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Tapered thread bowden coupling PC4-M6, PC4-M10

by krtektm Dec 24, 2016
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For the people suggesting the thread is the wrong pitch: M10 x 1.0mm isn't an ISO (or any other) standard thread, and the threads on my Creality printers are M10 x 0.9mm. The commonly-available commercial fittings, including the ones on my Enders, are actually 1/8" x 28 tpi BSP tapered pipe thread. That's why they are a slightly loose fit on the Creality heatsinks; 1/8" BSP is actually 9.73mm diameter and 0.907mm pitch with a 55deg threadform but I believe Creality just used M10 x 0.9mm. Some other hotends, like the one pictured, do use M10 x 1.0, though.

Hi mate great design, do you know if this will work for the CR10S Pro hotend ?

The M10 thread has a pitch of 1.05 mm instead of 1 mm. Scale it to 95 % along its axis to solve that problem. Diameters seem to be correct for the M10 coupling, so don't scale the other dimensions.

Also on my Ender 3 the nut collides with one of the wheel bolts of the hot-end carriage: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:617994

Made a remix with correct thread and longer coupling to avoid the bolt head: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3455092

Long tapered thread bowden coupling PC4-M10
Tapered thread bowden coupling PC4-M6, PC4-M10

Printed in PETG. Bowden slipped a little so I ran an 8-32 Tap through bowden hole. It put in ridges (threads). Now it does not slip at all! Thanks!


Regarding the M10 thread. What are the specifications on this and how did you make it?
The reason for my asking is that it does not seem to fit these: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:311031

Thanks in advance. :-)


OpenSCAD ISO metric thread library / functions (updated)
by TrevM

M10 metric fine thread should have a thread pitch of 1 mm. If you measure this in Meshmixer, the pitch is 1.05 mm. Other diameters seem to be correct. So you have to scale it to 95 % along the axis (usually Z).

Print it original size, didn't fit the M6 thread. The PTFE tube end was OK. Scaled it to 93 %, 92 %, 90 %, various combination of X, Y and Z, nothing worked. Finally did some measurements in MeshMixer: Thread pitch is OK, but outer thread diameter needs to be scaled to about 92 %. However, inner thread diameter needs to be scaled to 85 %.
All in all, something is wrong with the M6 thread that cannot be fixed by simple scaling.
Also, any scaling below 93 % means that you have to re-drill the tube hole.
Better use this remix for the extruder end (M6), verified to work on Ender 3: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3360380
This one looks good for the hot end, but I did not try it yet: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3348742

CR-10 Extruder Coupling
by bert_lz
Ender 3, CR-10 HotEnd Coupling PTFE Fix

I've used this since last month and it works like a charm. I like that I don't have to order more push connectors and wait if I didn't have the right size. I used 90% infill to be sure it would be durable.

Such great thing. I've tried three different coupling and none of them hold the PTFE tube as well as your thing. The only disadvantage is it doesn't fit when I use the petsfang duct.

Great idea, but the M10 is too small and is barely holding the coupling in place. One of my couplings popped off this morning, ruining a long print in progress...

exactly the same here. have you found an adapted scaling ?

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I have used different couplings based on the same idea. On the extruder side, I have used this one https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2677766, which is made for the titan extruder. On the hotend side, I have designed my own : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3053685. No more popping.

Tevo Tarantula Titan Bowden fitting
Hotend mount with bowden coupler for X modular carriage
by Buzzz57

First of all thanks a lot for great additions to my must have spare parts collection.
I printed a couple of them in PETG and had some problems with the tube working it's way out. I was disappointed but decided to print them again this time in ABS which is much less flexible than PETG. That was a couple of months ago. They just print and print with no trouble.
Thanks again for a very useful creation.

what is the m10 threading?

You have to reduve the M6 Version in X and Y down to 92% the it fits nicely. Dont scale Z

Yeah, the designer should reduce it to 92%, in 100% it doesn't fit

Work Great with this size on I3 mega ! Thanks

This not a M6x0.75 but a M7x1.O...

There is no M6x0,75

This thing worked great for a short amount of time! I used it in my hotend, as I moved the hotend coupler to my extruder (it was having more issues with the printed end on the extruder).

Unfortunately it still gets pushed out of the hotend, albeit at a slower rate. Has anyone experienced this before? Anyone know what the fix is? My tube should be short enough, but maybe my hotend is not hot enough (or my thermistor isn't calibrated?) I can push the filament through the hot end manually with little issue however.

Nice work!!! For the M6 adaptor i replaced the thin threaded part with half of a teflon tube. The thin part broke when i installed the adaptor so i removed it, used a 4mm drill to make a bigger hole and placed the pipe inside . Thanks!

Genius! I love the way you used this! The M6 threads are way too large and are annoyingly weak. This would solve it if I had any heatbreaks lying around lol

hi, can you make a m4 version? or can you advice me how to modify a m4 version? thanks

I'm not sure that you can make m4 version for 4mm bowden, like the walls of the thread will be very thin.

If you want to create your own model, the easiest solution is to download m6 or m10 version of my model, put it into 3D editor and remove the m6/m10 thread part. Then search for your desired m4 thread (e.g. screw), put it into editor, cut the thread part, paste it onto the previous model and then take off the inner part (cylinder shape).

actually i want to make one for the extruder, and seems mine one is m4, so want to try a m4 version, thanks for the advice, but seems i dont have the skill to modify it...

i print it for my extruder cause the damn connector is failing to keep the teflon tube steady at retraction moves....my connector is an M6 so i print the M6 version but i cant screw it in ,its a bit bigger than an M6 .....

I have the same issue.
The M6 is like 0.5mm to big and doesn't fit and I didn't repair it.
When I open the STL in fusion360 and measure the threat diameter it says 6.4mm.

dont repair it

will this work for the one on the extruder stepper motor?

You're welcome :)

what did you print it in? PLA or ABS?

I'm using PLA for all my prints. I didn't try this object with another material.

You good sir, are a life saver!!! Ill post a pic when I am done!

Do you have CAD files for this thing? I would like to remix it and make a double sided one for joining two bits of bowden. Or perhaps you would like to model it if you don't want to release the CAD files.

Hi, such I'm using Rhinoceros for modelling stuff, I used only stl files which are joined together with some modifications (as nut on the coupling or the hole for bowden).
I can send you my rhino file (or in another format if rhino support the export, just tell me which one) or stl file of any part you want.

i would like to have the CAD files, if you could export it to iges.

Thanks! I use Sketchup, and Rhinoceros seems to be able to export to a Sketchup file (skp). I'll send you my mail adress in a personal message.

I also hate those couplings :D. Broke one already... printing this out now :D. Thanks for sharing the design!