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Humiliator - Airsoft Gun

by Snorri Dec 8, 2016
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what program are you using to make the models in ?

please keep up your amazing work!~

I'm somewhat new to airsoft and just want an opinion from someone who has more knowledge on these things than I do.

Im sure that you have found out by now , but these do not work . You need the gas shells , They are quite the bit more expensive

Are you from belgium ?

this is awesome could you make one with mechanism so I don't have to buy it also I have an flash forge finder 3d printer will it work on that

I never used a gas airsoft, does this need gas? If so, does the gabs go into the shell, or the gun? and if it goes inside the gun, where inside it?

hi i love the design! but I'm having trouble fining the nut and bolt could you send me a link? thank you!

Made one out of PolyPasta Carbon Fiber and Woodfill Wood PLA. It's practically indestructible with its size and shape! Dropped it and threw it at a wall and it didn't even chip!Its a good simple design. I had to sand mine for a very long while for it to fit, maybe upscale it by 1%. Testing shells soon. Great!

That's cool :) What shell do you use ? I know some are a bit bigger than the one I use.

I'm using green gas 'PP' shells, haven't tried Madbull shells yet though.

hi i love the design! but I'm having trouble fining the nut and bolt could you send me a link? thank you!

Go to any diy shop they will have those, drones and electronic use them a lot too.

I printed this and I know nothing about airsoft, could you please tell me what this is, because I'm not to sure how it works.

It s written in the description and the comments, dont be lazy.

Gosh sry, i didn't realize there were other comments and I answered my own question but I couldn't figure out how to delete my comment

looks a bit like the noisy cricket from men in black :D lol

Where is the mechanism for inside the gun? It is not in the thing files.

Thats because you are suppoed to buy them :

"This is my Humiliator !
It uses gas shotgun shells, like madbull or PPs shells."

I didn't include files for the BBs either ;)

But it is just a shell with no trigger mechanism

There are 2 parts.The trigger is the inner tube, load the shell into the inner tube, load the tube into the receiver and when you press the trigger (the inner tube) a screw at the bottom of the receiver sets the shell off.

snorri can you make a yt vid on how and what to buy and using it in a game?

The shotgun shells are "self contained" everything needed to "fire" is built into the "shotgun shell"

this is just an "enclosure" to hold the self contained gas powered shot gun shell. you gas up and load a reusable shot gun airsoft shell and load it "into" this enclosure.

the "bolt" on the back "actuates" the mechanism built into the reusable shot gun shell when you trigger it (squeeze the two halves together pressing the bolt into the actuator on the reusable shot gun airsoft shell)

so besides the "bolt" you have to add yourself there is no "mechanism" in this. its kind of like a "slam fire gun" but for airsoft.

Oh ok. Thank you

How does this model?

Do you think you could add picatinny rails to it?

I am worried, yet intrigued.

Printed this scaled up 1 percent to fit APS cam870 airsoft shells, works very nice, really impressed. Would be nice to have a simple safety, and some rounded edges (trigger, rear and grip.) This in the style of your Airsoft pistol shotgun would be great. A mini double barrel shotgun awesome.

The safety is your finger XD
I am preparing something, it will be very different, and definitely rounder :)

I cannot wait! Loving putting the cam870 shells in these (becareful and dont overfill cartridges, back just failed for me just missed head and hand. Probs need high infilljust. made the pistol shotgun launcher too, scaled that to 105 but its a touch big, still works though. I recently did a review on the APS smart shot on our youtube channel whisky and weapons, may do a comparison. Better than spending £55! Looking forward to your new stuff. When should we expect a new design?

I am having some trouble with my printer and not enough time to solve them at the moment so I'm not sure when I will release the files, but I really want to print and finish this one.

what kind of range can you get with one of these?

It depends on how many BBs you use and wether you use gas or co2, but even with 5BBs and gas you get more than enough range (20 m at least)

Do you think you can send out a sample for youtubers

Hmmm not really, I'm not doing anything professionaly, I dont really need advertising. I think free files are already a good sample ;)
it's cheaper and faster to just print one than to mail it, lets be green :)

so do you need gass shells? or will spring shells work?

I have never used spring shells so I dont know

It seems like it would work without the nut and bolt aswell, if to make a mound or something inside the back.

Bolt and nut is more durable and you can control the tension on the shell

Comments deleted.

It could, I started with this method at first, but the bit might break if the print is not perfect, nut and bolt is more durable.

Works like a charm.

What parameters You used for printing? How much infill, etc
Maybe a safety could be developed, so this thing wont go off by itself

I used 30% infill as usual and it printed perfect. I never had a problem with unexpected firing but yes I think I could add some kind of safety.

This is too neat :D
Next in queue.
What kind of pps shells have metal inserts? Mine are 3 round plastic ones.

The purple ones

Looks like the "noisy cricket" from men in black :D

This looks amazing, I'm gonna have to find myself a pps shell

I always have 2 of those loaded when I play :)

Thank you. Never used the shotgun before so I didn't know how it fired the shell.

No problem :) I love gas shells of any kind, it's very easy to use with 3d prints.

Do you have more info on how it works? And maybe how to put it together? Looks interesting.

It works like Lil fella :

Put the shell into the tube, put the tube inside the body.
Pull the trigger and the shell will get pressed against the nut and bolt, the release button on the back of the shell is pushed and the shell goes off.
It's really simple, and works very well.

Lil Fella - Airsoft Pocket Grenade Launcher
by Snorri