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Warhammer 40k Bolter

by Erdrick Jan 7, 2017
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Hello! I've printed this rifle (very nice job by the way). However, I can't seem to locate one part on the top. Please see the attached image, if you can tell me which stl it is, I would be appreciative.


Looks like you are missing the Body02.stl

Thought I should add pics of the one I made.

I added a scope, (Magnetised to a modded top plate), put a rail on the top, changed the sides and base of the clip and found an eagle and purity seal to add.

Used at my desk for complaints department at a wargames convention.


Great Model, Can you post a STL of the rifle fully assembled?


If I knew how to do that I wouldn't be asking you or needing to ask questions~ jerk

asking me what? what are you talking about?

The bore of the barrel is 224.15% the size it should be. A .75 caliber would have a .75" bore (19.05mm) and the model has a 42.7mm bore. Even if it is enlarged to act as a muzzle brake that seems over sized by quite a bit.

PsychoBoyBlue. You are right, but GW made a mistake when they first mentioned the calibre of the bolter and bolt pistol. You can make a bolter if you give it a .75 bore and scale the rest of the weapon on that, you get a bolter that will fit and look suitable on a large human (6-6.6 feet) which Space Marines were originally designed to be. But now GW are saying a Space Marine is 7+ feet and they just seem to be getting bigger. Once they have body armour on they are far too big to hold the bolter a .75 bolter.

I'm sorry, I don't know much about 40k. I simply designed this by looking at sprue bits
You are always welcome to go and design your own bolter

Hey Erdrick,

Absolutely love the model and I'm currently printing it myself. I wanted to let you know about a few problems I ran into with the model. I found a few parts to have some pretty serious holes / internal geometry going on. I'll attach some screenshots to show you what I'm talking about. I was able to repair the handle and clip but had no luck with the clip entry (included in this post). Also, I'm not sure if the Shell Release part is scaled properly. Let me know if you are able to fix those up. I'm sure they will print just fine otherwise.

What slicer/software are you using? I am not having any issues with my slicer, all of my parts come out fine.

I'm using Simplify 3D. I was able to go in in repair most of the issues I was seeing but I haven't tried another slicer. I'll take a look at cura later today.

Btw absolutely love the model. Any plans for a plasma pistol? I have been trying to model one myself, but man, I'm terrible at it lol.

Up next is most likely going to be a Star Wars Destiny box.
After that, I actually have a lot of request for doing a plasma pistol, so that will be second.

YAY! Well I promise you I will be one of the first people to print and paint the plama pistol. One thing if I can make a request when you are designing the plasma pistol. For the blue glowing section, if you can have that print separately in vase mode or something like that so I can put some blue LED's in it and make it glow. That would be rad and I would love you for ever.

Anyway, keep up the amazing work and I cant wait to start working on your titan too!!!

Mk8 Bolt Rifle or a normal bolter?

Also, Instructions?
How many pins?

Im currently printing this. All the pieces are snugg fit. I print on a Ultimaker 2. You will have to think before printing but the blueprint is exelent.

GAHH! This looks amazing!!! :D

What was the total print time?

What was the total print time?

long ... took me all week.
At .3mm with 7% infill
This is all just a rough estimate. but if I remember correctly
Main body parts all took about 8-10 hours a piece
Each cover piece was about 4-6 hours
Clip and handle was about 12 hours together
Barrel, Stabilizer, and Over Barrel about another 6 hours
Grip was about 6 and the symbol was 1.5 ish
So probably about 75 hours ish