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Prusa I3 MK2 Frame Holder Collection: 2 LED light holder

by wschadow Jan 22, 2017
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I too love the design and I would really appreciate a copy of the model files in SCAD or similar.

To anyone considering this part for your own lighting solution, I found the size and angles are nearly ideal for mounting many light strips. I opted for one with motion sensing and USB-charging so that it will only run when the printer is in motion or I'm working on it instead of leaving it on while the machine is on but idle after I print at night.

Is there any chance you could upload the source file, OpenSCAD possibly? I would like to remix it to different LED panel. Also when i read the comments, a lot of people have a problem with heat - this is a nature of LEDs - when they get warmer, they will take more current so what you need is a current limiter. Have a look eBay/Ali etc you will find some, or you can design your own it's a matter of one component ie. AL5809 which has fixed current set.

I think this needs a re-mix/update with square or octagon holes for proper nuts. Round didn't work out that well. Otherwise, I would run the lights at 9v much better for temps.

This is a great idea. Could you create the mount for an Anet A8? I wish I knew how to.

Sorry, I don't have an A8.

Thanks man, love them!

Great, thanks!

Should I turn the panel holder on it's back, before printing??
Seems like a long bridge when upright.
Or does it just print as is no problem

yes, print it on the back, that's much easier.

Did you just cut the ends and splice the wires or buy a wire extension of some kind?

yeah , I cut the cables and extended them myself.

Ordered the indicated materials on E-Bay, printed the design and installed it today. Very nice design, thx!
Now I need to make it such that I can switch on/off the lights via Octoprint - work in progress :-)

Update: got this up and running today. Can switch the light on/off via Octoprint. One concern however; the LED panels get extremely warm. I measured with an infrared thermometer 51 degrees .... Let's see how long this will last...

Can you kindly share how you connected wiring on the Prusa i3 MK2 to power these lights? And would you be able to share how you controlled power to the lights through Octoprint?

Hi. I have an Original Prusa i3 MK2. If you open the PSU (Power Supply Unit) you will see that that there is a spare set of terminals supplying 12 VDC. I connected these to a 2-relays board which is connected to the Octoprint. I have installed the 'enclosure plugin' in Octoprint and have configured there the GPIO to use to switch the light. Just Google a bit, there is tons of information.

I connected my light directly to the power-in connector of the Rambo board. So far the lights go on when the printer is on, very simple solution. I'm currently working on an enclosure for the printer, where the lights a well will be controlled by Octoprint. I will share the whole set-up, including wiring, I think at latest next week when I tested it.

Thanks to you, wschadow, and Petclaud for the feedback. I'm actually using Astroprint over Octoprint, so I'll see what my options are to control lights via the RPi3 that I'm using to control that software.

Maybe print in ABS or PETG?

Yep did that. I was more worried about the temperature of the electronics / LED's....

Update: many hours printing later - with the lights on - no problems occurred yet as a result of the high LED / electronics temperature :-)

I printed them in PLA, ABS-T and ABS. PETG shouldn't be an issue as well.

I'll be printing them soon thank you for the design

Good when you like it :) I need to make that change as well :)

I am very new to the Prusa I3 mk2 and was just wondering about the positive/negative attachments to the power supply? Any and all advice would be much welcomed.

I made it and it's awesome! Check my video about LED lights holders: https://youtu.be/_neEDSdFDeI
This is great idea and I like it.
Thank you wschadow for your design ;)

Thanks! Nicely done video as well :)