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T-Rex Skeleton - Leo Burton Mount

by lordlilapause Dec 12, 2016
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Hi, I'm trying to determine how much to scale this up to fit on a shelf, how wide is the model?

Just read comments... ->

Jul 4, 2018

Hello, how big is the mounted model? I wanted to know to decide to climb it. Thank you.
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lordlilapause - in reply to DiegoCosta
Jul 4, 2018

Hi. Why you dont scale it in the size YOU want?
The normal Trex is about 90cm long.

I did read the comments. Did you read my question? That comment does not answer my question.

I need the width not the length. Without knowing the width, I can't determine how big I can make it and still have it fit on my shelf.

I WANT to make it as big as will fit on my 25 inch wide shelf. But If I don't know how wide the 100% model is, I don't know what size to scale it.

Why don't YOU just answer the question? Then I WILL make it as big as I want.

How about download it and figure that out for yourself? The maker is not required to answer any questions. Don't be a d**k.

Hello where can we find this part please ?

It’s called the gastralium, I think. That my original resin model from eBay. Don’t think it’s on the 3d model version.

There isnt such a part.

Any way to get the ribs separated into individual parts? My printer freaks out if I try to print them as one file and fails every time. Every piece of software I try to load the STL file in crashes or doesn't load or freezes when I try to break them apart.

Comments deleted.

what's the length of this printed at 100%?

Is it just me or is the skull elongated?

I am having a hell of a time printing the skull of this thing, it rips off my bed at about 80% done. Ive tried a few times, I've added 25 line brim to it, rotating it, nothing helps. Any ideas?

mine too, I'm increasing my brim width to 40 lines and also adding a .1mm z hop height in my next try. :/

From my experiences, glue helps a lot.

There is an issue with the Dorsal_1. The pin hole cuts through the outer layers

ARGH this thing is frustrating to put together the ribs just snap like there is no tomorrow :/ I have had to reprint twice.

just use a solder iron or hot knife to melt them together; I had a few issues with the ribs as well.

This looks great, cant wait to print it. What print file is the largest in terms of length? I want to scale them all to the same size and as large as my printer can build.

Hi, the biggest part is the hip.


dein Remix gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut.
Cool umgesetzt!
Welche Filament Farbe hast du denn dafür verwendet?

Hi und danke.
Ich hab dafür eigentlich nur Rester von meinem Filamenten benutzt. War relativ bunt, schau mal bei dem Makes, da sind mehr Fotos. Auch von meinem.

Ok, verstehe.
Das heißt, du hast das ganze erst braun grundiert und dann wie in dem Video zu sehen die schwarze Farbe aufgebracht!?
Hast du es aus PLA gedruckt?
Gruß und Danke im Voraus .

I was just browsing thingiverse when I stumbled across this page and did a double take! I thought ‘that looks just like my t-Rex!’, when I saw it WAS my t-Rex! This is hilarious! I think it’s awesome that there are more mounts inspired by my version.
Mine was a resin cast from Thailand (about 5 years ago) way before I got a 3D printer.

The pose is inspired by Jurassic Park when the t-Rex breaks through the fence and roars.

Painting was achieved by spraying the bones in Matt black, then dry brushing Burnt Umber/burnt sienna and a few others.
The model was actually capable of balancing free-standing on his legs (by pure accident) but was secured with pins into the base.

It’s so trippy to see my version printed in a bevvy of different ways with one even printed about 8ft long! That’s a LOT of print time and filament!

Thanks @ lordlilapause for making the STL file, for others to enjoy as well!

Wow. Very nice that you post a comment. And its nice taht you found it on thingiverse.
Thats a remix from the Makerbot TRex, but that was so boring. So i saw your TRex @ "http://brantworks.com/t-rex-kaiyodo-kit.php" and said, TAHTS IT. I will pose this into THIS.
And this was my first longer work with a 3D program to repose all bones and make it printable.
Thanks that you like it so much =D
Here is a picture from my 120cm Trex that ave my office.

Hello Very nice work. What paint do you use for the old bones/stone effect ?

Comments deleted.

Hello, how big is the mounted model? I wanted to know to decide to climb it. Thank you.

Hi. Why you dont scale it in the size YOU want?
The normal Trex is about 90cm long.

Thank you. I needed to know the original size to know how much I need to change.

for ppl asking how they made it stand on its own they used metal bars attached to the feet and it runs into the base

Great work! Thank you!

Hi, My right femur doesn't fit, Any ideas?

Hi, try make the connector warm then trun it in.

Its not the connector that won't go in, its the femur bone that won't fit. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did you overcome it?

I just finished printing the original at 200%. Took forever but I haven't assembled yet. Today I run across your version and I'm in love! If I wanted to convert my current model to yours do you know what modified pieces I'd have to reprint to fit with the original? Or are they all modified in some way?

Hey weisst du zufällig mit welcher Max % Skalierung ich den Drucken könnte auf einen Prusa i3 MK2s?
Vielleicht hast du ja schonmal daran gedacht und geguckt was Maximal geht.

Hi, schau mal bei den makes vorbei.
Ich hab nen prusaclon mit 18x18x18cm zuhause, rausgekommen sind 1.16m Saurier.
Das höchste Teil ist in dem Fall die obere Hüfte, die hab ich so gedruckt das dieser Verbindungsstab nur 2-3cm lang ist.
Wenn man alles mit 2K Kleber verbindet passiert da auch nichts.

So will this model stand on is own or do you have it pinned to the stand you have in your picture?

you have to pin it. I printed a stand for it and melted the bottom of the feet to it.


T-Rex stand

I am curious on how they made the stand in the picture too. That one seems very decorative.

I mentioned it before, buy an IKEA Ribba Picture Frame (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50378448/), print some additional rods to hold the feet level with the frame and fill the frame with aquarium white pebbles

Here is an Amazon link to white pebbles

Oh nice. Are the rods on thingiverse too?
Thank you.

no, but they wouldn't be too hard to make and print. A better idea would be to use a few large paper clips bent into a rod shape with a wide base, then taped or glued to the base or the frame. The rocks should hold it sturdy. You could also heat the paperclip up enough to puncher a hole in the base of the T-rex feet to give it a stronger hold and balance....makes me want to do it now...dang it

What is the Leo Burton mount? I tried googling and can't seem to find who Leo Burton is.

When bones are found they're of an animal that died, usually on lying on its side, with limbs under/over/across/crushed, bones mixed up, etc. The "mount" is imagining a live pose for the animal and arranging the bones (mounting them) using a sturdy frame often of steel rods to hold it up in that position.

I believe Leo Burton is a remix of this version. Mount is in the file.

T-Rex Skeleton

Sure its a remix, and i taged it.
Check "Thing Details"

Yes, thank you. I'm aware that it's a remix of the t-rex skeleton, but "I like the Leo Burton Mount so i created it =D HF printig it =" suggests that the Leo Burton Mount is a thing that exists somewhere in the real world, like at a museum or something. My question was more about that.

Check it there, found over google:
just scroll down a little bit

Thanks! I didn't realize that it was a mount designed by another hobbyist, I thought it was the name of a specific museum piece or something.

What about printing a frame or buy an IKEA Ribba Picture Frame, and load white pebbles in it?

How do the ribs fit? Mine dont click in anywhere

Love this print, although it looks like the head is proportionally too small for the body ?
Ive not re-scaled any parts

hallo :)
Super remix ;)

leider hab ich iwie probleme mit der verbindung von TRex_Femur_1 und und TRex_hip_1_new.
mach ich da was falsch oder passen die teile nicht perfekt?

Bitte um Hilfe :D

Hi, danke. Am besten wens nicht ganz passt die Heizung Stecker leicht erwärmen und das Bein in die richtige Position drehen. Dann abkühlen lassen und gut ist. Oder was meinst direkt?

Sorry if I've missed it but what is the length of this at full scale?

Very nice! 1 question: Why did you change the shape of the skull (larger overall and proportionately longer) from the Makerbot version?

I found the skull looks too small, 1/7th of the body, but RL rex is more like 1/5th, might reprint the skull but bigger

I've just started printing this. 80hrs of printing. But this will be worth it.

love the paint job :)

great job . i am printing now at the momen the skull and jaw finisched . but many many supports needed manualy sittet

I used rafts and supports on all my parts. if using cura, change it to grid supports too.