports are rock solid and won't come out. My pangolin looks like it has buck teeth! It's ok, I still love it!

Tjis is awesome this'll be the first thing I print

Since many people (including myself) had trouble getting it to print right, I wanted to share my settings. Reducing the flow by itself wasn't helpful enough, but increasing the layer height to .25 mm made a big difference. I wonder if there is some rounding error in Cura for this particular model. Many people who reported difficulty were also using Cura.

I suggest you tweak settings and print a bunch of forelimbs until you find something you are happy with before doing the body.

See my full settings here: http://www.thingiverse.com/make:312996

Save pangolins
by lars0

Do you know if it would work on a Stratasys Dimension 1200es?

Anybody know how to make it smaller, so the balljoints still fit? I'm knew here and I would like a reply as soon as possible please! Thanks!

You can reduce the size so it can fit they said you can do it 75%

what about 60%?

I teach junior high STEAM. We printed two of these on our Makerselect and they are awesome!! The kids are crazy for them. They have even started researching pangolin on their own time to find out more and keep asking me questions about them. Great job!!

Wished I hadn't wasted my time and money on filament -- I tried printing 3 different versions of these. All of them have 0 tolerances between the parts making them all meld together so that it breaks instead of turns. If you compare this to the bone fish print that works great without any cleanup what so ever this is a fail in design. Too bad since it looks so good outwardly.

I have a Sindoh 3dwox dp200 and I just printed it - turned out great first try. I used simplify 3d to place the parts on the bed and then exported the G-code and printed through 3dwox desktop.

Did you do it full size, ABS or PLA? In section pieces? What were your settings you chose in simplify 3d? Thank you very much for the information in advance I want to know how to make it work.

PLA full size and in pieces exactly as included in the download link. I'll send you my .fff file for simplify 3d if you like. It printed for 15 hours.

That would be amazing if you would be willing. That will definitely tell me where I went wrong and why it was binding up and breaking instead of the pieces rotating the way the should have. mongogrubb@gmail.com

Sent it along. Good luck!

Thank you again. You have been so very helpful to me. We will see how it turns out. If the same file still doesn't work then I know there really is something wrong with the printer since you use the same one. :) If it does work out I know it was software/user error something along those lines. :D

It did work great at full size. Apparently it was human error on my part. (heaven forbid I should be human according to all the slandering on the internet, lol). Thank you again for your constructive, knowledgeable, help unlike most others on this post. :)

Its 100% a problem with your printer, not the model. There would not be 237 successful makes if it were the models fault..

Your printer isnt calibrated, or you havent calibrated for your filament.

I have a Sindoh M200. It has printed NOTHING wrong before this model so it is definitely not the printer. I have been a designer for a living for over 7 years and am one of the best among those I have worked with. I might know when I see a bad design. The art behind this is solid. The lack of tolerances for real world printing is the failure. It is okay to listen to others sometimes. Some people have the background and knowledge to know where improvements can be made. This is definitely one of them especially since others mention how difficult it is to get it to work in the first place when they have been lucky enough to get it to work. I needs larger connections between the pieces as well to compensate for the size of the pieces that each joint supports. Plastic does not have the highest tensile strength, especially PLA.

An update, my pangolin finished overnight. It was moving before I got it fully off the plate. It moves great.

Congratulations, you lucked out. It doesn't mean it is not a bad design...

Just finished my third piece, works just as great. I must be a pretty lucky guy!

You could be the president of makerbot for all it matters, your machine could be $250,000, it doesn't matter..

If your machine isn't calibrated, it's your own fault. My pangolin is printing right now on my DIY $250 printer. It's printing FINE. I can see the joints halfway done, they are not fusing. There's a visible gap.

It's probably something like a 0.6mm clearance. Did yo scale the model down? Like the creator says not to? if your printer can't handle a 0.6mm tolerance, it may be time to consider a new one.

Yes I scaled it down since I didn't want a 24 hour print keeping me up at night (the scale I scaled it down to was .75 of the original size which should be fine again it is tolerance issues!) Oddly enough the .5 scaled print moved better and had more good joints than the .75 scaled print. If that doesn't prove that the scale has nothing to do with it then I can't imagine anything will. If you are unwilling to listen to experience and discount all the additional proofs I have given to strengthen my arguments then I discount all of yours since you are simply choosing to be belligerent and I always do unto others as they do unto me.

If the joints work some of the time.. Thats your printer. All that does is solidify it: Your printer is not consistent. You do realize the model is 100% identical every time you download it, right? Thats not the inconsistent part. Your printer is.

The print shouldnt be 24h unless youre printing at 10mm/s..

Also, you do realize it can be split into 3-4 seperate 2-3 hour prints? I printed the largest portion of the body in 3:15..

Scaling it down makes the tolerances tighter. Dont scale it down if your printer cant handle it. There's your proof that scale very much has everything to do with it. Im not being belligerent, you are. If you cant see that, then well..

At this point I wonder if I am the greater fool for arguing with a fool as big as you. If your goal was to make me feel the greater fool, congratulations, you succeeded. If your goal was to change my perspective and review, then you failed miserably due to a lack of any viable arguments beyond the idea that the creator said not to scale it down. What I said still happened. It is reality and true and will not change. If you had a different experience feel free to write your own review. Mine will continue to stand as I tried 3 different times with variable settings to try and get it to work with no success.

Dude, im repeating myself: "Your printer is not consistent. You do realize the model is 100% identical every time you download it, right?"

If your printer is producing different results each time, do you know what that means? "Your printer is not consistent.". The model is 100% consistent, 100% of the time. Your model is 100% the same as the one I downloaded. The model is not at fault.. I printed the same exact pangolin model you did, but your printer is shoddy and inconsistent, so it did not work.

My pangolin is now completed. The feet did not fuse. Nothing fused. It works beautifully.

LOL! Yep I am the greater fool to think you would listen to the fact that I changed scale/settings each time I printed it therefore changing the processes of printing the device and the model itself based on scale/printing precision. Oh well. Live and learn. :)

Then there's your problem. You should have been printing it as the designer suggests, obviously your printer isnt capable of anything else. I wouldnt scale it down to 10% size then complain the tolerances are too tight.

LOL! If I make another reply will it keep this going? ;)

Mr. Vigg, it seems that Mr. Grubb does not have much tolerance for all this. I'm really sorry to both of you, but I couldn't resist the pun. From a position without ego, as I have no hamster in this fight: I think you've both heard each other's points, now it is up to each of you to consider whether or not the other might have some valid reasoning. Instead of considering this as an argument, perhaps you should think about it as a collaborative session of problem solving. It doesn't matter so much who is right, as long as the right answer is found. And yes, I realize I probably shouldn't stick my nose in the middle of this... But I really wanted to make a tolerance pun.

LOL! I appreciate it. :D

mongo is a moron. plain and simple.

LOL! It's amazing to me how people claim someone is a moron based on a disagreement on one small simple thing in the universe. At least I have enough knowledge to know that people are far more complex than a single item that I disagree with and have specialized knowledge in a variety of things, one of which may or may not be the current pint point of a topic at hand.

This Design is the best I have encountered last year. Very clever and well put together.
I printed in abs full-scale in one piece!.
It works like a charm only the joints of the feet are welded together.
I broke one so have to print that over.
Printed on 0.2 mm
ABS 25% infill.
50 mm /s
On my reprap corexy

Anybody had a success with any MakerBot?
What you settings are?
I have a Mini

Overnight the bodyparts b and c were printed. These were a bit harder to pry loose -probably because the joints are bigger- but with ample lubricant and some force applied at the right spots I was able to get them moving.
You do need to be gentle and take your time with this but its absolutely worth the effort!
All printed parts have been clicked together and the tail section is currently being printed.
I will post a MadeOne later today.

Many thanks for this wonderfull little creature!

We're now convinced that this is why 3D printers exist - to print pangolins. Thank you!

The bosslady has decided she wants one.
Yesterday I have printed the feet, all four in one printjob and overnight I did the head (part_a of the body) on my Anet A8.
I recognize the problems reported here with joints that are stuck but hey, this is a beautiful littlle creature!
To loosen the joints I have used some silicone lubricant spray on them and then wriggled them loose (gently) while clamped in a vice.
To protect the edges from scratching I put a sheet of paper over them.
Nothing snapped and they all came loose quite easily. The joints are moving freely and they don't feel sloppy.

The printer settings I used:
Printing at full size in PLA, extruder = 200 degrees, bed = 60
Layer height: 0.15, first layer 0.30mm, infill 25%.
Flow rate is at defaut (100%)
Fan speed: 50% with a Mistral v2.0 nozzle ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2121279 )
No supports

I have already sliced all parts and I'm going to print them this weekend.
After what I've seen so far I'm quite confident that it will go allright.

"Mistral 2.1" Extruder Cooling Duct for the Anet A8 Printer
by Leo_N

I printed with supports and I separated the plates by prying apart and it moves having trouble getting part a into part b
Just got part a and b together.

If I am trying to print at 75%, what would you suggest I have the extrusion flow as?

Some people were having problems while printing at a 75% scale (The parts would be fused together). I'm sorry I don't have an answer, but I suggest scanning through the comments to see if you can find your answer.

Is there an assembly video

No, I don't believe there is, but the pieces should just click together. You can also read the other comments to find different techniques!

For those who can not load some files in ReplicatorG:

I had the same problem but just follow my instructions and you should be good to go!

  1. Load the .stl file (that won't load in RepG) in 3D Builder.
  2. Center it.
  3. Save it as a .3mf file.
  4. Download NCH's file converter (http://www.nchsoftware.com/3dconverter/)
  5. Load file in Converter and convert to .stl (save in different place so you don't get confused)
  6. Load new .stl file in ReplicatorG
  7. Align to center!


This is an amazing product!!
The thought that must have gone into this to be able to print a part in one piece that is fully moving is astonishing! It looked confusing at first as I thought "how can I possibly print multiple sections as one part", but trust me, it works!
Very well done! I'm just finishing printing the feet!

My only change request would be to have the joints of the front feet start on the bed, because they only start to be printed on the 3rd layer, and so I'm having issues with them not sticking to the bed.

Oh and a word of advice for people... Print WITHOUT supports!! It looks like you need them but you don't, and it will stop the parts from moving.

I can't believe how cooperative this print was. So forgiving, and so, so impressive.

Excellent job on this design good sir. Your work is very much appreciated =)

I have not printer this yet. Nevertheless I have to say that I really appreciate that there are people willing to spend time developing things like this to make concience about endangered species. Great work by the way.

Will not be wasting my time with this model again and I suggest others avoid. It's not as easy as some post it is. Two failed prints and a lot of time wasted. The joints fuse together and just snap. Very dissapointing.

I've printed 2 without issues, you'll need to dial in your printer a little better

I guess everybody has a right to their own opinion and I do not share yours. I printed this amazing creation yesterday on my home build D-Bot and it printed flawless. I printed the full body one and this morning when I got to the printer, there was a cute little pangolin on my printer bed. I was amazed that all links work flawless just after removing from the printer bed. I am just now printing the legs - THANK YOU to the creator.

I am actually very luck to have had twice the opportunity to hold live real pangolin where the second one I helped into the bushes when I saw it on one of our gravel roads. Please keep printing and raise awareness for these little creatures.

Printer settings:
e3d V6 0.4mm nozzle
0.25mm hight.

Finally was able to print with articulating joints. So much fun! I love this little guy.

(see pics on my makes page. not sure how to put them in the comments)

I successfully printed this 100% size with wood PLA. My students LOVE it. One astute kid wished the head accurately tucked under the tail for protection, not head over tail. My problem is the base won't print. The screen shows the layers going down, but the extruder doesn't move after the self-leveling. Using Matter Control on a RObo 3D R1+.

An amazing model. Easily one of the highest quality models out there. WELL DONE!

Thank-you for sharing.

Hi! I'm working on printing this cute creature but I am running into some problems.

I am using a FalshForge 3D printer.

I AM able to load the files new-pangolin-a, pangolin_body-c, new-right_forelimb-pla, and new-left_forelimb-pla into ReplicatorG.

BUT I can NOT seem to upload files:


Can anyone help?

I just had a successful print on my FlashForge Dreamer. I printed the full body at 80% size (scaled on all axis).

230 degrees C on extruder
60 degrees C on print bed

15% infill
Fill pattern: Hexagon
Combine infill every 2 inner layers

First layer height .27mm
Layer height after 1 .18mm

shells: 2 3 3

speed: 40mm/s print
80mm/s movement

No supports.

Yes, just the files will not upload into ReplicatorG. So I can't even start printing because of that.

[10:18:32] C:\Users\Grace\Downloads\pangolin_body-b.stl
[10:18:32] Could not load C:\Users\Grace\Downloads\pangolin_body-b.stl with STLLoader
[10:18:32] Could not load C:\Users\Grace\Downloads\pangolin_body-b.stl with ObjLoader
[10:18:32] Could not configure parser

This is the error I keep getting whenever I try to load the files that won't work.

Would you like me to send you the .gx files??

Would that work? The printer has dual extruders. We've been using the settings:
Right extruder
Object Infill %: 10
Layer Height: 0.20

of Shells: 1

Feedrate (mm/s): 60
Travel Feedrate: 80
Print Temp: 230

I'm not 100% sure. Do you have a heated print bed? If most of the hardware is the same it should be fine. Mine is also a dual printhead, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Yes! It does have a heated plate.

I think so. We should be okay. I've been printing in the pla format.

I used the flashprint software that flashforge supplies. It was able to convert it to .gx, which my printer could read.

Yes, the Dreamer Series uses Flashprint, while the Creator Series uses ReplicatorG. Though I'll see if Flashprint will work.

I'm still printing mine. But have experienced some problems. I use PLA and I'm not able to seperate the two parts of the forelimbs. They break into two pieces. I use Cura and tried many settings. Even a layer height of 0.2 and 10mm/s as a value in every speed setting didn't work. I also tried many different values for the hotend.
Also putting the body parts together was very nasty. I had to cut a little bit from the round things and apply force to get them into the other end.

I had the same issue on the ANET A8. I did so many test prints on the foot, and it wouldn't move. After adjusting the flow rate to 90%, and having the best outcome (still without movement), I decided to go ahead with the full body print. All joints were fused. I had just about given up on the pangolin until I got some help from some other people in the Thingiverse community on a totally different print that changed the quality of my prints.

Biggest adjustment: tighten the x-belt! That made all the difference. Other adjustments made were lowering the temp of the extruder, and adjusting extraction speeds and distance.

I tried printing the foot one more time, and the joint popped perfectly. Printed the tail section next to make sure it wasn't a fluke, and all joints moved. Currently, I am printing the third of the four body segments. Everything is moving freely. Connecting the first two body segments was a little tight getting in, but they fit and move nicely. I am not afraid they will come apart either.

I use Cura 14.07. These are my settings for the Pangolin.
Scale: 100%
Layer: .2mm
Shell: 1.2mm (3 shells)
Layer fill top/bottom: 1.2mm
Fill density: 10%
Print speed: 30
Temp extruder/bed: 190/50
Flow: 90%
Under advanced settings:
Retraction speed/dist: 45/3
Travel speed: 80

I will post pictures after all pieces have printed (you can see the pics of the fused pangolin under my makes). I hope this helps.

I'm using the ANET A8, and your settings finally worked in getting nice moving parts.


Thank you for sharing. I will use your advice to keep printing feet until it works.

First: Thanks for your detailed reply! Hope it'll help some others with problems. For me it didn't :(

I can't lower the temp of the extruder, as I'm already at the lower end of the temperature of the PLA I use. That didn't help anyway, but made things worse. So I went back to 200°C. Also I use 45°C for the bed, wherefore I don't get an elephantfoot.
My x-belt was already tight. Anyway I wanted to print the modifications for easier tensioning. Which I did and it didn't help.
I printed it with 10mm/s as I said above. Travelspeed is at 50mm/s as the Z axis is wobbling when I use higher speeds. Will do some upgades in the future against this. As well as a bowden extruder. Which will help against the wobbling, too. I hope...
Also I tried 1 shell. Didn't made any difference, as well as 4 or 8. Layer fill top/bottom is set to 1.6mm, Fill density 100% for the legs, 20% for the body.
The body moves freely. I have to break them a little bit. On some it takes big force. But the feet will break when using such a force on them.

Thank you for such an amazing and meaningful print. I have printed in 3 scales now (100, 75, 50) and all have been flawless. Well done!

I just printed the pangolin's in 80% scale.....but the problem is, i couldn't load the forelimb and limb as well as the base in Cura. Anyone experiencing the same problem?

Try to experiment with the % of the infill. I have this from time to time in Cura, too.

Thanks for your reply. But the problem is, I couldn't load the .stl file into Cura....My "build plate" in Cura is empty...BUT when I open the legs file, I got this error. "Fail to load xxxxxxxxxxx .stl"

Ok, that's odd. Thought Cura doesn't slice it after loading. Sry I couldn't help you.

I've printed at 75% and 50% scale with no issues in Slic3r. Using the PLA limbs.

I made a PLA version of this at 50% size. The supports were tedious to get off. It works amazing, and I love it. 100 out of 10.

I printed it without supports at 100% size, no problems. Are you sure you needed supports?

Try printing it without supports. I've done 3 prints without supports (100%, 75%, and 50%) and all were successful.

Great model - thank you!

What is the significance of the symbol on the left rear leg?

Sad to hear this :( always love those shielded critters... Humans are nasty :( Nice design I might print one!

Thank you for sharing.

I made this in 150 scale and my daughter loved it.
So much she took it to school and her teacher started a class project base upon it.

Thank you so much for giving to my daughter's class.

Design is beautiful.
Worthy of the Pangolin.
Thank you for sharing.

I'm having trouble breaking apart the joints. I have tried by hand, as well as with an old fashioned letter opener. Any suggestions?

I had good luck putting the belly on the edge of a table to use as leverage for breaking the joints loose.

when i tried to snap the joints all the plastic just broke and snapped apart.

Cura 2.3.1 is not letting me slice the base or hind legs, it keeps saying it failed to load. I was able to slice the body and forelimbs and print them with no problems. Any suggestions?

Kisslicer called issues with the legs but sliced them anyway. Consider repairing the stl file in meshmixer or using kisslicer.

This is a great print, moves beautifully and is as cute as a button! I'll rephrase that; He's so cute; he's puppy cute! ( I posted a finished photo, I hope you like it, even though he's not brown as he should be. We used a mat silver. ) Good design , as the appearance of the little guy is as cute as his counterparts in the real world. He really looks, and rolls up in a ball, just like a pangolin! Thank you for this really nice design with a cause.

Great design, everything came out great! QIDI TECH printer, .2mm res, 100% PLA

Comments deleted.

This Thing, along with Marble Machine 3 and Gyroman are easily my favorite three Thingiverse projects so far, out of dozens that I have downloaded and printed. You are an incredibly gifted designer, and I look forward to future works. (My granddaughter will love the pangolin, and I thank you for alerting us to their tenuous existence.)... Chuck Rieger

can someone help when I print the legs in abs they snap as soon as I put them on

I have legs printed in PLA but they are not that strong. The shear direction ous wrong. I am trying to see if I can lay the legs on their side to see if that makes a stronger print. If you pm me I will let you know how that worked.

I made one but I can only bend it where the parts were separate, any suggestions?
Otherwise beautiful design!

Reduce your extrusion percentage to 85%?

its a bit risky and I used abs but I pried the top part in between layers of mine with a screwdriver hope this helps

Great design. I have printed two of these already on my Rep2x in ABS+, both in one piece and they articulate well. I did break some limbs, and I now see some updated files. I will print those and post some photos. Good work!

save the pangolins!!!

"designed in Sketchup"...you masochist. :)

Super design. It printed flawlessly as one piece in bronze color PLA at .1mm height and 20% grid infill. It says non commercial but just a thought: what if you authorized some pangolin related charity to sell these and makers could donate quality printed models so it costs the charity nothing and helps actually save the pangolins?

Thanks for your proposal.I am trying to do things like this in Taiwan.

the work done on the 3d model is very impressive, the pangolin is awesome.
it came out absolutely perfect from a wanhao i3 plus, 70% size reduction, PLA.
Thanks a lot :)

working on printing his four feet now. I love this model.

Can someone post an approximate weight (in grams if possible)?
Thank you. :3

At 10% infill it's around 24g

By the way, is that assuming it is about the same size in the image (about 250mm from what it looks like in the file) and is that estimate with PLA or ABS?

Thank you very much! That's greatly appreciated. :3

all part reduced ( body+4legs ) at 70% size, medium quality, pla
result from simplify3d :
Print Time (on a wanhao i3 plus) : 4 hours 25 minutes
Filament lenght : 16899.9 mm
infill : 20%
Weight: 50.81 g (0.11 lb)
cost : 2.34€

just made body-all file 17hr print with pla.
All joints articulate well with a minimal amount of force needed to start them now I need to print the legs

TIP: if the body parts don't want to connect, take an exacto knife to the male end of the connector and trim off a very, very tiny piece at an angle to aliw it to push into the female connector. You might want to trim the opening of the female side too BUT make very very small cuts and try it after each cut. You don't want to cut too much off causing which could force you to print the piece again.

can i make it in all one peace

make the separate pieces. I did and at 100% it took about 17 hours total. I'd start a piece and make sure it was printing properly and go do something else (took a 4 mile walk this morning while body part C was printing).

My only failure was the front feet which I started and didn't watch. When I finally looked at it, it had pulled up and I had a long knurly arm.

Ok so i have the UP! mini and with this printer i have no choice if i want support or not, so can i print this with light support?

If you can remove the support then yes.

It is a bit hard to figure out what is new and old and what are the differences on the parts.

I fixed the first joint of the head fusion problem already.
new-pangolin body-a.stl
new-pangolin all.stl

Cura could not open some of the files. When I looked at them, the irst and last lines had the characters '穿山甲'. I remove those characters and resave the files and then Cura would open them.

I found those characters in:

while the files:

were fine.

Okay, I'm using ReplicatorG to load and make gcode. I tried this, but then nothing would load. When I was comparing the New files with the "old" ones, I noticed the code is all together in the new, while separated in the old. Do you think mashing the codes together would make the files work?

I only had one issue printing - the first joint of the head was fused, other than that it came together fine. Here are my settings and I hope they help others.

Printer: Monoprice 13860 Maker Select 3d Printer V2

  • Borosilicate Glass Plate
  • Elmer's Washable School Glue (Disappearing Purple)

Material: PLA (Hatchbox - purple...hey it's what I had on hand...grin)

Slicer: Cura v2.3.1

Cura Settings:
Printer: Prusa i3
Material: PLA
Profile: Normal Quality
Layer Height: 0.15 mm
Initial Height Layer: 0.3 mm
Wall Thickness: 1.2 mm
Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.8 mm
Infill Density: 20.0 %
Printing Temperature: 210 C
Build Plate Temperature: 70 C
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Flow: 100 %
Enable Retraction: checked
Print Speed: 60 mm/s
Travel Speed: 120 mm/s
Enable Print Cooling: checked
Enable Support: NOT checked
Build Plate Adhesion Type: Skirt
Print Sequence: All at Once

Thank you so much for this! I had tried several times on the mini select, and so many parts kept getting fused. Used these settings, and it printed perfectly with zero fusing.

The new forelimb is available for download(pla)

Comments deleted.

Hello, I completed this print succesfully at the first go. I used Simplify3D and sliced it with horizontal size compensation at -0.1 Depending on your printer you might increase the value. It will increase the distance between the joints. Be warned! Too much and it will fall appart.

Happy printing

Merci je vais essayer

i have a problem for print this pangolin with my Reprap BQ prusa i3 hephestos.
the part's body are merge.
I have try to change wall thickness, and this work but for a poor result.
an idea?

Apply force until the joints break free. All of mine are joined when I first remove them from the build platform.

I printed it as it downloaded; the base, each body piece, and each leg (in PLA). I assembled it after it printed, but with a little difficulty. One thing I am disappointed though, is the movement. Am I supposed to force the joints and break the bonds so my pangolin can move how it does in the pictures? The single scales aren't moving apart despite the force I applied. Help please?

OMG, .15 is soooooo slowwwww.

I've modified the front legs to have more allowances on the joints to the feet as my low-quality printer cannot produce very narrow gaps no matter what settings I use. I would like to share my modifications here as a remix to your design to help the many others facing the same issue. However, I cannot upload my remix as you have disabled remixing in your design. Would you please consider allowing others to remix your design here?

Great project. Printed fine in Inland PLA on Monoprice Select V2 at 220 degrees, relatively slow speeds, .2 mm, 20% infill, 2 shells. Only problems were the two front legs not articulating, which was quickly fixes with an X-Acto knife, and the first joint behind the head not working, which I was not able to fix, but no problem.

Change your shell to 1.2 and you will get all joints working

My shell was set at 0.8 (2 shells with .4 nozzle). Are you saying that 3 shells are better?

Neat design, but a complete waste of PLA. Not a single joint broke free without snapping it into pieces. Oh well...

I had similar troubles. However, I found that reducing the extrusion amounts by 10% solved my frozen parts problem.
I'm pretty new to 3D printing but I'm curious, What printer and what software are you using?

I'm printing on a MP Mini and used wood PLA. I sliced it with Cura 15.04.6

Printed this for the kids, they love it. Had no issues with printing. Printed it to full scale on a 20x20 bed (rotated a bit). The frontlegs needed a bit of a push to articulate, the body did not, it works great.

Printed in PLA, .4 nozzle, .20 layer height, .45 extrusion width, Simplfy3D, 80mm/s, 20% infill. Came out good the first try.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this design and I now have them reliably printing and working for me. (Yep all the kids want one of their own.) But I would really like to see someone remix this as the basis of a snake. A talented designer, which I sadly am not, could tweak this a bit and make a super awesome snake. Maybe even a rattler with a working rattle. . .

All the joints broke free except for the pangolin's head. Any ideas on how to loosen its head without breaking anything?

My first head section broke as well. The second time I cut around the joint with an exacto blade, and I gently started to pry apart the sections with a tiny flat head. Finally I held that section at edge of the work bench with head hanging off as I tapped it down with a small hammer. Risky operation, but the patient survived!

full size is REALLY BIG, so I'd recommend scaling it down a bit, but other wise PERFECT!
I printed all of the separate body parts (a,b,c,d) in one print (13 hours!) and then the display base, and then the feet,
I printed this on a brand new Da Vinci Pro 1.0, STRAIGHT out of the box, no calibration or anything! (well that's after trying one of the built in test prints)
The body parts "connections" all "snapped apart" with just a bit of effort and the joints all held up great! Snapping together the body was a little tight, but it worked.
The only minor thing is the feet fall of pretty easily when you rotate them, you just have to be a little gentle and careful moving them.
Everyone who's seen this is blown away! What a great piece to show off 3d printing with!


I think there is some misinformation, the most valuable part of Pangolins is thier scales, and it doesn't use for ED but for illness that requires dredge it (based on traditional Chinese medicine), like irregular menstruation or women doesn't have milk after brith. (because doc believes something blocked it). i think the scales works as aspirin or similar medicine, it thins your blood and accelerates metabolism. i knew people around me used it for medicine and it worked. this cute animal has became extinct where i lived, what a shame.

Anyway, it's a nice design and i would print it for my girl. Thanks

About 1/2 way through add giving up. As others have mentioned, head fused to 1st vertebrae and many other joints frozen. Not going to waste anymore frustration. Glad to learn about the pangolins, but I can't finish the print since it'll never work. I was going to send it with my niece for show and tell. Oh well.

Great print except my front legs fused. Didn't happen to any of the other joints. Maybe needs a touch more clearance in the joint?

Great job though, awesome model.

I printed pangolin_body-all at 75% and it was totally fused and broke in several places trying to loosen. Rather than throw it out I drilled through the joints, strung through some shock cord, pulled it fairly tight, and was able to hide the knots in the head and tail. I broke apart the remaining sections. It is now more flexible and should hold up to my grandsons.

That's really clever. I hope your grandsons liked them!

I just posted my print. It worked perfectly. Very cool design, both in concept and implementation.

I printed the whole body model at 100% (just fits on my FF Creator Pro build plate when rotated 30 deg) in Hatchbox wood (PLA with wood dust). The color is great. My S3D settings: 0.2mm layer, 20% fast honeycomb infill, 4 solid layers top and bottom, 2 shells, 2500 mm/min speed. The only body joint that had any resistance to moving was the head, but it broke free with almost no effort. The other body joints were free moving right off the build plate. I was really impressed. I had to lean on the front feet a little to get them to pivot freely, but not enough to break them.

@amaochan: Thanks for your outstanding design and concern for another sadly species bound to go extinct. The pangolin amazed my friends like NOTHING else I have printed and many of them asked me if I would print one for them. Also, the pangolin sparked an idea of mine I would love to talk to you about.

For now, I have a simple request: could you pleeeease separate the head from body-all.stl and post both stls? I would love to print the body in two colors (e.g. layer 1-40 in black, 41-200 in brown) but the head in a different color.

I printed this in Simplify3d with PLA and it worked pretty well, but the head is totally fused to the first body section and the last 5 tail segments wont budge, I broke it at the 5/6th joint trying to force it.

I'm printing at .2MM resolution, 40mm/s and 35% infill. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Same kind of thing happened to me. I'm trying again at 50% scale by setting my extrusion width to higher than normal (0.5 rather than 0.42). The slice preview seemed to look a lot better as far as tolerances. I'll find out in a few hours! Good luck.

same for me for the part A, i did it in ABS, 20% refill

Hello , i just printed one of them in PLA.
But i can`t move the Body Parts.

What are your settings in Cura to print this perfekt?

40 mmps print speed, .15 mm, 25 % infill

THX i will try this.

Excellent work!! Printing today. Just a heads up, you can print this at 100% if you have a 220mm x 220mm bed. Just turn the body_all file so that it is diagonal. Printing without a raft. Using a 1 layer 15 width brim. Works great!! Thank you and donate to save the Pangolins!!!

I printed it at 200%, just print every Part alone

i didn't use brim and it worked fine. less cleanup ;)

The same trick works on my 20x20 bed

Just printed one of these small cuties. It works perfect in PLA atleast! I also tipped the designer a few bucks, and hope others do the same, as this design did not happen over night. Good design should be rewarded, as the are timeconsuming, and an art. And You don't walk into the Louvre in Paris and just take Mona Lisa home to your livingroom do you? Nope! So don't just copy it, but pay some respect to the man who spent time, effort, talent and passion to create it.

It says it's Sketchup, can you share the sketchup files?

Why can't it be printed smaller than 90%?

I printed one at 50% (0.1mm), 0.2mm nozzle

and everything worked?

Sad day for me. I was not able to print the legs successfully to where they articulate. I didn't want to risk time and filament on the body just in case that didn't move (I am ok without the feet moving).

I tried setting adjustments in Cura (thanks charlesCh and baymaxus), but the front foot still fused together. My printer just isn't capable to print out such cuteness I suppose.

It is such a wonderful design! Happy for those that were able to print.

same for me, the legs doesn t move, ans i m at 100% extrusion with ABS, i will try at 90 % if it works

i tried with 90% and there it's too much, it move but too freely, so i tried again at 95% and there it s ok

One more setting for you to try: try under-extruding by, say, 10%, so there's less filament packed into those joints -- it can make a tremendous difference.

Somewhere in the Cura settings there's an extrusion multiplier -- drop that by about 10% of its current value and try the legs again?

Thanks. I will try that.

I have a urban fossil color that I think will do justice to print this little guy

very nice, also the idea is very brilliant and eco.

I printed it over night. It turned out amazing!!! I plan on printing a lot more. These are so cool. Great work. SAVE THE PANGOLINS!!!!!

This is awesome!! No doubt I will print it...Save Pangolins!!

This printed very well, I used the pangolin_body-all and it worked like a charm. No support

how come the front paws and forelimbs are one stl? shouldn't it be two separate files?

Love this! He is SO adorable.

I tried to print, but ran into some issues. The feet will not move. The articulating points are fused. I have tried to cut them free with a craft knife with no luck. I did reduce to 90%. I am using PLA. I don't want to print the body, and it not be able to move at all.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

try higher resolution and slower print speed

Thanks baymaxums. I will try that.

My current settings are: layer = .15, shell thickness = 1.2 (3 shells), bottom/top thickness = 1.2, fill density = 10%, speed 30

I wondered if the shell thickness was too high also. Could you tell me what settings you are running on?

Thanks again.

EDIT: running Cura 14.07

i printed the body but the limbs will not load in cura can u fix this (great design btw)

If you edit the .stl files, you will see the first and last lines have some Chinese characters (穿山甲). Remove those characters and resave the files and try opening them. I found those characters in:

while the files:

were fine.

This didn't work for me, sadly.

I had the same problem. I think the issue is cura 2.3.x. I was able to open the files in the old cura 15.04.x, then save the model out into .stl files which would then open just fine in cura 2.3.x. No clue what the underlying issue is, but this solved it!

confirm - I can't open files in cura 2.3.1

i also tried to open it in tinkercad but it was corrupted

I used the PLA files and was able to load them in Cura. I don't know if that makes a difference.

Oh wait I just figured out that question was already asked and the answer is no:) The pangolin story is really sad:( and I wish people would not hunt them:( but the pangolin model is so cool! Great job amaochan!

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I am going to print the pangolin_body-all file, but should I use supports, or would it wreck the components inside of the pangolin?

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If you print the body using the pangolin_body-all file, is it still as articulated as printing the pieces separately?

Can this not be scaled down? At full scale v. half scale it's the difference between a 24 hr and a 4 hr print...

You can, but you have to change the resolution (like to 0.1), and choose a nozzle like 0.2mm, (and also print slower)

In the end you dont save so much time, and u got a smaller model, so just print it at full scale

When you scale down something like this by a significant amount, you scale down the gaps that allow the model to articulate by that same amount and they run together, so you end up with a solid, unarticulated model :(

Awesome idea and work. This is a thrilling, emotional project. Congratulations for this. I saw some of this puppies when I was a kid and this has remembered me them. Going to print it for my little nephew. Let's hope he could also see some of them when he grows. Deep thanks.

Great design with such a sad, sad story.

Exceptional work and looking forward to seeing more. On another note; tried to join the link you posted but it wouldn't let me. Nice designs there too.

Showed this to the guys at work and now everybody wants one. Just commissioned a Kossel that I built that will work great for this project. Can't wait. Good job on the design.

This is one of the best, if not the best design I have ever printed. Thank you so much for that.

Oh I love this! What an awesome design and great idea!

Wow, absolutely incredible design for an incredible animal.
Way to go Amaochan, you nailed it !
Thank you so much for sharing this, spread the joy :)

This is amazing! Must print!

this is adorable! I am going to print this and share on my facebook to spread the word. What an amazing design :)

If this didn't get featured I was going to start a change.org petition. Congrats man, such a nice design.

Geoffro I am very grateful for your support.

Beautiful work as always, and thank you for contributing to awareness regarding this important issue.

Amazing work, can't wait to see more of your creations.

I must confess to being totally ignorant about this animal. After seeing this Thing I went out and discovered what an amazing critter it is, and the tragedy of its threatened existence.

My print turned out fantastic! I used supports but with S3D they were very easy to remove. After a little cleanup, the body parts went together and the entire thing flexes easily. My first print of the legs, using the PLA files, prooved to be too large and the legs fell off. I reduced the print size to 97% and the fit is perfect.

Thank you for sharing information about the pangolin as well as your design. It is incredilbly well done. I echo the opinion that these should be sold and the proceeds donated to protecting this animal.

does this model need supports to print?

Nope. No supports needed.

Having issues getting the joints in the legs to work properly. Any tips?

Put the width of your outer wall 1mm larger in your slicer, so if you have a 4mm nozzle put the outer wall value 5mm. That what work from me. Good luck

Not 4mm and 5mm

what is the diffrence bettween the pla legs and abs legs

The PLA legs have a little slot to aid in flexing, where the ABS ones do not. The connector is also a slightly different shape.

The design is just trying to accommodate for the differences between the two materials -- but you're not forced into using one or the other.

I think if you're printing this, you should also consider a small donation to a charity listed here.


We don't think twice about throwing a few dollars at a toy or a coffee… why not do it as a thank you to this guy who obviously spent a lot of time making a model of something he cares about.

That's what I'll be doing.

It would be great if you sold these and donate proceeds to a wild life preserve or even better yet gave them to people who donate to WLPs.

This needs to be featured! A great model and a great cause!

Awesome!! go printing!!

Comments deleted.

I thought this would be pre-assembled print-as-one pop off the build plate ready to use. Don't know if I want to print and assemble a lot of little parts. It's cute, though.

There's a file 'pangolin_body_all' with all the body assembled, just need to print the legs apart

Sorry where ?

pangolin_body_all.stl. You can see in Things Files section or just download una unzip, you'll get this file

One of the coolest models on this site. Like it alot!

1st class design and excellent sentiment. 1 question, am I correct in assuming the main body can be printed in 1 piece and then add the legs afterwards?

This is simply an amazing 3D model of the pangolin! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful design for us to make and enjoy! You made our 3D printing day! :)

Thank you so much, you have no idea how happy this makes me. Pangolins are my favorite animal. Hopefully this makes it to the front page and helps to spread awareness of these wonderful creatures.

I know right, I didn't know anything about these things, now I am straight down to my illegal backstreet petshop to order one!

I look forward to printing this. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing!