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redesigned parts for Hypercube 3d printer

by arturslab Jan 4, 2017
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Thanks for posting these. It would be very helpful if you would document the expected shaft diameters for each relevant part. I printed out your Z carriages before I realized they are not for the 12mm rods.

Any one have offset setting for these bltouch mounts?

Printing your E3D mount now. Gonna check it out along with the BL Touch. Saved me some time ;)

are you upload marlin fw?????i have the same gens 1.4 and have problems in my printing...wrong dimension

Hi Arthur, I really don't know how to mount the T8 nut in your z_nut_v1.1_5-16.stl file ?

Hi Arthur,
would you like to remix the Z_EndStop_adjust for 12mm rod version

Hi Artur, I have printed out the mount for the E3D. It does not seam as though you have uploaded the outer locking piece that holds down the E3d to the mount or am I seeing it wrong. With thanks, Warren

There's something wrong with the models, I'm not sure what, but the surface ends up all split up after going through the slicer: http://i.imgur.com/PYqWdWL.png

Is there any way you could fix this? The parts look good, I wasn't a big fan of using those knurled inserts which are pressed using heat as that causes the plastic to expand and deform.

The image you linked to looks like Hypercube Evo maybe. Definitely not one of parts published by me.

Oops, yea, sorry. I seem to have mixed up the pages.

Hello Artur!
Please tell me which kind of bearing accept your XY joiner (XY_Joiner_v1.1_AL) ? My plan is to use 10mm rods on both X and Y axes and I have 19mm outer diameter bearings. Thank you!

No, yours is 15.4mm (aprox.) diameter... I have to modify it... also I want to use 2 bearing on the same side so also have to make it longer (or wider depending how you look at it). Thanks anyway pal, great design!

I am trying to print the X carriage, however it seems the nut traps don't have through-holes. Both MeshLab and Simplify view the model as having a surface in the nut traps, and S3D tries to bridge over the holes. Here is a picture showing what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/F3jDxU1.png

The E3D Mount, XY Clamp, and Z Carriage also have the same problem on some holes.

The XY Joiners are both missing the nut traps altogether for the bearing axles.

That's intentional. This should be just a single or two layer support. Without it, your printer would try to print circle encompassing bolt hole in thin air with nothing below it. With this support - a thin solid surface gets printed on which subsequent layers of hole get printed reliably. After printing you just drill out the hole. I usually do this when going from bigger diameter to a smaller one.

I do see nut traps in the XY joiners. Not sure where you expect to see additional traps.

Ah I understand. I usually just generate build-plate-only supports for this reason. I'll give print and drill a try. Thanks again for the response :)

Do have any way to adjust your x axis belts such as with screws? I noticed that tech2c added it to his.

He had screw tensioning in old part. Then he removed it. Did he re-add it to newest version? please provide link to where you see that.

Could you please let me know if you are using your 18mm sensor holder? If you do is it sturdy enough to hold such a big sensor?
Thanks for your great designs.

I am not using it currently. I will be using BLTouch style probes. My concern with 18mm sensor is that it is relatively heavy and may affect print quality/speed.

Would you like to explain about the usage of BLTouch_mount_AL.stl.
Does it replacement for E3D_sensor_mount_18.stl.
Have tried searching for difference between them, but couldn find satisfying answer yet.
Sorry if it seems like a naive question :)

These are two different mounts for two different sensors. You use the mount for whatever sensor you decide to go with or none if you use simple Z endstop.

are these for 3/8" rod?

Yes and no. They are for 10mm rod but I use 3/8 rod with them and they work fine.

Hello arturslab , i want change the X axis to 8mm steal rod system ,maybe the X carriage and the dual_bushing_holder need redesign to
fit the LM8UU bearings?

X carriage does not need any modification for 8mm rod. Do you mean you want to use actual LM8UU linear bearings? Not the plastic printed ones? If so, Tech2C's original parts will work with LM8UU, I think.

Do you have these parts in a native CAD format such as Fusion360 (.f3d) or better (.step)? I am designing around different linear rods in diameter than orig hyper cube. Great idea and remix of the Hyper.

No, sorry. I use OpenScad to apply some changes to original part STLs.

Do you have these for an X axis of 8mm? I couldn't get the 10mm aluminium so I went with the 8mm steel.

No. I know Tech2C posted 8mm part in his alternate set.but of course they don't have my modification on them. i could look into converting his version to my modified one if you prefer that.

I really like your changes but realize the effort of another set of files.

Sorry, I've been busy. I've just uploaded my remix of the 8mm version. Hope it's not too late.

Thank for your work on the alternative inductive sensor holder, still waiting for screws but I was worried i'd have to redesign this part.

Thanks. Nice to know that someone finds this useful.

XY_Clamp_v1.1_AL report as non-manifold. have not tried printing it, but thought I would share.

Thanks. I had the same problem but the part printed fine for me. However, I've cleaned up the part and now it loads clean. Let me know how it works for you.