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Fully assembled 3D printable SMART wrench

by bLITzJoN Dec 28, 2016
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Heh, i just had to come to waste time here and comment that maybe standard should be metric as for example scientists use metric units, SI system (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_System_of_Units) uses metric...and so on :)

This all comes from the struggle i've had as european guy working on his LOVELY pcp air gun made in u.s that has non-stantard sized parts :)

Isn't it should be standard and imperial? Or just normal and nonsense? You know, the shitty american way and normal rest of the world way.

Ok just joking, no offence :)

'Murican or not, shitty or spectacular, at least you know this tool has you covered!!

I was thinking "but why the hell, he could use..." OMG I GET IT NOW
Great idea man, I'm printing this just to see other people reactions hahaha

Pity it's the left handed version....

(I can't believe no-one else made this comment)

my thoughts exactly now all we need are some sound powered phone batteries

Oh, but we do have you covered. (see downloads) I think your parents may have played a practical joke on you by teaching you left is right and right is left. The world as you know it is a lie, but at least you're one step closer to conquering it when equipped with the proper wrench! Print them both and no one will know!

I made one and my dad asked me for one. So I printed him one with TPU his reaction is priceless!

TPU? woah, how did that turn out? That would be hilarious if the mechanics still worked.

It turned out the same for me as in PLA, no stringing or anything. And the mechanics still work great!

I've had some very interesting reactions when I share with people. Some surprise me when a person looks at it like it's a great idea not realizing it and then it washes over them. #priceless Then you have the folks that have an endearing amount of common sense to them and laugh right along with you. #alsopriceless My 90year old grandfather never leaves his behind, he tells people he keeps it handy to work on his walker. lol #againpriceless

I don't think people really realize just how hard it is to make simple mechanical prints like this.

I see what you did there. ;)

Ah, i get it. If i have a 80/254th inch nut i use one end, and when i have an 8 mm nut i use the other one. Great idea.!

A must have tool for anyone working in the aviation game. Now I will be able to go from working on American aircraft to working on European aircraft without having to swap tools. The time saving alone make this print a worthwhile addition ;-)
A little bit serious. I have a guy retiring soon who has worked on so many different aircraft and was working when Australia still used Imperial so he will get a big chuckle out of this when I give it to him. Thanks for sharing.

Cheers for the old timer!! I'm sure he wished one was available during the transition. ;-)

That's funny right there. Let me get that all-16th's

At first I went, "....wait, What??? Why doesn't he just....." then I went "Doh!!" And THEN I went to the other room to change my pants from laughing so hard. I am SO printing this thing out for my brother-in-law! (He builds custom Kawi Motorcycles in his shop.) AWESOME Thing, bro!!! Quite possibly the BEST Thing file i have seen on this site to date! Thank you!

Ah, the beautiful witness of eureka! my grasshoppa, share and double the IQ of mechanics abound. Surely this tool will revolutionize your brother-in-law's shop and he'll be cranking out bikes that travel in both directions in no time!

could you please post a left handed version of this?

Genius!! See the downloads. ;-P

i am confused i live in europe and our standard is metric ;-)

Oh my, you are a gentleman and a scholar and I appreciate your insight to expand my thinking. To alleviate the confusion, you'll notice I've added two additional STLs.

i will thank you for your hard work and bow for you, because you must be a Sir in the 3dprinting community :-)

What is the trick to get the adjustment knurled part to turn? I was able to get the two extra pieces out off of the movable jaw, but can not get the adjusting part to come loose.

It does take some effort to work it loose. I had to pick at mine with a blade and tiny pick. The instructions on the original basically say it takes some work to break loose. I admit, I had to put every one I've printed down for a break cause my fingers were getting sore. I found it even harder when enlarging, so much I created one with custom supports.

hahaha, lmfao! I know a few ppl who would take this seriously lol!

You are absolutely right! I've had to explain it a couple times, but worth it to witness the beautiful sight of intelligence birth before your eyes - I think it doubles their IQ cause they make a look of pain, followed by a loud, "Ohhhhhh" and smack their forehead. I'm sure the head pressure of instant knowledge is overwhelming for many. :-)

I'd be funnier if it was a single headed wrench with the words Standard and Metric on opposite sides.

Nice remix.

Thats funny too and might reduce pain from getting only 1 gear loose.

Clearly, you can remedy that by only using one size nut to fit the side you can't break loose! Duh!

Clearly I didn't think of that feature. Thanks.

lol ... in all seriousness, I uploaded one with built-in supports cause I printed several of these and could NOT break loose or broke the gear entirely. Give it a shot, much easier to break tabs and the paths should slice to help bridging.

printing now, thanks!

Woah, that's CrAzY talk!! Are you cruel??? If I lay the wrench down with Standard facing up I would lose the Metric wrench!!