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Mechanical Fan with planetary gears

by MrLemonade Jan 23, 2017
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yeah I see the issue, sadly source files are long gone, I cant change that. Yeeh this whole thing was done in a hacky way , I tried it to slice it again right now in latest Cura and it turned out nice, maybe you can try other slicers, so I can only suggest you doing that, hope that helps.

hello friend I just made your fan but the holder gear has a space in the frount in in idk wats rong with it its like it dint print hole for some resion I don't know how to send a pic to sho you but is wered

Im make this fan too but im find a problem of the shape of fan... there is no space of air compensation im make turbo fan for my tevo tarantula an its so powerful to need use 28% of power because it have space to compession. if you run this fan yoy feel air on the side of propeler ? that is a problem to fix more space betven propeler and case. im make modifikation soon :)

hello, there is mk2 version underway, I almost finished it, it has space for compression and everything, I just broke my printer a little bit but in a week or two it will be placed here, stay tuned

I printed one fan already and its great. Currently im Printing a remixed version with ball bearings for the fan, but i would be interested in the mk2 version. Is there a chance, that you will post the files for the mk2 version?

oh forgot the most important and most working part of them all :D

Hey, thanks for your interest in my model :) I really glad you liked it :) sadly I never really finished it, damn thing just keeps jamming for whatever reason and i just gave up, I have ideas for a new one, totally different design , it might work. Life is a bit rollercoaster recently so wont make any plans on when I will model that one, would like to learn and do it in fusion 360 as well as my current app is no longer supported :(
But here is "latest greatest" mk2 for you,it does not have end of handle but everything else should present. Enjoy :)

Thanks for Providing the files :)
Im going to print it as soon as i can.

This looks perfect for what I am doing. I am trying to make a manual belt sander to sand prints, and this mechanism might do the trick with a few modifications

this is great
i would print it if i owned a printer...

Printers are fairly accessible now imho, my current printer (Micromake D1) costed me 300$ and quality of prints it gives is on par with Ultimaker 2 I have at work which we bought for 2000$
Few friends have very good experience with Prusa printers which are about 700$, I bought delta printer because I just adore to look at it doing its thing :) But you can have something like Prusa analog for 200 or so I think, so if you really want it there is always a way :)

Why would I be on this website if I didn't even have the intention of owning a printer?
I'm actually saving for a wanhao duplicator i3. I have access to three flashforge creator pros, a makerbot replicator 1, and a printrbot simple at my school. We are not however allowed to print thingiverse designs. Which is why I want a printer...

I love this thing from watching the video, but my software have a little problem with that: looks like MakerWare can't slice the model correctly, there may have some problem with the model files.

I slice stl-s with Cura and I had no problems so far, which model you have problems with?

I met the problem when I was trying to slice bottom_ring_gear.stl. My printer is MakerBot Replicator 2X

I had the same issue and it can be fixed with "separate connected surfaces" as it is called in simplify 3d wich makes the model into 2 or more pieces. I know there was something similar when i used Repetier host with Slic3r so maybe your slicer has it too.

Thanks, that did it for me!

I downloaded it and it works for me.... I dont know how to help you, I can probably send you 123d app files with it or you can put .stl into some 3d app and export it again, I dont really know.

It works not very good for me due to MakerWare's slicing issue, it couldn't recognize model's bug, I see your models have lot's of intersected triangles, that makes MakerWare export strange lines in x3g file.

I printed 'fan.stl', and I see it have some strange 'supports' inside it, but they are not the supports which I wanted to add.
Now I'm printing these models and remove that supports by hand.

I can't describe it well, sorry for my bad English.

Lots of triangles, yeeeeah , that might happen as I welded .stl files that I took from other models with my 3d models I made in 123d app. But it seemed to be not much different from the .stls themselves if you import them into app and I considered it as "good enough" :) sorry about that :(

Ok I assembled one with 3 gearboxes , it blows really well but i found weak spots so there might be updates to address this in the future :)