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Water Jet Drive

by ReneeCelDesign Dec 8, 2016
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I'm having trouble building supports to be able to print this. i have a Dremel 3D20, what software would you recommend to generate supports? or can you provide files with supports already?
Also, you mentioned that you have a revised version of this model, but it was not free, can you point me to where i can learn more information about that, or discuss via email?

Thanks in advance

What's a good high speed brushed motor and ESC for this? I want a cheap and powerful powerplant (I'm making the 300 mm workboat) so that I can Have a boat capable of pulling around a few pounds.

Ps. This thing is fantastic. Love this model.

What size shaft i can use?

quick question, what is the impeller size on the stock file? just trying to calculate how big i should print this for power estimates.

The stock file is 37.5 mm approximately i scaled it up by 133% and got a 50mm impeller,

Also Remember to reverse the impeller or the stator cone.

Otherwise the water will turn too abruptly ad maybe cause Cavitation thus Creating a substantial decrease in performance Cheers.

That looks awesome! I have a few questions. What did you use as a scale factor? What motor did you use? Great work!

i upscaled the original design to 150% to get a 55mm impeller diameter.
im running a 775 brushed motor from 18v drill (i believe 18000 rpm motor) have to run a 2.5:1 reduction in order for the motor to handle the 55mm.
if the 775 was direct drive print at the designed file size.

thanx for this great design

i upscaled this bad boy and modified to fit in my kayak.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKvA-J8sbJY

Love to try the project but I'm not a real big boat guy. Thoughts on what would be a good hull to start with?

Here's a great boat file that I want to do to pull my brothers around in a kayak with.


380mm Long Twin Jet Drive Work Boat

Just tried your impeller in my Jet Ski and its heaps better than the one I had, gained maybe 1/4 more speed.

what size shaft did you use, was it close to a 4mm shaft

I'm going to use a drive shaft bought off of eBay. Look up item number 152808938160. It has a 4mm inner shaft and a 9.5mm sleeve. Both are stainless steel. Comes with a universal coupler too. You have to specify what size motor shaft when ordering. Of course, I won't be using the propeller that came with it.

What shadt length/ sleeve length did you choose, there are 6

I got the`15cm/10cm. I'm going to adapt a drive dog into the impeller to mate with the drive dog that comes with the shaft/sleeve. I'm deciding on how to support the impeller end of the shaft. I'll either add a support structure to the water intake part or install a bronze bushing into the fixed stator and have the 4mm shaft slide into that. I may also streamline the reversing cone with a single cup design similar to the attached photo.

Are these files sized for the 3d printed boat or the large one?

How can I calculate such a water jet drive myself?

Hello , just printed housing and impeller, is it maybe possible that stator vanes are made for left turning impeller ? I know that I can just mirror it, but just a question, haven't fitted it to the boat yet.


Hi boriss, the stator vanes are angled in the opposite direction to the impeller. What the stator does it stop the spin of water flow and direct it straight out the back with as little rotation as possible. Any rotation is lost energy.

Hello again, then I was right, since if you look from nozzle to forward, stator vanes curve to the right, so to stop left turning rotation of impeller , and impeller is designed to turn right not left, looking from behind. Anyways very nice design , really like it )))

Hmm, the stator vanes do seem to be backwards in relationship to the rotation of the impeller if the intention is to straighten the water outflow. I'm going to mirror the impeller for CCW rotation (looking from the outlet of the jet drive).

Where can I get motors like the ones he uses for controlling the water flow (the ones on each side of the boat).

Hi they are called servos they are used to control almost all rc vehicles and can be found with a quick Google search.

Hi! Nice work! I am going to use this design as inspiration for a jet drive propelled surf board. Why is it that you have static "fins" inside the stator cone right behind the impeller?

Hmm. Since all the comments are gone,
The stator fins stop the spinning from the impeller, and straighten the water jet for a smooth laminar flow. These aren't entirely necessary but do provide some support.

Comments deleted.

Awesome! what material did you print it in? :)

ABS or NGen. Neither degrades in water like PLA but ABS is good for the intake, motor mount, etc. but use a stronger material for the propeller/impeller, stator cone, reverse rudder, anything else under higher stress

Shaft size? Also this is awesome

I am using a 1/4" d-shaft from sparkfun. you will need to modify parts though I will be making a thing with modified parts for an underwater jetpack in the coming month

which motor exactly do you use?
And which Hull is that?

That is the by far most advanced jet drive I've seen so far... Not that I've seen many since I am not into 3d printing for long( I don't even have a printer)!

I Also Dont Have A Printer But I Wish I Had:(

Hi... Thanks for share !!!
You have this files in solidwork format ?
My e-mail fausto.rjr@gmail.com
Thanks for all !!!

Hi, sorry the files were not created in Solidworks.

Hello Lukas!

You wrote that you were testing your boat with a 150 A hobbywing 2045kV motor. I think the 150A are the maximum rating of the ESC? What is the maximum power of the brushless motor???

Thank you very much in advance!

Nice work,


The theoretical max hp of the motor is 3.81 that's running at 22.2 volts with the max 150amps. I also have a larger unit designed to power a large kayak which is proving to be very effective.

I am modifying it into a dual jet backpack using the turnigy aquastar 2800Kv

What size shaft did you use and how to you attach impeller to the shaft?

I am using a 1/4 inch d-shaft from sparkfun but you will need to redesign the hole

Very cool drive and boat hull. Nice work :)

I would love to see a video of how to assemble this drive and a list of other hardware you used?

Hi - Thanks for the great design. I have designed a little twin jet drive work boat to run two of these pumps printed at 50%.


I have shared the design in the above link. Hope you don't mind - I have credited you as the pump designer and linked this page.

So far they seem to be great little pumps and print and work well at 50% size!

Thanks again!

380mm Long Twin Jet Drive Work Boat

What software did you use to design this?

Can we get a detailed video of how to assemble this drive and a list of other hardware required please?

Sure, i will upload one soon.

What do you think, when will you be finished?

Thank you very much :D

the link of the shaft is down. and i dont know what i shuold took

Awesome design! I have printed these parts and they came out beautiful! I also have a hull on the way for this unit as well and all the parts (5mm shaft, bearings, motor, esc, etc.)

Is there any way to change the design so that the Inlet_Water_Jet_Drive would accept an 11mm wide outer diameter, by 4mm deep thick, 5mm inner diameter ball bearing where the shaft enters? The stator_cone file would also want the same ball bearing to accept as well when the shaft leaves through the impeller into the stator. This would improve performance, efficiency, and alignment greatlyl at these high rpms.

This is the bearing I'm referring to: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KHVK6WY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I can't wait to get this built after watching your videos of the boat. Without the editable files, I can drill the holes, but not nearly as precise as I can print them.

Thanks sooo much for posting a great design.

I am designing, and will post in the next few weeks, a sweet hull that can be 3D printed that this water jet drive can bolt right up too for everyone here.

How can we get the 3d printed boat and latest drive design?

The boat was not 3d printed only the drive system.

is this possible to downscale?

Yes, most slicing software will allow downscale.

which engine do you use?

Hi, i used a hobbywing 150a setup. Its a 2200kv motor i think with 11.1v lipo.

Awesome to finally see you've made the design public! But only after i just paid for them hahaha. In all seriousness i'am very impressed with the design and can't wait for future updates! (if improvements are even possible), would also like to see a "v" shape version for the inlet for those that don't have flat hulls.Also will you ever make the Cooling sleeve stl public?

I have complelely redesigned this unit for more thrust. This is now the old version that is up for free. Test vidoes to be up in the coming weeks! On my youtube channel Reneeceldesigns.

The cooling jacket did not work well as the plastic insulates the motor.

I can create a 'v' inlet, but at what angle would be the question.

Follow me on instagram.


Comments deleted.

Hi, you know i did the same thing with my boat. I started with a fan haha. I like your propeller boat, you should move the prop further away from the rear of the boat, to reduce cavitation. Should make it go faster!

I am very busy at the moment but if i get the chance i will.


Comments deleted.

I think I have the same boat. It used to be a twin engine toy boat right? I am loking for a jet drive to use it with a .21 nitro engine. About 1.9 hp

Yes it did :). I decided to give it some more power haha. Its a good boat shape with lots of room. The video i use a 11.1v lipo. I tryed it with 22.2v and this think rocketed... might have snapped the drive shaft haha.

Good to now. My only problem is the prop is the wrong way, and since I can't reverse the rotation of a gas engine I would have to make a new prop. I will keep this in mind though if all else fails

On most slicing software now uou can 'mirror' the part. This will give you the reverse rotation direction. Cheers.

Very nice. What do you do to seal the prop shaft.

I used a sleeved boat shaft. This has water proof grease inside to prevent water leaking down the shaft.

Do you have a link to the Sleeved Boat Shaft you used?

Very nice. What do you do to seal the prop shaft.

Very nice. What do you do to seal the prop shaft.

Very nice. What do you do to seal the prop shaft.