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Dyson accessory holders ( V8 and V7 and V10 )

by hcooh Jan 10, 2017
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Everything works well for me except that the attatchements don't really click into the part. They just stay in by gravity, Except
for the small turbo head, that one clips in. I think all holes have to big of a tolerance for me. Like some people arleady said the back bump in the hole needs to be a little bigger to push the clip more forward so it can clip in the hole.

I printed mine using abs plastic and 4mm wall size. The prints came out just slightly oversized, which was perfect, because they guaranteed a tight fit after some cleaning up with a razor. All peices worked out great except for the clip. My V7 wall hanger does not have a back side on the holder tube. Only a about 3/4 of a circle with the front clip catch to hold the attachment. The 3D printed clip has a triangular shape at the top that looks like its suppose to be supported by the back of the tube wall on the holder. However, since my holder doesn’t have full circular tubes I am not getting this support and the clasping is weak. To fix this I took a small amount of wasted abs plastic and melted it in acetone. I then applied the melted plastic to the back pointed side of the clips triangle and the top of the 3dprinted holder body that the clip slides into. This glued both peices together and still allowed enough spring to the button to allow for a perfect and strong clasp. It took only a couple of minutes to apply and a couple hours wait to allow to dry. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for this design.

i wonder if this would fit the v6 too


there is any update about the issue that i wrote here DuDe?

..... :(
i really hope you can help us and check the issue that i wrote to you.

Thanks DuDe

@BoBTheBuilderG, I have been pretty busy but I managed to have a look at the issue. Definitely my fault from the adaption to the new design. I have corrected to have the recess same as the old design. Thanks for following that up

@hcooh , Thank you man!
now its GREAT !!
i already printed it today - works like charm !!!

Comments deleted.

What did you do to these designs that such a simple STL is 10 megs? I want to adapt it to something but aren't sure I can.

That is the way it is exported from my original design

Un grand merci pour ce support d'accessoires. Il s'adapte parfaitement à mon Dyson V8.

Content que ca a pu vous etre utile! Je recommende re-imprimer les nouveaux 'clips' qui eviteront que la plateform tombe avec le temps.

I second BoBTheBuilderG.
On the boards themselves, the dyson accessories do not catch in the recesses at all. I assume they're not supposed to, as they are standing upright.

On the bottom part however (the one you Twist into place), they need to catch as not to fall out.

  • The bottom part seems to have a -slightly- lager hole than the rest of the design (1-2mm)? - the dyson accessories definitely have more "play" in this part.

On the bottom part, the accessories catch in the recess correctly, but they have too loose a fit, so they fall out.
Note: If i try to support the accessories on the backside, they stick to the recess, but if i tilt them towards me (or let gravity do its job), they fall out. I believe if you alter (increase) the back support (see attached image) just a nudge, it would fit a lot better,

i think you dont understand the issue.
i am talking about other pocket-not the one you mark in your photo.
look at the photo attached.
you can download the OLD design and the NEW design and compare the place of this pocket.
in the OLD design everything work great !

hrmm.. Maybe there's a slight differece between the Dyson models then?
I have the V7 and the placement of this pocket is perfect (note: I haven't tried the old design). I DO get a "click" when I insert the dyson parts, - but only as long as I press the dyson part towards the pockethole (e.g. the back part I showed an image of is 1-2mm too short as it does not give any pressure)

In any case I solved this by gluing a small rubber-band to the backside, giving it a small springy tension, and it works like a charm :-)

I had the same issue with my V7 animal - I thought maybe my printer over-sized it a little bit. I solved it by adding a small layer of epoxy to the back rib to give the tool that little extra push against the slot and the bottom tool clips worked like a champ. I had no problem printing and using the springy clip. I used PLA at .2mm with 4 layers and 20% infill. Awesome design - my daughter is printing a set as well for her V7.

Are you sure its the "new" design?
i dont know about the V7, but i am דure the V8 and V10 are the same..
did you look at the difference places between old part to new one? its really different place (more then 1-2 mm)

Thanks guys for the comment and the pics... that helps.
I am surprised by @RazAquato comment, as the bottom part and the ones on the board are exactly the same design wise... but I will look into it.
And also on the pocket placement @BoBTheBuilderG.
But it might not be before 2 weeks as I am going travelling...
Can you both confirm what material you used for the prints?

I am also looking at the clip to make them more robust @supercazzola

I am using PLA.
I already printed the OLD and the NEW design with the same material

Thanks for your great job!
I think you have some design problem with your updated parts "2 places" and "3 places":
the issue is that the pocket(cut-off) for the dyson parts clips is much lower and its not fit- there is no "click" and its fall down.
in the OLD design it was perfect!
i hope you understand what i mean..
if you can fix it - it will be great... :)
Thanks again.

I’ll be glad to test it. Do I need to print everything or just the clips to use with my old print ?

You can just print the clip and break off the tab of your old print. Then insert the clip from the top (as shown in picture) so that it goes down and fill the space of the tab

OK i’ll Print and let you know. (Probably out of PETG for some added flexibility). Just trying to figure out the orientation on the print bed to minimize supports...

If you print the clip on the side (which is the way it is meant to be printed for strength), there is no need for any support!

hey @hcooh The clips failed. It seems they do not keep enough tension and, over time, they allow the weight of the accessory to pull it down and fall to the ground. Any chance you can send me the source file or you can reinforce them somehow? Perhaps a support piece to allow more tension fighting against the clip ???

I have no problem with my clips though, they still stand and lock strong.
Did you end up using PETG? PETG is more flexible, so not ideal for that use case, as the springness to lock the clip in place is needed. Maybe give it a go with some PLA if you have that lying around?

If you could release the source file, I could try different iterations to give the tab a more pronounced "lip" and also more rigidity.

I printed the tabs and they seem to work perfectly. I included some photos as a “make.” Thank you again for the hard work and continuous improvement

I tried pla. Same issue. Any way to make the clip more robust with the round tab more pronounced?

@supercazzola, I just reinforced the lip with other slight modifications. Tested for 2 months at my friend place, it seems fine now, even with PLA.

I will be glad to try and print the new version. Are they uploaded on thingiverse?

Yes, I just uploaded all new files

Hi, I have posted a version of the clips that can be used on the old design of the boards if the clip break off. I would be interested to have some feedback before making it official. Thanks

Yes, I have the same question.


Just wondering where you're at with your redesign? I printed this a while back but recently broke the tabs! Cheers for sharing this design!

Hi @supercazzola and @zadok,

I have uploaded a version of the new clip, I have tried only on one, so I would not mind if someone could try printing and testing this file: "New - clip - to be tested.stl" You basically only need to break off the old tab and clean up the material. Then push the new clip in from the top. The new design allows some springness while being able to cope with the load.
If someone can please test and report, then I will make it official. cheers
(I also uploaded the new version of the board for each side, also to be tested, although it does not bring that much benefits compared to the existing, so no need to reprint if yours is working fine)


First off, thank you for your work/design.

Before reading the comments I Initially printed one side of the old version, and the old tab didn't com out nice and the holder did not like much pulling. After reading the comments I printed the newer version (but did rotate the clip in the slicer so it was horizontal) and it holds much better and it can take much more force. Both old and new printed with PLA.

Yes, When will you have the redesigned clips? I will be glad to print some and test it.

First off, thank you very much for sharing your design. I printed it it all out (2@ 3x mounts + 2@ lower mounts) and I have to say that overall it works well. However since you mentioned you are in the process of updating the design, I wanted to share some of my observations:

1) I forgot to print with supports everywhere (I used build plate only) so the button locking tabs failed during print. This is a mute point though, as you mentioned your redesign is addressing problems with the tab locks.

2) The Male connector part is a bit undersized, where it can rotate in the charger mount. I think increasing OD of the tube by about 2mm and decreasing the thickness of the anti rotation ribs by 0.5mm would give a better fit

3) The female couplers on top don't really need a latch since gravity does the job. Having that latch just makes removing accessories less convenient as you have to push the button to release. To fix this, I simply took my dremel and grinded off the lip where the latch catches. So I suggest making the slot where the latch goes continuous to the top so folks won't have to dremel it out for convenience.

FYI, you might want to edit your description; it fits the V7 too.The difference between the V7 and V8 is all in the motor and battery, but the accessories are identical.

Ah, Thanks!
I thought the clips were different but must be only v6 and lower then.
I will update now.

I had the same problem with the tab breaking off. The one that didn't break did not protrude enough to hold the piece on with the weight of tools. So I slid a small rubber band under the tab to "spring" it out a bit and that helped.

HCooh, I noticed that you redesigned the tab on the left2 and right3 that you posted. Is that one working better?

Would you consider posting a right2 and left3 with the new tab design? Thanks.

Hi Karen__,
Sorry about your tab breaking, yes, the modified version of left2 and right3 was an attempt at improving this tab. It does work for me, but there again, I never had a tab breaking.
However, I am working on a new system that will remove that tab completely, stay tuned.

Hello, I printed this (~5.5hrs) but the tab where the base connects to it popped off immediately.

Do you have a solid model, or the original model, to post here? Usually for 90 deg walls I need to add chamfer of some sort to ease into them.


Hi inches,

Gonna have a new version hopefully soon that removes the tab completely!

Happened to me as well. Printed with supports using Simplify3D and a CR-10S.

Same slicer and printer and the tab fell off before I even took the print off the bed.

The new version I am working on will remove the tab completely!
(Actually, i will also post a print to fix those whose tab have broken)

Great thanks, I did 25% infill and 0.8 walls. It's like a rock!

Works great. Like some others noted, the bottom holder is a little loose with 3rd party accessories. But I got around it by putting some strategically placed duct tape inside. About 4 layers of duct tape on the opposite side from the tab worked great for me. I also put some around the connector to the original wall mount (top left most on the right holder). About 2 layers helped take up the slack. I printed mine in PETG and haven't had a problem with the tabs.

I made 3 attempts but the tab with the round nub broke on all 3. It has no flexibility at all. I tried ABS. Now printing one with PLA to see if I get better results.

Did you get more luck with PLA ?
Otherwise, you can use the attachment clip, well designed by BLKHAWKDRV: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2783845

Dyson Attachement clip

Well, my first attempt didn't go well with PLA, it was a little more flexible but not enough to prevent it from breaking.
I wanted my print to be sturdy so I set the outer shell and top and bottom of the print to 2mm solid. This made it very sturdy indeed, but very inflexible.
My second attempt in PLA I left the top and bottom layers at 2mm,but set the outer shell of the print to 0.8mm instead. This worked out perfectly. It's sturdy enough that once clipped in the oroginal holder it doesn't come out (no tape required) and flexible enough to bend and latch on the inner groove.
The only issue I had is with the bottom holders not twisting into place. I had to slightly shave the side wings of the bottom holders plus a little of the small bump in the top ones meant to hold them in place to get them in.
Once I did that one was firmly in place and the other twisted back a bit too easily. I just filled the gaps with hot glue once the bottom holders were twisted in so that they cannot come loose at all. End result is this works perfectly.
Thank you.

Glad you have it working in the end!

can you by any chance make a reverse ones right side to the left and so on...


I have added the reversed ones. however I have to say that i havent tested them, so please report if there is any issue.

When they are reversed, they also require that the bottom holder is reversed as well.

I made one of these and, think its awesome. I did have an issue with the piece that holds the attachments into the vacuum holder. I was going to try to reprint, but the same thing happened with the right side. I developed a clip that will attach to the holder and to the two pieces.https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2783845, here it is. I hope this helps others with the same issue. If you do choose to print one, I recommend flipping it so that the flat side prints first.

Dyson Attachement clip


All the weight of the holder is going to rest on the little clip so if you have issues at printing with fusion between layers, the small precut clip might indeed break. Sorry to hear it happened to you twice... I haven't experienced this yet.

I really like your solution to that issue! and it looks nice too.
And there is no issue with clearance when putting the vaccum in?
If you don't mind, I might put a link to your work in the description of this thing...? (It might help some other people that have printing issues)

Ah, this is the same problem I'm having.

So, the tab for connecting the main base unit never prints properly for me because it's a tiny wall supported by just a thin line of supports. After the tab prints alone atop this support material for so long, it begins to drift and eventually just fails.

At first I used the default 4mm support additions in Simplify3D. After that didn't work I tried 1mm supports and neither did that work.

Comments deleted.

I noticed you changed the tab design on left-2 and right-3. The tabs are flared out at the top instead of straight. Does this function better?

thanks for these great files, been using mine i printer last year and now came back to print another for a friend who just got an Dyson Animal, glad to see an update too... first time i tip someone on Thingiverse, enjoy the coffee on me :p

Hi bazmarc, Thank you so much for the tip, much appreciated.
I am glad youlike the design,
Out of the 3 that I printed myself, I don't have the issue that you describe, which might come from some printing settings/filament.
The little edge is supposed to clip in the inside of the wall mount to lock the printed piece in place..

I would be interested to know if many other people have this issue ?
Should I modify the design to have a bigger edge ? Or a slightly larger diameter for the tube inserted in the wall mount?

I also found that they do not stay connected to the dyson wall mount. ill try some tape like another user had mentioned

The design is really great and everything fits perfect but I would recommend printing this with ABS. I printed it with PLA and one of the tabs that twist the bottom part in the top part broke under the weight of the big vacuum head.

cool, needed to add layers of duct tape for the attachment to hold inside the Dyson wall thing but after that it works perfect... love how you designed the bottom attachment to twist in place ;) thanks for sharing your model.

please were can i buy this i have been looking even were

You can download the files and find a 3D hub nearby (or not - you have to pay for shipping to you) and get a quote to see how much they will charge to print the parts for you. Real easy, I did, found it all amazing and very inexpensive. You don't need to own a 3D printer to have access to them...

Do you sell these at all? I dont have any access to printers but would love a few for family and friends.

Hi Blugeoner,

If you are in Australia, I could print and send it to you if you want (send me private message to discuss further).
Otherwise you could use somone else to print for you, have a look at the "3d hub" app from this website.
link to printing apps
(remember you will need 1 DysonV8HolderBottom.stl for each side)

Dyson accessory holders ( V8 and V7 and V10 )
by hcooh

Just made one! works straight out of the bag. Well done!

No worries! Happy it was helpful to others!
Feel free to post a picture as well

it looks the same as the V6. think it will still work?

On the V8, the 'clip' is on each accessory whereas on the V6 it is the other way around: the clip is on the holder. (from what I can see from the net - I do not have a V6 to confirm)
So no, sorry, it will not work as it would not even stay in the wall mount.