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Tangled Tower

by steinadler Dec 8, 2016
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Question has anyone had issues printing the middle piece of the top of this print? I've printed two and the print always messes up at the same location. It seems to shift all the time, the printing up to a certain location is fine then it shifts and messes it up. The funny thing is it's only certain areas as I stated above.

This is on the individual pieces not the full piece


So I printed the middle twice had issues twice, I went ahead and cut the piece in half and flipped it around so the outside is facing up and it came out perfect. I'm truly unsure if this is a printer issue or code issue because all other pieces came out fine. Now this is for the individual pieces not the full all in one tower. Looks amazing though great work on this I'll post my finished product!

Ok, so here some feedback after I printed the whole thing and trying to assemble & paint it now:

To start with, this is an amazing model and Iove the details, size and overall look of the tower. There are some issues however how the overall tower is broken into pieces.

1) Several pieces (as mentioned below) have a broken bottom layer. The layer does not cover the whole base and needs to be sliced out before printing.

2) The Tower_upper and roof_lower are a bit tight to connect. I had to sand it off for a while to be able to fit the upper part over the lower. The upside is that it actually connects without gluing it while other pieces don;t have any connectors and have to be free-hand adjusted and glued in place.

3) The roof pieces should (IMHO) be sliced in different places to avoid unnecessary gaps and to be able to stick the pieces together better. I wonder if it's possible to have the pieces split in natural section breaks in the model instead of slicing a continuous line in half.

4) The roof and roof_middle have a similar issue. The tiles are so nicely modeled and the roof line is broken by this issue. The issue is made worse by warping of the print.

5) the single-file model in the print is not identical with the sum of it's parts, specially the whole lower part is different.

6) The image on here with the black print is also different from the contents. the files are much more detailed than the photo, specially on the roof tiles.

I hope this does not come across too negative. I really love this model and as I read from the author, improvements are being worked on so I thought I share my experience building this.

Made on a Prusa MK3.

Thanks for the comments. As I mentioned I started as a 43 year old Newbie to 3D printing with a lot of experience in 3D modelling. But... I wasn´t used to 3D model for 3D printing. So the Tangled Tower started as a project for my little daughter, but went tricky during the process of printing. This was 3 years ago. But among the stl files there is also the one-piece-tower. Please feel free to slice and boole out connectors, meanwhile I´m working on an improved version within Fusion 360 (rooms to enter, doors and windows to be opened...)

Awesome work. Amazing detail. Keep us posted on the fusion model.

Awesome work!! I look forward to the Fusion 360 version.

Added the single piece model... But it might be difficult to print...!?!

Any chance that you could include the single piece model in the files?

Sliced it and the base 1 had an error, same with Base 2. Had to split of the bottom 1 layer and it went fine then.

Good to hear that... I´m working on a better file redesigning it within Fusion 360

Ah wow! Thanks! I am still printing the 1st base! I hope I can use whatever you are changing with then already printed pieces? Any ETA? I am sure it will take me some 1-2 more months to finish it....

Hi there,

Great design. What it the total height of the model after assembled?

My printed version is about 50cm...

Thanks for the reply :)
So, I get about 50cm in a 100% scale, right?

Yes it would be possible...BUT! In fact it is a matter of time... However, I did the final modelling in ZBrush, so the Masterfile with all the subobjects still exists...

Is it possible to make a version with window openings? I am thinking about printing a scaled-up version to be used as a play house for figurines.

Comments deleted.

I think it depends on the printer and the settings... With my Wanhao there were few problems with overhang printing. How I said, I´m a Newbie in modelling and therefore I make mistakes. If there is someone with more modelling experience, also with preparing or slicing models, I would really appreciate advices. In case of the Tangled Tower I still have all the original parts. Maybe it´s better to split it into pieces....

Hey, I have a question for the printing of overhang

is it difficult to print unsupported roof edge?

Great job!!

Just finished printing one. My daughter loves it, she's a big "Tangled" fan. I printed it in white so she could paint it. I used Cura 15.xx with no problems. I did have to scale it down quite a bit to fit my printer.

Model looks good but gives slicing errors, it has 11 open curves. I'd like to print one of these as a Christmas present, could you please fix the model?

Hello! I´m new to the 3D printing scene. The modelling is no problem, but I have not enough experiences in merging down the proper way. I could put the original ZBrush file on Dropbox. But I had no troubles with slicing and printing.

Could you do that? I don't know what slicing software you're using but it gave me the same errors in three different programs.

New to modelling? This looks pro level. How long have you been working with zbrush?
Very nice details.

Cyclone, thank you for your comment. Modelling isn´t that hard to get in, there are few things to consider. And ZBrush is like Photoshop Pro in 3D. But the thing I am struggling with is combining parts to get a proper model for 3D printing. Like the tower: Modelling the details takes time, but it can be done. But: Combining them I am looking for the perfect way.