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External spool holder for FlashForge Finder & Inventor II 3D printer

by CreativeTools Dec 14, 2016
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I'm having great luck with this holder, too - thanks for sharing it! I'm still unclear, though, as to the comment "The holder's axle is hollow to accommodate one or more units of the Universal Filament Filter and Lubricator." Is that only for storage of the filter(s) when they're not being used? If so, when used with this holder, does the filter just sort of snug up against the underside of the hole in the tube holder?

This is a lifesaver in my classroom! Now I can use any size spool successfully. Thank you!

Quick question when printing do I need to use supports and if so do I need to provide supports inside the hollowed out tube?

Is this supposed to fit loosely? I have a 2018 Finder and it's very loose in the handle.

Thank you so much for this. The G-code you provided printed perfectly on my finder.

Thank you for the design as I am running your presliced file now. I see that the part has a honeycomb infill. In the testing I have seen, honeycomb is like 3 times slower to print and no stronger than a basic line infill. Let me know if my info is wrong.

Here is a study on the matter.

Great spool holder... I was wondering if you could make the arm reach around to the middle of the spool? I had some issues with filament tangling...

Check this out. I think it's what you want: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2587632

modifisert arm
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Thank you for this thing! Thumbs up to you!

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Newbie here. Trying to print this very clever holder from the .gx files.
Warping after the first few passes (ABS).
So trying to mod the .stl files to add a raft, but can't determine actual dimensions.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!

your going to ruin your printer if you run abs

The Flashforge Finder doesn't use ABS. It uses PLA.

Just what I needed! I realized after I ordered the Finder and extra filament it wouldn't hold 1Kg spools. This was my first 3D print! Thank you.

I keep trying to build, but getting prompt: "x axis size exceeding standard". I have centered, on platform. Help?
Also, will this hold the 7cm thick hatchbox spool?
Thank you!

hard ware issue i would return ur printer if i were u

What is the purpose of the nut? It doesn't seem to do anything except fill the hole in the end.

same question here... i assumed initially that the hollow tube was so i could insert a screwdriver and drive a screw through the holder into the printer? i don't have this printer though, so i can't see whether that makes sense (printing this for my son's school's makerspace)

This keeps snagging the filament on the most corner side and the feeder can't pull it quick enough because of this. Printing a spool holder that should just sit on a unit above the printer. was hoping this would work but for me it keeps snagging, thus not able to feed the printer properly. ended up with 3/4jams because of this friction, maybe i'm doing it wrong but placed some of their own filament back in and trying to print another spool holder that will be above, instead of below.

Thanks anyway.

Thank you so much! I've been looking for something just like this.

Didn't realize the spools I got wouldn't fit into the printer. Was ready to freak out and thought I was screwed. BUT found these files! Already printed it off and attached it to the printer - absolutely works.
You sir have saved the day for me - thank you so much!

Hi Andresia!

We are delighted to hear that our filament spool holder for the Finder was useful for you! Thank you for commenting and the kind words! :)

Thank you so so much! This legit saved my day <3

We're happy to hear that! :) Thanks for your kind words and appreciation.

Would this work with the inventor 2 3d printer?

Yes, the FlashForge Inventor 2 (https://www.flashforge-eu.com/3d-printers/flashforge-inventor-ii) has the same external design.

Ok, Thanks for the help!

You're welcome! :)

Im new, can someone tell me how to disable build-in filament detection switch. Not in the user guide. Thanks. Mike

It's a software option under the setting menu on the Touch Screen.

Settings > Filament Check

Comments deleted.

Thank you very much for this print - absolutely great! I used your gx files and was very impressed with the finish you managed from my printer. Would it be possible to list what settings you used? The flat surfaces especially were much smoother than I have been able to manage from tweaking settings.

Thank you for your feedback. We are glad you had good use of the .gx files. We just used the standard settings, with the exception of adding more top layers (4 in total).

FYI - the design of this arm is flawed. It pulls the filament to one side and when you get down to ~25 % of a spool, it will jam and mess up your print. After building up 4 spools with 25% left I decided to hack together an extension, I did this by simply cutting and pasting in the finder app. It brings the arm around so it doesn't pull to the edge. https://imgur.com/gallery/fHyFL

not a downloadable design, just a pic?

Made a design based on yours. Works. Thanks for the tip UKRifter.


modifisert arm

Would you be willing to make one and sell it to me?

Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for!

Fantastic! Printing now using the premade .gx files just for the Finder. Smart move and convenient!

Comments deleted.

You guys need to create some kind of webcam mount for the Finder, other than the GoPro.

Thanks for your suggestion! We'll consider it for a forthcoming project. :)

Printing this now from the precalculated gx files. Thank you so much for designing it and putting the gx files out there too! One question though: what is the point of the screw on cap on the end of the arm? It might become obvious once I have it all printed out and am putting it together, but I can't determine its purpose from just looking at the pictures. It's not taller than the lip, so it doesn't seem to add much to keeping the spool on. Does it just add strength to the lip in some fashion?


Hi, Daniel!

We are glad you liked the spool holder for the Finder 3D printer. The purpose of the cap is as follows below. Please also check the second paragraph of the description.

"The holder's axle is hollow to accommodate one or more units of the Universal Filament Filter and Lubricator. The end of the axle has a thread that fits the corresponding screw cap."

still confused... so am i supposed to store unused filament filters inside there? it doesn't seem that the filament passes through this area. i can see putting the filter(s) at the end of the lateral arm (tube holder)... but i just don't get why the end of the "axle" would have this opening (congruent to the flat outer side of the filament spool itself)

none of the images show this being used... seems odd to incorporate filter storage, but that's all i can figure here.

Doh! Didn't connect the dots on that sentence.

Thanks again for a great design!

You are welcome Daniel :)

I find that the position of the filament holder causes the filament to rub on the edge of the spool. It would be a bit better if the arm curved round the edge of the spool a bit. Although I did hack a version together, my Fusion 360 can't import STL files, and doing a 'cut-and-shut' with Tinkercad is a bit messy - and screws up your URL a bit ;-)

Just discovered that Fusion 360 can upload.STL files, so will try something better than Tinkercad for modding the arm.

I try to print any of the files in my FlashForge Finder and the LCD Screen says File open failed. Please Help

Make sure that you copy the .gx files onto a USB stick before you open them via the LCD screen. Many try to copy the .stl files and that does not work since you have to slice them first. Copy the following files to the USB stick and please try again.

  • FinderSpoolHolder_AXLE.gx
  • FinderSpoolHolder_TUBE.gx
  • FinderSpoolHolder_CAP.gx

That wasn't my problem, my problem was that the file name was too long, the flashforge finder has a 30 character limit without any special symbols (;,_,-,/,&,@,) but thanks for the answer anyways.

That wasn't my problem, my problem was that the file name was too long, the flashforge finder has a 30 character limit without any special symbols (;,_,-,/,&,@,) but thanks for the answer anyways.

This is exactly what I needed to find today. I just setup my Finder yesterday and discovered 2 of my spools are too big for the cartridge. Thanks for making this.

You're welcome! :) We are glad you liked it.

This looks very impressive as is something I would like to make as I purchased 1Kg spools with my FlashForge finder. I am new to 3D printing and am unsure as to how to print the axle 95 as it doesn't fit on my platform when I load the file into FlashPrint. I have tried rotating it and have managed to get it to fit but it will a lot of support which won't give me the same finsih as you guys seem to have.

Thanks Mike for your kind comment and question. :)

The standard shorter version of the axle, which is 3D-printable on the Finder in one go, should work for most 1 kg spools. The 95 mm long version is an adaptation we uploaded by request from users. It is not possible to print that on the 140 x 140 mm build plate in one piece.

Nevertheless you can use the "cut" feature in FlashPrint to divide the part in two smaller pieces which you then can print separately and glue together. Alternatively you could ask a friend with a larger 3D printer to print that file for you.

Many thanks. I'd obviously picked up the first axle which happened to be the 95mm. The shorter one will work fine for me. I currently have it printing. Thanks again.

Here is a video by Chris from the "UKRifter 3D Printing" channel on how he printed and assembled this filament spool holder.

What depth spools does this design fit?


You're welcome :)

By the way... there is a 95 mm long version already you can try. The file is called: External_spool_holder_for_the_FlashForge_Finder_3Dprinter-Axle(95_mm_clearance).stl

Thanks for your question! It will take spools up to 80 mm (3.15 inches) between the outside of the flanges. Please let us know if you need a larger axle. We can make an extended version and upload it here.

Thanks, I will measure up and give it a try :-).

Is possible to create version with longer axle? Our spools have 90mm width. :(

No problem! :) We made and uploaded a longer version with 95 mm clearance. It will not fit into the build volume of the Finder. If you have access to another printer or a friend who has a machine with larger build volume, you can print it there. Otherwise you can easily split objects in FlashPrint using the Cut command and then glue them together.

The new file is called: External_spool_holder_for_the_FlashForge_Finder_3Dprinter-Axle(95_mm_clearance).stl

Comments deleted.

will it hold hatch box filament

Unfortunately we don't know the inner hole diameter of the Hatch Box filament spools. But anything with a hole of 33 mm in diameter or larger will pass over the tip of the holder's axle. Please see the attached drawing added to this thing.

Comments deleted.

What are the holes for connecting the two main parts? Steel wire?

The holes are only necessary if the tolerances during 3D-printing are low and the parts keep falling apart. Then you can insert a small nail, or a piece of 1.75 mm filament. That will keep them fixed together. Another alternative is to glue them together.

AH! Well, it fits perfectly =)

Any suggestions on infill?

Thanks for asking. You can use the standard settings in FlashPrint to print these parts. Normally that is 15% infill. We have now updated this thing with pre-sliced ready-to-use .gx files you can copy to a USB stick and print directly on the Finder. Download the file Pre-sliced .gx-files ready-to-print files for FlashForge Finder.zip which contains these files.