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Printable Dice Tower

by 3dYeti Dec 4, 2013
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You have to pick it up and move it to see what you rolled.....?

God forbid, right?

I'm way too lazy for that! Good design though!

Very cool tower, I will say for me there was 0 reason to add any supports. I did do a small brim to hold it better to the base but that was it. Printed great! Thanks.

Beautiful, elegant design. One of my favorite things I've printed so far.

For some reason when I use Cura to slice this it's very small with no print time. Any idea why?

shows size as 4.2 x 4.2 x 6.5mm.

If I scale the "Z" to 165mm it become 108 x 108 x 165mm. 18 hour print time with 20% infill. Does that seem correct?

How small can this be scaled down? To fit only 1 dice through? I'm trying to cut down on print time.

You know what would make this even better? caps for the ends so it could also be used as a dice carrying case... :)

Thanks for the great design!

Is that main photo a render or did you actually print it that way? How is it so transparent?

Thanks for the design, looking forward to printing it! I'm having scaling problems I guess. What should the height be? 165,10mm?

Can you scale it up by 25.4? That should bring it from mm to inches.

Yes, that's what I did and got a height of 165mm (6,5"). Already printed and in use, thanks a lot! :)

This is absolutely beautiful. I've made a few so far, and it's one of my favorite things to print.

I work with sketchup. What is your sofware ? Freecad, Solidworks ... ?
With freecad I do not know how to model the twister, same for solidworks.
With setchup I trace a paralépipéde I twiste After that I empty inside, leaving a wall thickness of 1,5 mm, ACET moment the walls are deformed.
Excuse me for my english google.

I use Autodesk 3ds max. Are you asking how I got the inner panels to be twisted inside? I modeled those in place before twisting the tower as a whole.

I work in Sketchup. How do you turn a modelize your twisted. I get that but when I lift him inside it does not work.
Thanks for your help.

I am having trouble interpreting what you are asking. I did not model this in Sketchup. Are you asking how to twist a mesh? That would depend on what program you are modeling with.

When I open it in M3D software or in CURA I get a really really small object... Why's that? I can't change from mm to inches, so can you try exporting it in mm... Not sure if that's the problem...
Also, any way of getting a smaller filesize?

Can you scale it up by 25.4? That should bring it from mm to inches.


Beautiful dice tower! I've created a website to gather all board game improvements to inspire and showcase. Would you be interested in adding it to the Board Game Level Up site? Or I could help you with it, but still giving you the credit. www.boardgamelevelup.com


Neat site. As long as no one is making money off of the model/prints, and you credit me by linking back to this page I am ok with it.

Great, thank you. No, monetizing from your models and a link here will be present.
If you create a user or give me an email to use and I'll create a user for you. So I can connect the items to you so you'll have the control to edit or delete them in the future if you want and also gets the credit for making them.

I love this thing. I made 5 to give to all the players in my gaming group. Prints very well on my FlashForge Creator Pro with no supports.

I attempted to print using Taulman Tglass in blue. In general it was printing fine but when I woke up the next morning I found a single layer thick closing the inside off level with the bed at about 3/5th height. I had to attempt t reach scissors in to cut it out. Is this because of the slicing engine?

What slicer are you using? I had no issues slicing with Simplify3D.

What is the max size of dice per die that can be used? i.e. 11mm or 25mm


What a lovely design!

Is anyone else having trouble slicing this in Slic3r? It doesn't slice correctly for me. I tried to repair it in NetFabb with no luck. Any suggestions? This looks like a great model and I would love to print it!

I have had no issues using simplify3d for slicing, but have not used slic3r for a long time. What's your modeling software? Would it help if I uploaded a different format for you the mess with?

I'm using Repetier-Host and Slic3r. I tried using NetFabb's cloud service again, and this time it seemed to be able to fix the issues. I will be trying to print it soon, and will post pics. Thanks!

Is the picture of the clear one just a rendering?

That is correct.

Any chance of getting the source files? I may make a taller version.

What are you looking for other than the attached *.stl's?

What did you use to make it? You can't really easily edit STL files so I'm looking for .step, sketchup or whatever you used to make it in its native format.

You can't edit .stl's? I use 3dsmax, and I edit client .stl's all the time. I could upload a 2x tall version if you'd like. Is that what you are looking for? Can you edit a *.max file?

It is difficult in most software. It is an export format for them. I didn't know 3dsmax did that though I'm on OS X so I don't have it.

I just want to make a tower that's twice as tall with six ramps instead of three. :-)

Uploading now. I can't wait to see your print!

Can you timelapse it?

We don't have a camera on the printer yet.