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Business Card Glider

by LoboCNC Dec 11, 2016
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I tried printing this twice. Fell over both times right at 120mm. I even added my own supports for the second print.

Are you using a raft or a brim when you print. That'll help stabilize it.

I used a raft for both prints.

Did it break off at the raft, or elsewhere? You could try a brim, which gives much better adhesion. However, I suspect the problem is that as you print the wing sections, you could be getting some curling on the overhang and the the extruder is catching on that. Maybe try printing slower, with more cooling, or with a lower extruder temp.

My print keeps falling over when it reaches 120mm. Printing on a Prusa Mk3 with a 10mm brim. Any tips?

Has anyone tried printing this upside down?

it seems I either did something wrong or am just a brute. I I snapped the fuselage and the launch stick while trying to free it from the supports and bridges. I see that maybe the supports are not needed but it seemed so fragile, Do I need supports?. It didn't seem like I was putting any undo pressure on the model as I was cutting it free. I used hatchbox PLA. Is there a better material?

Yes, the fuselage is a little fragile, but if you broke it while separating the launching stick, then I suspect you are not getting sufficient layer adhesion. Try raising your extruder temperature, lowering your print speed, decrease your fan speed or using thinner layers, or some combination - all will improve layer adhesion.

thanks. will keep updated

I'm curious if you found a fix? I'm about to print and would like to know just in case I come across the same issue. Maybe OP could update his verbiage with some info "just in case".


It was as LoboCNC stated. We were having trouble with layer adhesion. It is fragile and supports are needed. But I finally got a good print and it still flies well.

It expects the infill in the nose for proper weight distribution (aka Center of Gravity) as noted.

With PLA I snapped the fuselage on a hard landing. With PETG it seems too floppy.

I also needed a brim to print.

Hello, great idea this Card glider. I would like to modyfy the shape. It is possible to get the CAD data?
Thanks in Advance.

Googliola, did you ever get your problem solved? I am also using a Prusa and had to slow the build speed down to 25%. The problem is the bed moves so fast that the top of the model actually vibrates- like a skyscraper in an earthquake.

Love the idea, but after three failed attempts, I wonder what my problem is....I used a huge brim with PLA on PEI sheet (Prusa MK3), slowed down the printer to 60%, but I suspect that my slicer (slic3r dev) has a hiccup at around 80% and creates a blob which then knocks off the print. As I dont babysit the whole time, I will try Kisslicer for a change and check if it makes the difference.

Did any one have a video flying this.... thanks

not that I've seen but it is reported to fly really nice. im printing one today to see myself also.

Any suggestions for scale of this model? When I open it in MakerBot for my Replicator 2x, it opens too large (just a little on the z axis) for my print area, which seems a little large. It is opening for me at 48.99mm x 29.24mm x 161.30mm. Is that correct?


If it is a little too tall in the Z axis, you should be able to scale just the Z axis by, say, 90% to make it fit.

LOL i was wondering why it broke right of the bed but then read the instructions and learned that i had to fold and slot in the card. silly me.
Side note. dont print on 15% infill. the launcher broke immediately

Comments deleted.

Thanks for the nice design,but the fuselage breaks to easy. It would be nice if you upload one with a thicker Fuselage or Upload the sourcefile,so i can modify it myself.

it would be kool to print the fuse from tpe ninja flex rubber.

Could you also use notecards for this or is it exclusive to the specific size and/or thickness of business cards?

The glider is designed for US standard business cards (2" x 3.5") but you can certainly cut down a note card to a size that will fit. If your cards are not quite thick enough for a good friction fit, you can always tape the wings in place.

Thanks! I just wanted to know in advance. I am getting the CReality CR-10 in the next 1-3 weeks(depending on shipping) and found lots of interesting, useful, and/or cool things to print. This was one of the first things that caught my eye

Nice design! If it's possible, can you make a video on the glider?

This is by far the coolest print yet... Nothing I've printed has made me glow like a 7 year old. First 2 prints failed due to being knocked over, even though my bed adhesion is pretty darn good. Put a raft on the 3rd try and she came out PERFECT. The airfoil shape is PERFECT it glides soooo nice. Haven't tried the rubber band launcher yet. The cards fit BEAUTIFULLY. I printed mine at .30/layer just for speed and it still came out perfect just not as smooth as .2 would be.

Thanks for the great "thing"!

Hey, thanks! Post your "make" of it if you get a chance - I'd love to see how it turned out.

This wasn't an easy print, but I did two of them. One worked out. The second got knocked over.
The other is lost in the house by the kids... When I find It, I'll try to get a pick.

If you don't have really good bed adhesion, it's probably a good idea to print this with a raft or brim. That should work in case you never find your missing glider:)

I'm sure I was over extruding a bit. Using z hop is a good option as well.

Gorgeous! Would you post a video of the flight?

As soon as it stops raining here in Bellingham, I can get outside and give it a proper test and shoot a video. So far, I've just been bouncing it off the walls of the living room.

i feel like it must rain a lot in Bellingham

It is the Pacific NW...:)

Yeah, I grew up in Tacoma. Although I am fairly sure we never had it rain for over 2 years straight :P

It's these damned micro-climates.

Clever design and fun idea! :)