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Anet A8 Filament Bearing Guide 608ZZ

by TimBolton Jan 9, 2017
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Had to wrap a thin piece of tin foil around the spindle to make it fit the lower bearing correctly as it was slightly loose for some reason. Otherwise this is an amazing print and a great upgrade. Love the slit in the top to easily remove or replace filament.

This thing is fantastic. Great upgrade. Thanks!

I'm trying to print this, but it always fails in the middle part (the "turret" that turns), because it's bending and messes up in the first layers. In Slic3r, if I add a brim, the brim doesn't add around that middle part. I've tried to find any error in Freecad by verifying the imported object's geometry, but everything shows as fine. What else can you recommend me?

Not sure what you are referring to. I just separated the three parts into individual stl's for you. Maybe that will help. Let me know.

Ive also included the sketchup file .skp so you can play around with it. Good Luck

Thank you, I appreciate it, it's working now with my Slic3r: https://imgur.com/a/cjH0H I've noticed though that the brim & skirt will also be generated correctly if I add support, but I only noticed after my initial comment.

You really don't need a skirt, brim or support to print this. It loads fine for me in Cura and S3D. Not sure why it's giving you issues. Ive upgraded to a E3D with a Bowden setup so I not longer use this.

The design is broken in S3D, please reupload :(

Just fixed the faces. Try it now, should be good.

Preview looks good, will try tomorrow thankyou :)

Anybody got a remix for folks with the spool on top of the printer?

Yeah would love this too, i have my spool on a shelf above.

Would love to have this as a pulley in front instead

I think it's great. It has absolutely no friction compared to the others


An other joke !

What next, ceramic ball bearing ?

Ever heard about PTFE tube ?

oh please. not this guy again. do u have anything better to do?

What size of bearing is it designed for?

Bearing size is 608ZZ.

Very cool! Just got an A8 over the weekend....

Congratulation you bought one of the worst crappy 3D printer on the market !
Anyway, as long as they are used to print filament guides, spool holders and Marvins :)

You have so many nice things to say don't you? This printer works great for me. Not sure why I needed to buy a $1000 printer to make $5 parts.

There are plenty of aluminum or steel frame 3D printers in the same price range.
Crappy machine vendors and designers must be kicked out and it is not by using nice words one can do it !

And BTW, when I find something good, smart, useful, I say it. Unfortunately it is extremely rare here.

And your "guide" is NOT one of them. Note it is not the worst but comes close.

There is plenty of room for entry level printers in this market. These entry level printers allow people to decide if they like the hobby and let them learn and decide if they'd like to step up to more expensive machines. It's these cheaper printers that's getting more people into the hobby and that's a good thing.

I see upgrades on thingiverse for every make and model printer on the market so there is always room for improvement.

Why not congratulate the person and welcome them to the hobby? I'm having a blast with mine and I'm sure he will too. Who knows, we may both replace our first printers like the majority of the others on this site have done.

Oh no . . .lol ! I've heard nothing but good things. I'll weigh in once I get some hours in.

The printer has it's up and downs. Like most things, maintenance is key. It's still a pretty fun machine to use, and the FB group is very receptive of new members, always willing to share and help out.

You can see here how people have to fix it.
An opinion value depends on the person giving it. Always look at the negative opinions first and try to determine the level of the person giving it.
Here, as a rule ANY frame made out of acrylic sheets is SHIT (unless it is a BOX) !

You'll be fine. There are a few groups on FB if you need any help. Unlike others we are always here to help.

I am of a greater help by telling him to avoid it :)