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Battery Dispenser - Customizable

by Selelvian Jan 17, 2017
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The right piece has a problem while gcoding it using slic3r, it starts to print 1 mm above the plate always... the left one is ok.

When I use the customizer to setup for AAA batteries, the diameter of 11 causes the Left half and Right half to touch in the middle. I had to produce the left and the right separately, then rejoin them in another editor. If the original model just had a little more space between the left and the right halves, we could reduce the battery diameter without the parts merging.
*Great design! Thank you very much for sharing!

Now that I've also printed "C" size, I realize that gap is more difficult than I realized. It becomes too large with "C" size. Left and Right separately works just fine. :) Thanks again!

Hmm. Sorry about that.
I'll have a look when I have some free time.

Came here to post the same bug, I just generated the separate halves and arranged them on the print bed. Using code to generate these models is amazing though. I'm fine with WYSIWYG CAD software and can even code a little but SCAD is completely alien to me

Ah. I think I found the problem. I've fixed it now. Thanks for posting up some pictures of your prints!

Thicker side walls make windows solid =(
Wanted thicker walls to try prevent sides curling due to plastic shrink while printing.

That's odd - when I altered the thicknesses in OpenSCAD, this didn't happen. It's possible that there's a difference in the way OpenSCAD renders, and Thingiverse renders.
Would you mind letting me know what you had for the parameters? I'll try to reproduce and fix.

main_wall = 3.5
overlap = 15
window_size = 5
lip_length = 15
drop_ratio = 2
levels = 5
gap = 0.3
ramp_angle = 4
lip_cutaway_length = 15
lip_retainer = 3.5
battery_diameter = 15
battery_length = 51
batteries_per_level = 6.5
side_wall = 3.6
parts_to_print = both

I customized a test model with the parameters you gave me, and it didn't have the windows sealed shut.

Having said that, I have updated the source file (I added screw wall mounts as an option), but nothing changed for the window generation.

I don't suppose you could publish your customised version, and I'll try to see what's different in the STLs.
Alternatively, you could also try re-customizing it and see if the issue recurs?

Much thanks for your help, here is the thing http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2239656

Ah, I see what the problem is. Courtesy of floating point calculations not being exact, there is a very thin skin over the window.

That's now fixed.

You can either re-customize, or you can just print it as-is in Simplify3D (which I assume you're using from the screenshot). If you look at the layer-by-layer preview, you'll notice that the windows should print normally, despite appearing to be closed.

I'm very suspicious of those render/slicing artifacts on large prints, had some disappointments before =)

No problems. Glad to have helped.

I f*****g love this thing. Forgive my enthusiasm, but I really love this thing! Really nice work. My current battery storage doesn't allow my young daughter to get her own batteries, but this does. It holds a lot compared to its footprint too. Fantastic work.

This is THE battery dispenser that I've been looking for since I started 3D printing.... AND IT'S CUSTOMIZABLE! Perfect! It doesn't jam, the two sides slid together perfectly and makes a really satisfying sound as the batteries roll SMOOTHLY down the serpentine chute.

GREAT JOB! Thank you so much for taking the time to share it!

You're welcome =)