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Winged Victory of Samothrace

by CosmoWenman Dec 16, 2013
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Great model thanks a lot for sharing !!, I am printing this out in pieces ( scared to print a scaled down version of the full model incase it fails at the wing tips :) , knowing my luck, at least if it does when printed in pieces I wont lose the whole model )

the wing L2 has a rotation error when loading into s3d , I need to rotate the wing L2 on the Y axis by 0.08 degrees to get about 98% of the bottom layer printed, the other 2% gets printed on the 2nd layer, I am sure I can faff about in .001 degree increments to get it 100% printing on the first layer but that is at 100% scale, I am printing all the pieces at 75% scale to make the model approx 30cm tall to the wing tips for lost pla casting into Aluminium bronze when I finally get my finger out and build a forge, at 75% scale rotating Y to -0.05 degrees gets 100% of the wings base being printed on the first layer so happy days for me, just thought I'd give a heads up to possibly fix the file incase anyone struggles with that part, as you can see in the pic one end of the base is raised evident because the skirt and raft disappear under it, wing 2 image shows with Y rotated to -0.05


Thanks for the notice. I've reoriented the model and re-uploaded a new version, "20131015WVwingL2 (reoriented).stl", and deleted the previous version.

no worries mate thanks for responding, it is a great model I just wish I had the space and the means to print it out at full scale ;)

Beautiful work! Thank you.

Out of curiosity, I loaded up the file "20131202 WingedVictory_Full_Scale.stl" into Fusion360 and it's telling me its ~2.9E4mm (~95 feet) tall. At first I assumed that I need to scale everything by 0.100 to get it to the true actual size. Trying to find a more accurate height on the Internet, I get various numbers. I'm guessing that some are rounding differently or including/excluding the pedestal or something. Do you have the proper ratio to get this file to the true full size? Thanks

My model's units are millimeters. ~2.9 meters, or ~2900 mm sounds about right: just change the units in your app.

I just finished printing and assembling this beauty. Wow! Thank you so much. Amazing

I just saw this statue in person and was completely awe struck. Thank you for creating this model, I can't wait to print it.
Does anyone know if there's a model of the ships prow somewhere also? I fee it's part of the powerful appearance of the statue and would love to have it sitting on top.

Your work is brilliant, congratulations!

Thank you so much!

I have printed everything, but 20131015WV3body.stl which is to big for my software MatterControl. It is asking my to reduce Polygons to render. I thought that I will just cut it in half and then print the two parts! The software TinkerCad will not accepted a files larger then 25MB. So I am stuck and need your help. Could you please cut Body three is two parts.

Thank you in advance,


I've just uploaded a version with a sparser mesh. The file size is smaller than one of the wing parts, so if MatterControl handled the wing OK, this new one should be OK too. The filename is "20171020WV3body_decimated75pcnt.stl"

Thank you very much for this. I've always wanted one <3

Bravo! Looks beautiful!

The description written in the summary of this beautiful piece is inspiring. I had come across the Winged victory of samothrace by accident when i was looking for marble statues on google images.And again by good fortune, I have found it once more on this website. I feel very fortunate to have this powerful and elegant statue waiting to be printed for me. What a wonderful age we live in! where we can have beautifully recreated art in around five hours. Thank you COSMOWENMAN.

Amazing model! Would it be possible to get a version with both wings separated so they could be printed vertically? Support use would be greatly reduced. I would appreciate it!

Is there a way to get the full-figure under 50 MB?
I'd love to print this beauty being an art historian, but I have a Cube 3 & want to print a smaller one.

I've added a new file, "20150903 WingedVictory Full Scale Decimated to 1MTris"

Oh wow! Thank you so much :) This is beautiful! I am very excited to make a print!

I ve just printed it... so beautiful.
Next week I will go again to see it at the Louvre.

Thanks for sharing

if you were looking for a project:


The Loie Fuller lamp would be an awesome addition to your portfolio and I'd print one for sure.

Really cool Cosmo we have it imported into our virtual museum at http://wa692.avayalive.comhttp://wa692.avayalive.com

how long did it take you to print this awesome piece of art?
thinking of doing it too, but it looks like an awful amount of filament + time

I just saw that I forgot to upload the "cloak tail" piece. I'm uploading it now.

I am attempting to print this model (spectacular work, by the way!), but I believe that "20131015WV4.stl" has been uploaded in a different scale than the other pieces. Do you think you could upload that piece again at the same scale as the rest of the pieces?

I'm pretty sure it's at the correct scale -- several other people have printed the multi-piece model using this part. Maybe you accidentally rescaled it?

You are right. That must be what happened. Sorry for the false alarm.

Printing the 20" tall model's parts at .2mm layer height, 3 walls thick, no supports*, 0% infill**:

Base 5.8 hours
Feet 3.8 hours
2 3.9 hours
3Body 3.5 hours
3CloakTail 1.9 hours (*with raft+external supports)
4 2.1 hours
WingL1 2.1 hours
WingL2 1.7 hours
WingR1 1.8 hours
WingR2 1.5 hours

Total 27.9 hours

prepared my files with RepG0040, which at zero infill still prints
internal crosshatching underneath features that would otherwise be
hanging completely unsupported over empty internal volume. I'm pretty
sure Makerware does the same, but not everyone seems to have as much
luck printing with zero infill (I do it all the time).

I didn't weight mine before painting it, but I estimate it's about 500-to-600grams of PLA.

cool, thanks! I'll give it a try

This is amazing! I look forward to printing these someday soon. I want them in my home to help educate my children on art and culture.

Thanks for the art lesson.

Thank you ! I follow your work and bio since a while, and think it is one of the most wonderful application for 3d printing.
Art for everyone, culture in every head.

Thank you for your work. You are my hero!