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MacBook Pro Retina Connection Lock

by biludavis Dec 13, 2013
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How are the cables help in place? Friction?

prints without supports?

This is great design! Is there a possibility to also add the audio jack to cover all plugs?

I haven't printed this yet, but I reworked it (a) so the symbols can be printed in a different color on a dual-head printer, and (b) to mirror-image the thunderbolt symbol, so it matches Apple's cables. Any interest in getting my STL, or letting me share it on this site? Your license is "no derivatives."

Note: in order to get the symbols into a second STL, I had to redo the top face of the object--blender refused to apply the filter to create the cutouts, I think because the mesh is too complicated there (or because stuff intersects really strangely around the symbols). I ended up deleting everything but the hole for the charging light, and making a very simple mesh for the "blank" cable holder.

I used the suggested settings and my build came out with lots of "junk" inside that wont let the cables go in.

Has anybody else had issues building? Perhaps i will try turned 90 degrees tomorrow

i put the cable in sideways several times to sort of file down the junk and it went in eventually but couldnt take it out its my first time printing and not too happy with the material its kind of sandy

Mine seemed to print just fine but I still couldn't get the cables in.

i put the cable in sideways several times and it went in eventually but couldnt take it out its my first time printing

Hello biludavis! Can you create a version which includes the headphone port?

Will this work if i am using a Magsafe 1 to Magsafe 2 adapter?

My Thunderbolt display requires me to use one of these.


Printed the latest - cables all fit but the USB is about 0.5mm too close to the thunderbolt therefore it wont fit in the machine! Doh!

Any chance of making one where the USB hole is big enough for a normal usb cable ?
Maybe 7.9-8.1mm in height and 16mm wide. Or maybe a "customizer" type file that we can adjust on the fly.


never mind for now, found this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:262076/http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... that's an .scad file that I can customize.

Cable tidy for 15 inch Retina Macbook Pro in OpenSCAD

I ended up making a remix of this from scratch for my current wiring setup. I needed one that'd work with my combo of 15" MBP and older, pre-Thunderbolt display with Magsafe adapter. The dimensions for the "special organizer" here were just too out of whack for my needs.

I've been wanting to making something like this for ages - glad you beat me to it.

I'm curious if you'd be comfortable sharing the source files you used. I printed the MBP Retina part, but wasn't able to get any USB cables to fit in the port. I also have an older Cinema Display which requires I use a magsafe adapter. I'd be happy to tweak the original and either post it as a remix or just send it back your way.


What are the dimensions of your USB cord? As I wrote above, the USB port is designed to fit the Logitech Receiver, but I would be happy to change it to fix a more common USB size. Also, I'm finishing up another design for the magsafe adaptor.


The USB cord found on the 27" Cinema Displays is 14.8mm x 7.4mm, give or take a few 0.05mm. I can take measurements and even model the magsafe + original 27" cinema display dimensions if you'd like. Once I do that, though, I'm probably just going to make and print some tests anyhow. I'd be happy to contribute what I learn and/or make.

I just uploaded two new files with USB dimensions that match your description. The files are named "special organizer".

Ouch - I'm 9 days late in seeing this. I'll do some test prints and let you know how it goes. Thanks!

Thanks! I'll get to work.

Hey everyone! I just completed a tentative design of a connection lock for the regular Macbook Pro.

Check it out here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:247281http://www.thingiverse.com/thi...

I still need to test it out but feel free to print it and try out yourselves. Don't forget to upload pictures and give feedback.


MacBook Pro Connection Lock

This is a great design, works really well for me, thanks.
Sometimes i need to use my MBP Retina with a thunderbolt display with a magsafe to magsafe2 converter, is there a change to make a design that would fit the thunderbolt magsafe connector with the magsafe2 converter attached to it ?

Sure. I'll start working on it. Thanks for the advice.

Biludavis this is awesome! i've been planning to design this myself, and i'm really pleased to find you've already done it. I think most people out there with a MacBook Pro Retina and Cinema Display need a MagSafe to MagSafe 2 adapter. My office is full of them and I'm planning to print a dozen or so of these. Any idea when that design might be ready? I'm happy to test it for you or provide any measurements you may need. Thank you so very much!

I've been planning to make a horizontal dock similar to this: https://www.hengedocks.com/preorder_HD03VA_dock.phphttps://www.hengedocks.com/pre.... Any interest in collaborating on it? At very least, the work you've already done would save me time.

Is it possible to make one for macbook pro (non retina)?
magsafe1, ethernet, firewire, thunderbolt, usb

Yes, I'll be finished with the model soon.

I appreciate creating it!
I cant wait till I make it myself!! Thanks

Hey everyone,

I updated all of the models so feel free to try them out!

I printed this out but the magsafe hole is too small

Thanks for letting me know. What type of magsafe charger are you using? I'll fix the model as soon as possible.