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walking table model

by ekaggrat Dec 5, 2013
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Awesome model! One question. I am confused what the large holes in the pivots on the legs are for. Shouldn't they also be M3 sized holes? I have studied the sketchup model. It shows larger holes but gives no explanation. So are the M3 bolts that connect the crankshaft triangles to the leg pivots, supposed to be loose? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

which holes are you referring to? can you post a pic ? thanks.

Small holes are circled in red. large holes in blue. Sorry for the bad microsoft paint photo.

oh this , i forgot to mention .you need 5.5mm or 5mm pcb spacers or alternatively u can cut brass pipe of that diameter. basically it acts as a bush, without it everything will bind and have no movement... If you cant get any of those you can use printed spacers that i have used in my holo clock design but you will need to add a lot of grease to make them smooth..

p.s i leave my models a little incomplete so that i know when someone actually builds it rather than just collecting the 3d files :)

Ok. I also noticed the spacers in between the motor mounts, so I figured that was probably the case. Thanks for all the info and help. I will post my build pics once I get this thing together.

Is there any assembly instructions or diagrams available for this project? It looks awesome and really want to give it a go....

Hi. I've been researching some of the strandbeest designs and can't figure out why it needs "6 pair of legs" like the one you have here. Is it possible to just have 2 pair of legs? Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

min possible legs is 4, anything less it topples over. even 4 is a bit unstable. It is not like other walking robots and walks very smooth on 6 legs. most walking robots tend to swing on their walking gate.

HI can you just tell which motor you have used

6v 1:30 geared motor if i remember right.

i have assembled 3 legs of one side and dose it needs 2 motors ?

yes it needs two motors. i was intending on controlling the motor independently so that you can remote control it and then make it turn... but never did it.. you can try

ok cool so just can give me a 2nd link for the motor because in india i dint got it

Which city u are from?

i think these motors are easily available in mumbai.. check the local market.

Hi! Do you have some more detailed assembly instructions for this? I have printed two legs and the braces but struggle in assembly.

use the sketchup model to see what goes where. i don't have my model with me now so I cannot make a detailed instruction file.. tell me where are you stuck?

Thanks! I forgot that you had a sketchup model!

I think there is a mirror issue with the small leg with the diagonal piece on it... and the piece it connects to...

Can you upload a exploded view of how did you assembled this?
Awesome :)

Hi, I'm definitely doing this next. I would like to ask you about motor and battery. I'm somewhat new to electronics. I played a bit with arduinos and servos and leds. In the 15th of this month I'm ordering plastic for this and I am definitely going to start printing and figure out what i need but i thought you cold save me some time and effort by telling me this.
How much plastic did you use? Estimatively, more than 1kg?
What kind of battery did you use? Or what kind of battery is the more appropriate for this ?
And what kind of motor? In the instructions it says 1:100 ratio 6v geared DC motors. Could you post a pic or a link?

Awesome stuff. Thanks for contributing this project :) .

this is the motor i used ...


but you could replace it with any gear ratio you like.... at first 1 used a 1:30 ratio motor but the table was running too fast to catchup with :) ... the batteries used are common AAA size batteries... the battery box is a little hard to build as you need to insert copper strips in it for the contacts.. if you want you could just use one available in the market....

and i used around 0.8 kg of white ABS at 0.25 layer height and 50% infill... good luck with the build

Thank You for the reply. Can't wait to get started :) . I spoke to people about acquiring plexiglas and maybe wood instead of plastic for the long parts. I am interested to scale it up a bit and i had issues with warping on large/long pieces.
Will post pics and stuff as soon as i have something to show :).

oh my goodness! this would have been so great to find last year, a few of my buddies and i were doing a robotics competition and we wanted to make the theo Jansen mech, do you mind if i use this model for the robot competition this year?

Sure you are free to use it...just post a pic of the build

Print in ABS or PLA?

i have no experience with pla,,,, i made it in abs

How big is the finished printed-out model? I'm considering about trying to build one of these and would like to see how big I could possibly get it. It's hard to judge from the individual pieces and the images of it assembled.

it is approximately 400 mm x 170 mm x 130 mm

absolutely awesome, I love how the table keeps level as it walks

that's the beauty of the theo jansen's mechanism....

it seems to be inspired by the Theo Jansen creatures. isn't it ?

sure it is ... i have even mentioned it ....

Please have you detailed assembly diagram?

i have added a file called " model assembly.skp " it contains the detailed assembly model. hope it helps

Thanks, is very useful, but in leg_set is repeated a piece with a big hole, and I see only one of this used in the design, is this right?.
Other cuestion, for what is the big holes and not the same size of others?. What rod or screw is used here?

yes there is a spare piece because sometimes it tends to fail to print..... the big hole is for the triangular piece with the rod ( which is present in the cross brace set ) .... u will need m3 ( or 1/8 inch) nuts and bolts and m3 threaded rods to put it together....

Thanks for clarification, but for what is the big hole bigger of m3?. I start mount a few days ago.

Please see the sketch up file it will make things more clear for you ...

I will definitely want to try to make one! Parts look well executed for SLA 3D printing. The video was VERY cool! Thank you!

That is SOOOOOO creepy! But I like it....

think about it in full size that will be SCARYYYY!!....