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The Expanse - The Rocinante v2.0

by SYFY Feb 3, 2017
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Does anybody have a proper scale relationship between the Roci and the Canterbury and the Donnager? I'd like to print them as a fleet.

Roci is 46m, the Donnager is 500m, and the Canterbury was 1000m, according to Syfy docs

Can all of the sections be printed without supports? If no, which files need them?


They can all be printed without. Some of the overhangs may look a little extreme but the parts that do overhang are small, so they don't have to support much. Couple of the bits need rotated. The plinth needs rotated around the X to put it the right way up, and the rear section (not the booster) needs to be rotated as well, with careful attention payed to the preview. I can't remember which way up it was, but one side is on a very, very slight angle.

Yeah it's the Back STL. Common sense says to print it with the widest end down but if you do that, you'll find that 1/3 of prints on the bed, the next 1/3 starts on the next layer, and then the rest on the third layer (at 0.2mm layer height). So you'll go 0.6mm with only partial contact with the bed. Flip it over and print it with the T shaped hole for the peg on the bottom and it'll print perfect.

Is it legal to sell 3D prints of this directly? And the other Expanse models?

Basically you can, the license does not contain "NC" - non commercial. CC by itself does not forbid selling of derivative work, you just have to distribute and use the original license. However the original copyright for this ship in itself is still with SYFY and that's where it gets complicated.

Too oversimplified and inaccurate to be interesting. :/

The Thing Details are wrong. The Beratnas gas frieghter Rocinante is not registered as an MCRN vessel and is legitimate salvage.

Possibly your model is based off of the MCRN Corvette Tachi, which was sadly lost in the Donnager incident.

Wow, can we please leave your petty politics out of 3D printing? This is a hobby for everyone.

Lol - do you watch the Expanse? This is a joke.

Correct, it was a joke.

I appreciate the effort. But more detail is needed to make it worthwhile making one. Nice trinket though.

Much better than the first one, way more accurate to the description in the books.

Looks nice, though a little low detail. Not really show accurate either. I hope it's a WIP, would love to paint one.

love it

Where is the stealth ship, the Nathan Hale, Scirocco and Scipio Africanus??!!

Would also be great to have a more detailed version of Donnager for a larger print

I printed the stealth ship in stealth PLA. Its great, sadly i cant find it anymore.

Guns! we need guns! Will anyone be posting printable weapons packages?...The Rocinante is not a Gun Ship without them!

Hey i just uploaded a set of guns for this :)

Will there be a printable version of the Razorback or the Nauvoo/Behemoth? Would be so cool to have a motorized model of a ship with a habitat drum :)