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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

LMU Bearing Grease Packer

by Thomllama Dec 16, 2016
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So here's a dumb question, how can you tell when you've packed enough grease in each bearing? Just squeeze like hell until it stops?

Squeeze some out before adding cap, then kinda ya, squeeze like hell. Be careful, the holes are small and most grease is thick and slow moving through. Blown out a few tubes at the bottom over forcing .

This. Is. Fucking. Great.

Thanks for sharing with us !

lots of blasphemies with 3-4 failed prints before notice the little screw :-) load bleeder_cap.stl 180* rotated could be a good idea,

GREAT JOB anyway!!

Wow! Very Cool! :D

I have tried to use a small artists paint brush to get the grease into these bearings and it is a pain in the arse! What a mess! Ugh!

This looks like it will do a much better job at getting enough grease where it actually needs to be, instead of all over my fingers and hands and everything else! LOL XD

Great job Thomas! Very useful design, and thank you for sharing! :)


Comments deleted.

Great design, are you willing to share the source code so I can modify them myself ?

not yey, more because it was when I was still getting a grip on Fusion 360 and the file/time line is horrendous the way I went about making it. I'm hoping over the winter Ill have time to basically restart and do it clearer from scratch.

Great tool! Thank you very much! Would you, please, modify it for LM10UU, LM10LUU and LM12UU bearings too?

I don't have any of those so I have no way of measuring .. you want to take very accurate measurements I'll convert it.

Will do! ASAP. Thank you :D

Need - total length, Seal length (usually just a mm or 2 less than total length) seal opening Dia, Balls set Dia (likely the true dia of the rods used to go thru) and ball size (to make the channel sized correctly)

Comments deleted.

Please make a 45mm packer to fit the LM8LUU bearing!

done, I don't have any of those so, I haven't printed or been able to test soooo... print up and post your make and if it works (or breaks) make sure it fits..

Thanks much! I'll print a set as soon as my slicer behaves!

I printed it today and testfit my LM8LUU perfectly. My grease will arrive from Amazon tomorrow and will post results then. Mines is the 8oz Super Lube tube and have no idea what the nozzle will be.

May I recommend making notches on the nozzle area to denote where the channels are so I can easily align it with the channels on the cap?

Just uploaded a threaded version, think it's what you'll need with that tube of grease.

the top cap doesn't need to line up with the slots, the main body should go to or just above the wiper seal. the slots are just so the cap doesn't create air resistance/seal to the actual metal body of the bearing. the wiper is low enough below the body that there is an air gap there.

do think I need to increase the slot size in the cap though, just to lower back pressure and let it bleed out faster.

I was thinking we push the grease through until we see a bit come out the slots on the cap, but to your point, the seals are loose enough to let the grease through anyway.

Thanks for the threaded version, however it won't fit the 8oz tube. No worries though, I was able to still squeeze grease through into my bearing.

I'll try to make a working customized cap via https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1648726 and let you know the results.

too big? too small? threading wrong? let me know .. I can match it in like 1 minute if I know the thread size/count.

This is a great idea, I printed one out and it fit great. My only problem is I need one that will fit a tube with a M14 thread 1.5 pitch thread.

I also was thing if you made one 48mm long it could grease both bearings in a Robo 3D carriage without removing them.

just edited and uploaded M14 with1.5 pitch... ;) test and make sure it fits..

Again, the 2 bearings at 48MM should actually have the balls out of alignment to save from wearing grooves in the rods .. that and I'm pretty sure this thing would break that long.

Comments deleted.

Fit perfect, thanks.

Didn't think about the bearing having to be lined up, I was just being lazy.

isn't there a space in-between the bearings at 48MM? would end up filled with grease in the void between .. probably not a good thing. ? Also you'd have t install the bearings originally with the balls perfectly inline between the 2 bearings, which t be honest it's better off if the balls are out from each other so the wear on the rods is lowered, But I might just do it anyway :)

The input is just a tapered for a pressure fit. haven't bothered with threading to tubes as there are literally hundreds of diff tubes/styles and just not feasible to design for all of them. though there are I think a 1/2 dozen or so more common that I may edit for later.

The new carriage I just printed is 48mm wide, so I don't believe there is any space.
I'm working with Inventor, would you be willing to share the source file and I'll make a new end that will fit my grease tube.