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Kossel Spool Top Mount for HDD Bearing

by peaberry Jan 22, 2017
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Works fine for linear plus with minimal sanding

Nice spool holder design great job

Thanks, I've been using this for a while now on my own printer and it's worked out really well.

Does there exist a version for the Kossel Plus in the meantime?

I've not made one / not aware of any remixes. However, if you provide the measurements I could do this fairly easily (although I don't have a Kossel Plus to be able to print and test myself).

This would be great!
What exactly do I have to measure? The top is not a triangle with exact corners, so I don't know about measuring this piece. Maybe you can post a photo or drawing for me and I will fill in the measures?

I think the corner pieces would be the same, so it should be sufficient to measure the length of the extrusion... theoretically.
They're 240mm long on mine, yours will obviously be longer.


Here is my measure. If you need something more, please ask for it.

Hi, please can you double-check the 400mm measurement is right?
The parts list in the user manual says this distance is 300mm for the Linear Plus:
(see page 6 part D01)

Sorry, my fault. Don't know what was in my head during writing this measure. Of course, it's 300mm.

Thanks, that makes sense. I'll probably have chance to look at this later today - will keep you posted.

I've uploaded a modified version for the Linear Plus (spool_arm_linear_plus_01.stl) which you could try. Please can you let me know if this works for you? If it works, I'll repost it as a remix to make it easier to find.
I'm pretty sure this should fit but haven't tested it. I would suggest printing a scale drawing, or print just the first 2 layers, peel it off the bed and try it for fit against the machine before printing the whole thing.

Good Morning

Thank you very much, it's great, what you are doing!!!!

I have printed 3 layers and tested. I have glued them together with a tape and put this in the middle. Two sides fit, and the third is 2mm to long (see drawing).
Next try, if you modify it, can I do tomorrow, now I have some work outside.

Hi there, thanks for confirming.
Given that you are only seeing a very small discrepancy, I believe the part is modelled at the correct size. Bear in mind that the first layer is often a bit larger, maybe 0.2~0.3mm on each edge and, unless your printer and extrusion is very well calibrated, it's not unusual for printed parts to have a slightly bigger external dimension (and slightly smaller internal dimension) than the original model. My suggestion is to go ahead and print them, file or sand off any small "brim" caused by the first few layers, and sand or file them flat on the faces where they meet at the centre. I would file an equal, small amount off all of them, rather than adjusting a single part. For example, if it looks like 2mm on one part, this probably only amounts to something like 0.3mm on each face of each part.
I think it's probably better to leave the part at the exact size as is, because if the printer calibration is off, you can always take off a bit of material to get it to the right size (on the other hand, you can't add missing material if the model is too small).
Hope this makes sense?

Yes, of course, thank you. I will try to print it and fix it like described. I will give you respone after finishing, thank you.

Works fine with a little work with file and sandpaper. Thank you very much!

Great, thanks for confirming!

Hi peaberry, great design. I made one and it was indeed a tight fit but works well. Although my HDD bearing salvaged from a broken 1TB Seagate HDD was quite different from the one you used. Mine was press fit directly into the HDD casing. So I created an adapter for it and 51mm Hub as well. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2598023
Thanks again for the design.

Filament Spool HDD Bearing Adaptor - Remix

Thanks! There must be quite a lot of variation in HDD bearings - I'll add a link to your adapter to the description, as I'm sure it could be helpful to others.

Hi, Do you have it for the Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus ? Regards.

Hi, sorry I don't have it for the Linear Plus - but I remember a comment from Spainmaker below who was going to modify it - suggest you try contacting them to ask first. If that fails, let me know and I'll help if I can.

Good job! Can I modify and post the file for the anycubic kossel plus?

Hi Spainmaker, I have a Kossel Linear Plus. I could use the remake if you actually have one. Let me know ? Thanks in advance.

Thanks! Yes, absolutely. The Plus seems popular & I'm sure other folk would appreciate it also.

It would be great if you could make a version which accepts 608 bearings as they are the most common.

Excuse the delayed reply - that's a good idea, I agree. I'll probably not do the job myself, as this was a "one off" for my own use, but perhaps someone might remix one day.

I have actually already made a remix. I just need to post the file.

Great! look forward to seeing the remix