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8 inch e-drum pad with small 3d printer

by RyoKosaka Jan 11, 2017
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Hello, what is the difference between the two versions of the rim? I may have missed this information.

Do you have the exact dimensions for the shell? (inner & outer diameter, shell thickness, and height)

That way someone could make a shell in CAD and 3D print one if they choose.

inner diameter : 195.5 mm
outer diameter : 201.5 mm
shell thickness : 3 mm ( 0.5 mm clearance )
shell height : 55 mm

I uploaded fusion360 data. But, I have not modeled Shell.
If you model and print it according to the dimensions mentioned above, you probably can use it. I can not try it because my 3D printer is not big enough ...

That was perfect. Thanks!

I designed a very basic shell that uses those dimensions and I just now assembled it after printing. Like you, my print surface is only 200mm x 200mm, so I couldn't print a single solid shell. What I did was create a solid shell in CAD using the dimensions you gave (minus 0.1mm for deviation) and then I split it into 4 equal pieces. I exported them and I was able to print all 4 of them standing up. I did have to use a raft because they didn't have enough surface exposure for good adhesion.

Design-wise, I found that when the mesh head is pushed down by the top rim, it forces each of the leaves of the shell closer together, while the rabbit/mortise combo on the bottom rim kept them from overlapping on each other. I may end up splitting the shell into thirds rather than fourths so that they line up with the 3 center pieces on the bottom rim.

The initial design was just a proof of concept and, thus, it is very basic. Now that I know that it works, I will go and play around with it and make different designs, add mounts (through-hole for rack mounted sets), and make it look nice.

I don't know if you want me to do a remix on this design or if you want me to send you my shell models and you can just add them with attribution--whichever you prefer, I am fine with.

I really think this entire project that you've done is incredible and I'm glad that I was able to contribute.

Here are some pictures that I took after assembling the body so you can see how it looks all put together.

Wow!! This is wonderful!

It is amazing that a beautiful shell can be made without bolts and nuts.

Could you upload this data to thingiverse?
I also want to print it!

Thank you for sharing photos!

Absolutely. Here you go: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2459602

I'll be adding more to this later on for shell mounts, visual appeal, and design considerations.

8" E-Drum Shell - 55mm

Thanks for sharing!!
I will give it a try.

I seriously can't believe that something this awesome hasn't gotten more recognition. This is the kind of thing that garners attention and awards!

There's dedication to creating something that works and is simple to create and it's a complete project. I'm proud to be working on something like this. I just ordered the parts last night and I'm printing this as I type this. I'm way more than excited!

It seems that most of the details are found on the Instructables page and the Open E-Drums site. Could you add some of the granular details (screw sizes, additional material, etc) to the Thingiverse project page?

I'll post pictures on here when I get done to show off the work. Thanks a million, RyoKosaka! Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you very much !!

I am very happy if I can help someone's creation or motivate someone's creation with this work.
Because I saw the production of someone like that, I am making things.

Yeah. I will describe procedures detailed to thingiverse.

I am glad to share this work.
Thank you very much. I am looking forward.

is it more stable with 3d printing than with cutting?

MDF is stronger than PLA as a material.
But, If made with a laser cutter, the part using the adhesive may become weak.
And PLA is much lighter.

I also use the MDF pad, but there seems to be no problem in particular.
Production time is also short, so if you can use a laser cutter, I'd recommend you.


This seem to be... AWESOME !
Better than a laser cutter, you don't have lost material.

Is it playable ? Hard play ?

Thank you for your comment.
Actually I have only made one yet, so I have not played well.
But it seems that there is no problem with strength even if you hit it strongly.

It may be nice as additive tom pads.
Maybe you can suppress the butterfly nut by doing smaller holes with long necks ?
I will give a try to it.

(hard to find all the good words in english, sorry)