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Mini Floor Stands

by muzz64 Dec 23, 2016
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Are there instructions somewhere on how to properly pause your printer? Thanks,

Unfortunately every printer (make / model) will be slightly different but usually there will be a 'pause' option on the machines display. When your print reaches the desired point select that option and it will pause (stop printing and the extruder return to its home position). You should then be able to select unload / load filament to do the filament color change... then select resume and it will complete the print in the color just loaded. It should be very easy and straight forward.

I hope this helps...

Nice.. Could you plese make one that says: Work in progress

I've set a file up with this text however I won't post it as the word 'progress' is too many characters which makes the text too small / fine for many machines. Happy to email it to you so you can see how it prints however I would recommend scaling it up by at least 20%. That way the word 'progress' has more likelihood of printing well. Message me with your email address if you want the file...

Hi there, could you please make a stand saying Mr. Spock and another one saying Captain Kirk? Thanks so much :).

Thank you for the fantastic design! I use the OUT OF OFFICE one frequently.

Can you make a WORKING FROM HOME version? It would be greatly appreciated!

Dude had it up for you the same day! Talk about good customer service.

I love these things.

Thank you for the awesome designs,loved them.
Is there is a dual extrusion version where the texts can be printed with a different colour without having to change the filament manually.thank you

Pleased you like these stands. There isn't dual extrusion/ split files version due to the large number of signs. Pausing your machine and swapping the filament is usually pretty quick and easy or i can email a split version if you message me your email address and advise the text required.

Pleased you like these stands. There isn't dual extrusion/ split files version due to the large number of signs. Pausing your machine and swapping the filament is usually pretty quick and easy or i can email a split version if you message me your email address and advise the text required.

Thank you for this nice design
Is it possible to add an item with the text 'TURN OFF THE WATER' please ?
Thanks a lot in advance

Added as requested... hope it works out as expected for you.

Looks great, thanks a lot

Really nice design, however after printing I have problems getting the latch bar out of the print without damage, there is any chance you share the single stp for this latch bar so I can print it a part so I can put it on the model that broke?^ Thanks in advance

Sorry to hear freeing the latch has been a problem for you. The latch is designed not to be able to come out so sharing that part would mean you need to file it down post printing to enable it to fit... which would also mean it can come out again. Happy to send the latch as an .stl by email if you want. If so please message me your email address.

I suspect you can free the current print. The latch will be surprisingly strong if it's PLA. If you run a craft knife along the edges of it you can usually free the minor parts that are fused with a bit of wiggling. Chances are it is very little and the problem is just a lack of leverage to break it free... it's worth a try.

Usually these should print with no such issues if the file is precisely sliced and printed on an accurate machine with quality filament. However, for future prints you can avoid this by uniformly scaling the signs up 5 - 10% which will increase the clearances.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, I solved just uploaded the model to thinkercad and cutted a small portion to be able to print just the latch, and it worked well for me

Can I get "WOMAN AT WORK" (single, not plural)? Thanks

Added as requested... have fun with it!

Superb! Thanks, I will print and post a make soon.

Comments deleted.

First off - these are amazing! Three questions - What software did you use for these? Would you be willing to share the source file so I can customize? And in the interim, would you publish (or PM me) one that says "No Cruise Control" ?

Thanks - these are totally cool!

Any chance to get "Turn off the light"?

Thanks for the suggestion... this sign has been added to the range.

Wow, are these ever fun! Fast to print and look great. Using Simplify 3D I can split them into Base and Text processes. The base is always the same so it stays on the SD card. Then I save whatever text I need. So I'll print a Base, then add "Zombie Zone" or whatever. That way the machine will automatically pause and wait for me to change the filament. Doesn't work any better but at least I don't have to sit and watch for the letters to start and do a manual pause. :)

Comments deleted.

Could you add a blank signal to edit it to suit the consumer?
Incredible work, a super original idea and above all great variety, more than 100. Impressive. Keep implementing more phrases that cool a lot!
Just add a blank signal like I said before.

Pleased you like them... there is already a blank with customizer option available based on my design. To download it visit https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2701137

I hope this helps

Mini Floor Stands - OpenSCAD remix of muzz64's design

OH! Thanks, I didn't know that! My fault... Thanks anyway.

Any chance of 'Don't Panic' in large friendly letters?

Referencing The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Another one that might be liked would be 'Out of Office' or alternatively 'On Holiday' on one side, and 'On Vacation' on the other.

Thanks for your message... Don't Panic has been added.... Out of Office is already there... the words Vacation and Holiday are too long. The text would have to be too small so may not print well. There's always limitations... I hope this helps!

All the best

Here is a link to my 'make' of this: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:540750

Came out great!

Mini Floor Stands

Amazing! Thanks! Once printed I'll share a picture!

Is there any chance you could make one of these signs that says something like "potty break"? maybe add a little picture of a toilet on the back side of the gone for a break sign or something.

Thanks for your comment... I've set up a file for you with "Taking a Potty Break" on one side and "Taking a Coffee Break" on the other. I hope that will do... assuming so please message me your email address and I'll send the .stl to print.

is it possible to do a "Welcome Aboard" and "Watch for Trains" - thanks - Nolan

"Watch for Trains" has been added however the word 'Welcome' is too long to fit in the space and will be too small to print well... hopefully okay!

Hi muzz64. I love these signs and use my 'Gone for a break' almost every day at work. I would like to print a scaled up version but would love to be able to fold each half together so I can fit it in my drawer when it's not in use. Have you ever considered adding a piece at the hinge to allow it to fold onto itself so it lays flat? Let me know if you design a version with this feature. Keep up the great work.

I designed a remix version that folds flat, but it is huge and is meant to hold 16 of the little ones like a shelf. I believe I linked the editable one on tinkercad, so you could scale it down and change the text if you want.

Here’s the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2935818
And on TinkerCAD: https://www.tinkercad.com/things/2nDv1lBWXP5

Happy Making!

Warning Sign Shelf

Thanks for your comment... pleased you like these cool little signs. When I started designing them I really wanted them to sit flat folded in the way you are asking however the issue was that, while readily possible, to fold fully flat onto themselves, they would have to be printed the other way up... and that would compromise the surface finish and sharpness of the text etc. This is because the hinge would need to be offset (raised) in order to fold fully flat. I opted for the neater finish option.

Having explained that, you can still fold them fully out so they are flat (and as printed) then tuck them away like that...

All the best

Comments deleted.

I went to have a look at that but the page doesn't load. I've made a lot of custom Mini Floor Signs for other members so what is posted is far from the full range... so if you've made one that meets your needs that's great!

There's so many of them... I'm never going to get enough time to print all of the ones I want to make. Plus the fact that then I'd need to make a display shelf (in the shape of the signs, of course) so I can basically have a "Warning Wall" above my workspace so that everyone knows exactly what not to touch, as well as the exact number of potential hazards in and around my bench (the sheer numbers should be enough to ward most people off). Ah, well, I suppose I better stop typing and start printing... (-;

I just designed myself a shelf version using the blank one and TinkerCAD, it prints on a 400 by 400mm print bed and stands around 350mm tall when assembled. I redesigned the hinge so that it can fold flat (this isn't print-in-place), and it has a sign meme on the non-shelf side. It can hold 16 of your signs printed at 75% scale, if I was to scale this so it fit the full sized versions of your signs it wouldn't even fit on a 500 by 500mm print bed. Attached are pictures of the render. If you want the STLs I can send them to you, but I respect the NoDerivs license so I won't be publishing this design.

That is a seriously big stand... and I doubt few people will want to print one that big. The reason I scale many of my designs as I do is to make them compatible with as many printers as possible... including those with relatively small build plates. Having explained this, as it folds flat and is so big I suggest posting it as a new thing, not a derivative, if you want to.

All the best

If you are cool with that, sure. I'm not sure how many people will want one, but I suppose a few people might find it useful. Thanks!

I need help creating my own!

What are you wanting to make?

I want to make a double sided sign with one side saying "Relax" and the other side saying "Now" Thanks

Never Mind, After looking at the other comments I can make my own using Tinkercad. THANKS!!!

lol i like the"steal this sign" ima just put it on a random place and hope for someone to steal it :')

That is so cool

and it is so funny

Good job!

Awesome print! I wasn't sure how well the hinge would work, but it was flawless. I had to use a small flat screwdriver to pop out the small arm, but it too was great once I did. No issues at all. It was my first time trying a color change. I paused the print at layer 20 (manually about an hour and 10 minutes in on a Lulzbot Mini), swapped out yellow for black and let it finish. I couldn't have been more pleased. Great job!


Another way to use your own texts is importing the blank stl with OpenScad and adding texts.
The only thing I had to do (and I really don't understand why) is "fixing" the blank.stl with https://service.netfabb.com/login.php.
(I attached the fixed one).
If I don't, I had an error on OpenScad : "ERROR: CGAL error in CGALUtils::applyBinaryOperator difference: CGAL ERROR: assertion violation!".

So put "stand.scad" and "blank_fixed.stl" in the same folder, open stand.scad, customize text, fonts, heights, as you need and print.

Now, that is a design that would require some form of parametrization.

I printed one using raft and I was unable to remove the raft. This is my first time using a raft so I was wondering if there is any specific setting I should be using? I'm using Simplify3D

Files printed using a well set slicing app and precise / accurate machine should snap away by hand. Worst case scenario a small amount of persuasion with a craft knife. Try setting your raft to model spacing to 0.27 - 0.29mm.

I hope this helps.

Just printed without a raft and it came out great
Thank you so much
Love your work! :D

Top design. Already have a few on my list to print. Just wondering if you are able to split it in half and have a hole where the hinge is so people can print each half as large as possible. Ive got a Prusa and I'd like to print each half at 245mm and then put a pin (bolt) as the hinge. I've got my sons 18th coming up and I'd like to make it as a centre piece. CAUTION BAILEY IS 18...lol

Sending you a private message about this...

I made on, i'm in love, need to print more :D

I'm sorry i see you have the ps4 one already

i will make a couple of these

can you make one keep of ps4

looks great as I'm printing it

These are brilliant! Now, for your next challenge.... ;-)
a customizer version for adding your own text?

Thanks for the wine signs, they came out great!!! Any chance to get one that says "He's Drunk" with an arrow to one side or the other above it, then on the other side "I'm Drunk" with an arrow pointing up? Or just two signs if you prefer to have the same image on both sides of the sign

Message me your email address again and I'll send them...

Please include them in the files so we can all enjoy them! Thanks.

This is a great design,
Any plans for the future like a double width version?

You must be psychic.... already been looking at that to accommodate longer words. I'll get it done as/ when time permits.

Not wanting to bother you but ..... have you had a chance to do a double size one yet? :)

These are great thanks for sharing!!!

Any chance to get "Reds Only" and "Cab Zone", perhaps with a wine glass shape at the top of them?

These have been added to the Thingiverse page... hope they are what you wanted.

All the best!

fantastic thanks!!!

Hi! Could you please add a stand with "CI" on the text? It stands for Continuous Improvement...
Thanks a lot!

I know special requests are probably aggravating but any chance for a HAPPY HALLOWEEN and a BOO! sign? They would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

No problem... I've added both as requested so they are available to download now. The word 'Halloween' was far too long to place straight across the sign so the text has been rotated 45 degrees to address this. The Boo sign was too empty (in my view) so I've added a ghost at the top... hopefully okay and you like it.

Please post images when you've printed them so other members see them and it gives them ideas for Halloween fun....


Thanks so much. I'll try them tomorrow

Have you thought about having a different message on each side? What about (for the dishwasher) "Dirty" on one side and "Clean" on the other side?

Good idea... I've added this to the Thing files available.


I'm not very experienced with any software yet, but I'm working with a Makerbot Mini in a school. Is there a way to print these in 2 pieces and snap them together so they fit on a smaller printer? I would love to use some of these with my students. They are so fun and functional.

Thanks for your message. I understand the issue and could adjust the overlap of the hinge parts so they can be pushed together after printing... but with less overlap they could also come apart again as well.

The other issue is that all of these signs are individual files with their own unique text content. To be able to provide versions as two separate files with loose joints would mean remaking all those that you want which I imagine is quite a few by the sound of it. This can be done but would take time as the first stage would be to send files to test and make sure they can be forced together then don't easily come apart. Stage two would be creating two new files for each of the signs required (i.e. the two parts).

However, partly for the reason you've already identified I recently posted a new design that does a similar job and lets you create your own sign inserts to suit. This may be a workable and potentially better alternative as the signs can be reused with different messages.

Please refer to the following and see if that will do what you want.... https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2496613

Let me know what works for you.

Sign Posts
by muzz64

Great signs - I've only made one so far but will be making more. Only problem I had was getting the lock bar to open. I managed to get it but snapped the hook off the end. Still works fine without it though. Thanks for the designs!

Pleased you like them... it sounds like your slicing app and/or machine isn't dealing with the fine clearances quite as well as is required for it to come out with a free bar... so try 'uniformly' scaling up by 5%. That will increase internal clearances and should resolve the issue.

All the best!

does it need a multi color printer

No... just read the instructions provided which explain how you can pause your machine and switch colors part way through. It's easy to make multi-color with a single color machine!

Can you provide the blank floor stand?

I ran it through Tinkercad and removed the lettering so I can add any wording I want. This is a great model and would be perfect for the Customizer function in Thingiverse.

Can you make one that says "HOT!! DO NOT TOUCH" ?

Added as requested... hopefully it does what you want.

All the best

Perfect!! Thank you very much!!

can you make one that says "beware of robot" please?

Can I use solidworks to create and print this?

I'm sure you could redesign this in Solid Works then 3D print it using whatever print software app you use with your printer... but not sure quite what you are trying to achieve by doing that?

awesome little thing, but i really want one that says "do not read"

Added to the Thing files available as requested...

This can be the best thing I've seen here

Simply love these! have made a few to use in the office. Thanks for your efforts!
Any chance you could share the source file? I would like to make some in other languages.

Pleased you like them... you would need to have a licenced version of Rhino 5 to open the source files plus also the correct font installed.

what font are you using?

Ah that would be a problem. Thanks though.
Would it then be to much trouble to ask you to make one that says "In pauze"?

No problem. ... just message me your email address

Is there a list of all available text?

Just click on the tab to view all the files available for download. The file name is the text on each sign. There's lots to choose from. . have fun!

Didn't checked the Things tab. Thanks!

Muzz64, one suggestion, could you design a new companion "thing" that only prints the text and make that customizable so people can enter whatever they want.

Then people can print the blank sign with surrounding border in one .stl file and the other "thing" with text in another .stl file.

This would allow users to load both of those into Simplify3D (or whatever slicer) and be able to print duel colors easily or just put them together and have customizable text. It is easy to just change the position of the text .stl file in the slicer to sit on top. You can even post the exact Z height.

I can easily just get the text part using something like Tinkercad but this may help others that don't know how to do that.

It would also help you by not having to keep adding new text options. :)

Hi muzz64, I am using Prusa's Colorprint to print this. May I know the z-axis height in mm to change the filament color?

Change at 5.0mm... excluding Raft. If using Raft you need to add that thickness onto this... good luck!

can you make one that says "be right back" and "gone for smoke break"


Added as requested... have fun!

How would I go about making this if I don't have a dual extruder?

It's easy... please read the instructions provided on Thingiverse again. All you need to do is pause your machine at the appropriate time, swap filament colour, then resume your print. Once you've done it one time your future prints are sure to become colourful in the future!

Oh. Sorry, missed that. Thanks!

MAKE IT CUSTOMIZABLE!!! nice one btw

Thanks for your comment and yes I do need to start making things like this customizable. ... I just need to get free time to learn OpenScad... it is very different to the Rhino I currently use.

I had issues with the clearance (it's too big for my Prusa, that printer is so precise!). I will redesign it in OpenSCAD. It's a simple model, it won't take long. I won't publish it though because of the "No Derivatives" license. I can send you the file if you like. I will add plenty of comments to explain what I'm doing. You are my favourite designer on Thingiverse, I would be glad to help you.

I created a customisable version of the stand a while ago. I had issues with the Customizer, it doesn't like the font I choose. I was planing to come back to it, uploading font tests to Thingiverse to see which one is the most suitable, but I ended up forgetting about it.

Today I decided to publish it despite the font issue. It works very well, as long as we don't go too crazy with the advanced parameters.


Mini Floor Stands - OpenSCAD remix of muzz64's design

...thanks but the simple solution for anyone wanting to tighten things up is to scale it down uniformly by a few percent. However, usually I have to suggest people scale thing up by a few percent because their prints are fusing!

If its not a waste of your time, can you please make one that says "WTFD" That stands for wright tallmadge fire department

Can you add a sign that says "Graduate like a champion today"?

I understand it may have to be printed larger to fit the text

Can you add a "please do not touch" I know you have a do not touch but that would make it more polite.

Please do not touch has been added...

Thank you soooooo much!

Does anybody have one that says "Printer in use" or "Printing in Progress" or something?

Printer in Use has been added... I hope this provides what you want...

Can you make one that says F*** Off? or You Cunt? haha

Thanks for the "Happy Birthday " ! I'm trying it today, as I need one Tuesday .

How about "Happy Birthday" so I could use it on a present. Thanks !

Thanks for your message... I've added 'Happy Birthday' however this makes the text used in the word 'Birthday' very small. Hopefully it prints okay... if not scale it up uniformly 20% should resolve any print imperfections.

Can you print something like drive with care

Thanks for the suggestion... this has been added for download.

Can you add one that says "New Lot"

Added as requested...

unsure what happened the the piece that flips out to keep it standing comes out every time i want to make it stand

That sounds like a slicing, machine accuracy or filament (lack of volume) issue. The overlap in the joints is significant so they shouldn't come apart unless a lot of force is applied. I've printed lots of these as have many other members with no other issues I'm aware of...

im printing at .1 mm layers at .4 mm for perimeters and infill,15% infill

im reprinting it using new colors same settings tho seeing it one of the colors i used was the issue as it was a glow in the dark filament
its either that or my tolerances are to good,im really pushing my printed to see how fine it can print
2nd one works well with no issues

If I have a dual filament extruder will that work with this?

The files would need to be split in two parts that can be assigned to the different extruders when sliced... the files currently posted are all for single extruder machines however you can still pause a dual extruder machine and switch the filament to achieve the results as pictured. it's a simple process...

Ok thank you!

these are great, way better then the folded paper signs most people in my shop use. can you make a "caution wet adhesive" one? I'm printing the "wet paint" sign now.

Thanks for your comment and I'm pleased you like my little signs... unfortunately the word "ADHESIVE" is too long or makes the font too small.

However, I've added an .stl for "CAUTION WET GLUE" which fits well... hopefully that does the job and thanks for the suggestion!

My print bed isn't large enough to print the stands at a 100%. do you have them split a part that you could post?

I have a Trinus (125 x 120 mm) so I scaled to 80% and rotated 45 degrees. Works fine.

Currently printing "May the Force be with you" on our Printrbot. Seems to want to peel up a lot during these first layers. Tips? First time 3D printer here. ;-)

If you don't have a heated bed, try putting painter's tape down on your build surface to help with adhesion.

Sorry to hear you are having difficulty in this way. I assume you are printing with PLA and have good build plate surface material to print onto?

Using a raft can greatly help improve adhesion to the build plate as well... and good raft settings in your slicing app should allow it to snap away easily and cleanly after printing.

Obviously ensuring the levelling is correct is all important for prints requiring a high degree of accuracy / fine details as is the case with this design due to the joints etc.

Beyond this it can be settings within your slicing app... but if other prints are working okay then it really must come down to the detail / fineness that your machine is not dealing with as well as others.

However, environmental factors like a too cold room and humidity can also affect things like this... hopefully this gives you a few things to look into and something resolves the issue for you. It's always difficult when you are not there for yourself to work through things...

All the best

very nice work!

any chance of a larger version?

Just scale them up uniformly in your slicing app... as long as it is uniform scaling it should work fine. I've scales lots of my designs up 20 - 250% with no issues.

Would you make a "Bully Free Zone" and "Grammar Police" Thanks! they are fun!

Grammar Police has been added... the word 'Grammar' is quite small but should still print okay and most importantly get the message across!

Pleased you like them... I've added "Bully Free Zone" but the word "Grammar" is too long even when the size is reduced...

You could try word police.

Can you do one that says: Put Cap On Tooth Paste

Added as requested... I hope it helps!

there is a customizer in the remix tab

Got More Ideas "Notch Zone" "DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!" "Bully Zone" "Zombie Zone" "Gamer Zone" "9+9=21" "Myth Don't Suck"
"Mcpe Go Crash" "Dangerous Dogs" "Mcpe Zone Only" "Dad Goes Crazy" "Maker Bot Is Cool" "55% Is Dumb" "Flesh Eating Dog"
"Flesh Eating Cat"

Most of these have been added...

I'll have a look at adding some of these when time permits... some won't work due to the length of the word like 'Dangerous'

Nice design!!!!! Can you add "Don't Go Crashing" and "Do Not Go Mad" to your collection?

Added... but the word "crashing" was too long but it still works okay as "crash"... have fun with them!

Great designs. Could you add "Genius at Work" to your collection? Thanks in advance!

Pleased you like them... file added as requested.

Comments deleted.

Hey just a heads up, in the "beware of the cat" sign, "beware of the" is floating off the sign. Just noticed while looking through, they look great, probably gonna have to make a couple

Thanks for letting me know... all fixed now. That happens when you create bunches of things like this.

Thanks for letting me know... all fixed now. That happens when you create bunches of things like this.

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

for sure, happens :)

Awesome idea and neat design !
Prints in one piece, it needed not after work.

Alternative way to print in two colors : configure your slicer to slice 0-5mm, print it, then change the filament, configure the slicer to print 5mm+ and print the text ;)

Thanks for the comment which may help some people but you could not use a Raft. That would cause problems using this method...

Any chance of posting a blank stand without any text?

Added... hopefully this provides what you're after...

What fun! Here's some more ideas...

Do Not Eat
Keep Off
Keep Quiet
Do Not Inhale
Go Away
Bio Hazard
Watch Your Step
Beware of Cat
Safe Sex Zone
No Parking
Tow Away Zone
External Use Only
Shock Hazard
Quiet Please
Steal This Sign
Take Me Home
Help Wanted
I'll Be Back
Trust Me
Feel The Force
Press Enter
Flush After Use

Thanks... I'll add some of these as/when I get a chance.

muzz do u know how to make customizers it would be quite useful on this

Thanks for your message and yes customizable would be great however there are a couple of issues with that. Firstly my current openSCAD knowledge is limited which leads on to the next issue which is applying rules about the number of characters used per line / font size... if the letters get too small they wont print well for a lot of people (particularly with lower spec / accuracy machines.... then they ask me to explain why). For now what I've posted is the safe way... and a few more will be added. All the best!

you could just release the scad source and not flag it as a customizer, so people who know their way around openscad could download and edit the designs without people moaning about customizer not working properly.

or maybe just a blank stl that people could add their own text to.

...the problem there is the source files are not SCAD. These are all set up in Rhino. I do need to spend some time learning openSCAD properly to make life easier with things like this. The problem there is I keep coming up with new ideas so spend my time designing them rather than learning new things... I need to do it!

I've had a go at making a similar thing using OpenSCAD here, its not quite finished and the text was a nightmare (e.g. no multiline support in OpenSCAD). I was going to try to just remove the text from the STL but OpenSCAD didn't like difference()'ing with it, seems its quite common from Rhino output.

Parametric Floor Standing Signs
by sej7278

What is that xbox front thing in the comparison picture? I think that looks cool that it says start and stop!

Thanks for your comment... that's my sons X-Box and he used to worry about someone turning it off while he is downloading games or updates. No issues any more...

You only gave .stl files so we can't print it in color.

Thanks for your message. .. please read the instructions again as changing color is explained. It's easy. .. when you see the text start to print above the sign surface pause your machine and change the filament then resume printing. I hope this helps!