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9x20 Lathe Change Gears

by DasWookie Dec 15, 2013
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If you could do this you can have my wife (she is hot) no she would kill me but. That's how bad I need them

They are 16 dp gears with 14.5 degree pressure angle thanks

How much would you charge?

Sorry, I'm pretty backlogged on work in the machine shop. I would recommend you install fusion 360 and use a maker license. If you have a model you can then likely get the parts printed through a variety of pay for prints services.

Van you make a compete set for a 12 inch or 10 inch Atlas lathe?

Hello friend, I have a 9x20 lathe, but the diameter of the gears is 20mm. can you help me with that? You would add these same gears but with the inside diameter in 20mm. Many thanks. You're a genius

Sorry I don't have the ability to modify the parts like that anymore as I don't have access to the same CAD package anymore. Probably easier for you to just import the STL into something, do a cut of the ID you need, and then save the STL back out again. My other idea is, print the parts, and then bore them out to the size you need.

Parabéns para esse projetos tem muitos torneiros precisando de engrenagens para o seu torno, eu pergunto qual material indicado para imprimir essas engrenagens ?

Where did you find the drawings for these gears? I've got an MK2 6" lathe (Craftsman) and I can find part numbers, but not drawings to generate my own gears with... Any tips?

There will be a spec for the type of gear and the type dictates the tooth profile. You don't ned drawings, you just need to know what type of gear it is. I'm unfamiliar with that lathe. You might try calling Boston Gear, or the manufacturer, or see if there's a manual that will have the change gear spec. Once you have that, it's a simple matter of looking up the gear profiles and clearances. Then just CAD it out.

Heck, you might even be able to take some photos of your existing gears and then matching that up with common gear profiles to determine what info you need.

Thanks for your help, I'll get digging!

FYI, the Craftsman 101 lathe is the V2 618, essentially. It's the ugly square one :) I think that the gears are interchangeable with the other Atlas and 109 gears, but I'll look it up to be sure.

Was just going to order a 45 & two 30T gears so I could run 0.8/1.0 mm threading on my new to me Grizzly G4000 when I found your project here. Can't believe I didn't consider printing it in plastic first, guess the fact that the rest of my gears are metal had me considering only the one material. Thanks for taking the time!

Hi DasWookie,
I have a 9x20 lathe and need a 45T change gear.
Any chance you would print one for me?
Willing to pay for reasonable time and materials plus postage to Australia.

Postage is likely going to result in the part being prohibitive cost wise. I would think you could easily find a local with a printer who could print this much cheaper for you. I'm willing to do it if you can't find a cheaper source however...

Many thanks for your prompt reply.
Based on other things I have got from the USA, postage shouldn't be excessive. It is not large and being made of plastic, quite light.
Anyway, I'll look locally to see if I can find somebody, if not I'll get back to you.

You bet. Let me know either way. :-)

Thanks, I have been contacted by someone who is going to make me one, I’ll get back to you if that falls through.


How's it going? Get the part made yet?

Yes thanks, a fellow metal worker made me a real (i.e., metal) one. I got it a couple of days ago.
Many thanks again for your offer and interest.

EDITED 12/17: I had the Diametral Pitch wrong when I exported the gears
due to a misunderstanding of the calculation. Sorry! This is fixed now.