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SpinSpinSpin, the BEARING-LESS Fidget Spinner

by Matthew813 Dec 12, 2016
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Novel idea, it really is, but I can't not point out what I believe to be quite a significant flaw in your thinking here. "Are the bearings truly necessary?" ... yes ... entirely. Every video about fidget spinners I've seen talk about either a) how long it spins or b) the centripetal force experienced when tilting the spinner, both of these features requiring a long spinning bearing, something you simply can't 3d print, at least not small enough for a fidget and at least not easily. But I understand your reasoning with not having parts, but honestly you can go to your local skate shop, or zumiez, or any remotely skate-oriented store and pick up a set of 8 bearings for like 18 bucks, and if you own a 3d printer but can't afford 18$ for the parts to make anywhere from 2 - 8 fidget spinners I would be a little bit concerned about how you allocate your money. But do not take this to say I'm bashing your work here, you have made a nice model I might even print one myself if for no other reason than because I like print-in-place models quite a bit, and simply due to its small size it could be fun in its own right, but I would just want anyone wanting to print one of these as their only spinner that this is simply an alternate fidget and in no way a replacement for what everyone on the internet is going crazy over and if you print one to try to see what the craze is all about you will not get the proper experience by any extent of the imagination.

I made this thing all the way back in September and only posted it it when it was completed in December. Back then fidget spinners where absolutely nowhere as common or known, and bearings weren’t exactly as cheap (in small quantities.) Nowadays you can get 30 608ZZ bearings for like 17 dollars. Back then I spent all my money on other project and fidget spinners weren’t exactly as profitable or worth the time as they are now. By no means whatsoever are these fidget spinners better than bearing’d fidget spinners, but when I ask the question: "are the bearings truly necessary?” Is very subjective. I for one like bearing less fidget spinners because they have a feeling to them, and they aren’t exactly smooth so they have a small vibration and sound that I enjoy. With bearing’d fidget spinners there isn’t that kind of constant tactile feedback (if you get what I mean.) Also, since most FDM machines aren’t perfect, each one of these are unique in how they are fabricated. So, really its ones opinion which is better r which they like more. I’m just a mechanical person so you can’t really blame me. :)

Also down in the remixes a guy made a bracket for this that allows you to add weights for much longer spin times. I mainly use a fidget cube nowadays so I’ve really lost interest in fidget spinners, but they make good profit on eBay! ;D

For those wanting to smooth the mating surfaces for even longer spins than it is already capable of right off the printer, squirt some toothpaste in between the gaps & spin it for awhile, then completely wash the toothpaste out of it with warm water. The mild abrasiveness of the toothpaste polishes the mating surfaces for a smoother/longer spin. [ NOTE: I can't take credit for this hint . . . I got it from 3xploder0 (https://www.thingiverse.com/3xploder0) in the comments section of the "Gear Bearing" (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:53451) ]


Gear Bearing
by emmett

Cool! Sounds interesting. Ive tried dunking this thing in sand and spinning it for a while then when i wash it off it spins pretty well.

I love these spinners and wonder if you could help me put my name on the side of one. I'm a teacher and I would love to print them for my students to use in class! Thanks! Mrs. Westhoff

Sure thing! Do you want it to say “Mrs. Westhoff” on all four sides of the spinner? Which spinner model would you like? What font?

Just one side would be great! I would love the W1+, it's a hit in my class! Just regular arial font is fine. Thanks so much!

Hey Matthew,
I printed your G1 classic design and it only gave me 3 rotations before stopping. To reduce friction, I sanded the inside of the bearing and coated it in graphite (as a lubricant) and got 6-7. I even took pressurized air and got it spinning, but even after many times (trying to reduce inside friction through usage) it went back to only 6-7 rotations. Do you have any tips? I was wondering if part of it was the square design and I am doing this as a school project so ball-less bearings are something I might be looking into. Thanks!


50% infill
Davinci 3.0 printer
Time: 1 hour 19 minutes

Thank you for trying it! For the G1, really the only thing I can suggest is to spin it more. The more you spin it the better it gets.

I HIGHLY recommend you print the Spinspinspin G2X. The G2X is sooooo much better and smoother. You will not regret printing that one if you want more rotations!


Thanks again and good luck with your project!

Spinspinspin G2X Bearing-less spinner

Just printed one of these in 40 minutes. Right off the build plate still warm it spins like a top. Very well done.

No supports needed, printed at 20% .3 layer height

Nice! Thanks for printing. I suggest that you’d take a look at the G2X if you have the time. It is much better than the G1.
Thanks! -Matthew

I've had a couple of attempts with the G1.1 spinner but had failed prints due to the finger spinner not building up correctly during the print. I'm using Cura 2.3.1, looking at the layers I can see that it's not slicing well. I presume the wall thickness of the finger holder section is too low to trigger a wall to be printed at about 1/4 and 3/4 heights.

The G1+ didn't have the issue so I've stuck with that one.

Yes I made a mistake in making the inner ring too small, I have just uploaded a previous version of the G1. So if you still wish to print it, you shouldn’t have any issue with it.

That worked just fine, thanks. I sunk my son's name into the side of the model using tinkercad, one very happy boy!

Happy to hear! Thanks for your feedback.
Good day! -Matthew

ok serious question, does this thing actually work, maybe you could add a video because im not sure

Comments deleted.

It turns out, the spinner should print fine for you, I t was just a problem with my slicer. Hope you consider trying it!

This is probably the best thing I have printed so far... Super impressed with the design!!

Wow! Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it. :)

Thanks works fantastic and I love using it to help me think and just to mess around with! Super happy with the design!!

Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed it! Mind if I ask which version you printed?

Thanks & Happy new year! -Matthew



I've printed it and it looks great :)

Thanks for your design!

Just for you to know, when trying to remove the fidget from the build plate, the central part of it broke into two pieces. I'm being able to glue it together using chloroform (I'm printing with PLA).

Hello! Thanks for trying it!

I personally have never heard of this happening before. What infill were you using? I’ve tried 2.5% at least and it still pops off fine for me. Also, as an added bonus, the higher the infill, the easier it’ll be to spin. I also normally use HATCHBOX Pla. It is strong, very cheap, and it prints beautifully! I’ve never had a failed print with that. (Not a paid ad. Just a recommendation. :)
I didn’t know that you could glue PLA with chloroform! Thanks for teaching me that!

Merry Christmas! -Matthew

I've used 30% infill.

I'm using a PLA from a spanish supplier (I live in Spain, so is cheaper than importing from other places).

You're welcome, I'm glad to be helpful :)

Merry Christmas to you too!

Mine works great. Nice design!

been looking for one of these for a while hope it works

works wonderfully

I’m happy to hear it works well for you!

Comments deleted.