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NERF Barrel extension

by ornotermes Dec 7, 2016
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Does it negatively affect performance?

That isn't exactly known, but the inside is wide enough that the dart shouldn't touch it.

Works nice thanks and the accuracy is quite good

Works nice thanks and the accuracy is quite good

will it fit those brass pipe internal barrel?

I don't know what you're thinking of, hence I haven't designed it for them and it's unlikely to fit.

in the thing details, it said you don't need supports but in the desc. u told us to remove the supports post print. so doesnt need supports or not?

There is a supporting ring in the file, you do not need to enable any kind of support in your slicer. The ring have a spacing to make it easy to remove when printed with 0.2 mm layers, see the picture with the pliers.

ok thanks for the very quick reply! :)

wow thanks for the quick reply!

Just from looking at it from the photos it looks great now I just need to get a 3d printer, print this and do a youtube review on it.

Yes, I'm pretty happy with it my self, and most people that tried it seems to be as well.
If you're new to 3D-printing I suggest you start with small prints while figuring things out (to not use up a lot of material). I have a test cube that can be a pretty good guide for how your printer and settings is working: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1935312

Check out the recommended print settings and comments for best result.
Good luck and happy printing.

Multi-function test cube

did you add rifling to the inside so it does not slow the dart down?

Actually, it was an aesthetic choice. I think it looks pretty neat with the rifling. The idea was to make the inside as big as the exit hole on the gun to not interfere with the darts. Any effect on the dart in coincidentally.

The suppresser slow the dart down on fly wheel blasters, but ok on springers.

Do you have any more information what lead you to that conclusion?

The inner diameter of the extension is the same as the gun, the idea is that the dart should not touch it. I think it could only happen if the darts are very unstable, but then the darts would tumble as soon as they leave the gun.
The only other reason I could imagine would be that it has a hard time to push the air out of the way, but then it would have the same effect on a spring blaster.

No it's not. But they are allowed to make and sell the item as I chose to license it as CC-BY SA (as I do with almost all designs), meaning they can print them and even make money of them, and the only thing they have to do in return is to give attribution (which they do with some fine print in the auction description, could be better but it's there), and if they make changes to the model they have to publish it under the same license.

If they print them well and give their customers good support it's a great way for people to gets my designs even if they don't have access to a printer.

As the saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery". Thanks for letting me know. :)

Where are the instructions? The wall pervents it from going on all of the way

Under Thing Details, Check the Print Settings and Post-Printing sections. Also take a look at all the pictures.

Yep reading the instructions may have helped!! I couldn't get it to go on either but sure enough there is even a picture that showed me what to remove.... sometimes I am not too bright...

GREAT DESIGN!! My kid loves it and he believes the rifling makes the dart travel faster and is more accurate... I am not going to argue with him.,

If at first you don't succeed, read the manual. ;)

Thanks. I haven't seen anyone coming with evidence for either case so I don't believe anyone can really say it doesn't. :)

does it work for rival blasters? I have a barrel mount on my rival Apollo and want a barrel on it, this would work great, but would it restrict the balls at all?

It does not. The balls are 25 mm and my barrel extension is 20 mm. Also it doesn't look like Apollo has a bayonet mount.

Printed out the part, but the depth of the barrel seems to short. The inner wall prevents the barrel from attaching to the nerf gun. The diameter is okay, but the depth is too short. we will have to cut and splice to make it deeper

Have you read the instructions?

Yes but I was referring to a different part in the build. Nothing to detract from the creators talent. Just not compatible with all new systems.The person has created a good part. Just needed a little bit of mods for the system my kid has that’s all.

My friend got a 3D printer and this was his second print, and it works PERFECTLY, except for the fact that the new Nerf Modulus have riffled barrels , and this is rifled in the opposite direction.

I don't think you need to worry about it, any rifling for practical reasons would probably create to much friction and slow the dart down. That's why my barrel (and probably Nerf's too) are much larger than the dart.

I use Cura 15.04 and the barrel looks really weird, What setting could make it look like yours?

If it doesn't look like the model on the webpage, try downloading the file again.

Works so well! looks awesome and feels awesome. I highly recommend more new things like these.


I have a prototype for an idea, but I haven't gotten around finishing it yet. Might take another while but you see it when I get it done. :)

This worked perfectly with the Nerf Modulus guns printed as-is. Thanks for sharing!

Great! That means your printer works pretty well. :)

I'm working on another Nerf accessory, not sure when i get it done thou. Follow me if you want to se it right away when it get finnished.

Comments deleted.

Hi, thanks for this piece, I modified it a bit to add some external details of a dimple each side and a ring slot around the top bit. I loved the rifling really gives a great look. I did have to remove the support part with air gap as it was causing problems in printing and in the slicing, but I just used the native support system in Cura and it worked fine. My remix is at http://www.thingiverse.com/make:303894

NERF Barrel extension

I wanted to use this item for my nerf stryfe. I had a guy print it with the measurements you said, and it doesn't fit. Did you edit the original files??? Why would this happen, and is there anything I can do? I had to pay for it, and was really excited to use it...

Have you removed the break-off support?

Yes, it just doesn't fit. I tried using a dremmel tool, but it wasn't even close to big enough to attach.

Sounds like it's printed scaled down. If you have a caliper you could check the outer diameter, it should be pretty close to 39.5mm, maybe +/- .25mm.

Usually, on a tuned printer you just have to remove the support and put it on.

yea i just printed it too and its slightly too small, wont fit on the attachment point

If it's just a little bit to small you might be able to sand it to make it fit. Otherwise you need to look over your printer and settings to make sure it prints more dimensionally correct.

A quick fix could be to try scale it up just a little bit, but to save material most slicers allow you to print only part of the model. That way you could print just the bottom part with the attachment til you get a god fit.

@achmed20 What stock and magazine are those on the blaster pictured in your make?

I just noticed your picture has the same helical stripe up the exterior sheel that my print did. I had previously considered that an error, but was it intentional or have you been able to explain it?

It's the seam, where the layers start and end. There are ways to handle it but i don't think you can get rit of them completely. Some slicers have different seam positions you can try. Tweaking extrusion multiplier might help some too.

Thanks, that gives me something to get started reading about it with. The sander made it disappear quickly enough that I was mostly asking out of curiosity.

The air gap made the print fail for me for some reason

What layer height did you use?

.2 as suggested.
It doesnt make good contact at the air gap, makes a small spaghetti pile and after a while of printing on top of that disconnects completely and the "upper ring" is pushed off. I tried twice but had to stop the print sadly. Might be my cooling or my settings as it seems to work perfectly for other people. I'm currently printing it upside down which I think should work.

Hmmm, tricky. I haven't seen that issue my self. When printing above the air gap the plastic is gonna droop down, but if the cooling is too aggressive or possibly if the temperature is to low it might not stick. Try less cooling and maybe bump your print temp a few degrees.

The reason this item is oriented the way it is is because the bayonet locking tabs, when printing my way they are printed directly on the bed, upside-down they will print in air which will make the whole thing harder to fit. But i hope it works out for you either way.

You could try looking at the preview, if your slicer doing something really weird it might show up there.

BTW, you don't have a different first layer height or something?

Are you printing with PLA or some other filament?

I'm printing with PLA

Hrm...that was just a guess. My next guess would be check your temps and see if maybe you aren't running a little hot. I would also check to make sure your print program didn't try to "auto repair" the air gap or take similar "corrective action." On XYZWare, I click "cancel" when I get an error message at startup that says "problems were found for this model, auto repair?" But, it is also possible that is a preference in your software that has to be toggled. If neither of those ideas work, maybe double check that you aren't selecting supports, since the supports are already part of this model.

I could be 100% missing the boat here too though, I'm pretty new...

This thing is sick! It printed flawlessly and installed in seconds! The rifling absolutely makes the project; it is so intimidating I love the way it changed the character of my whole build. Thank you.

You're welcome, glad you like it.
Did you see my front grip? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1949474

I have another NERF accessory that have a bit of work left before i publish it, but i think you would like it. Follow me so you don't miss it (might be a while before i get around fixing it thou).

Thanks for sharing your make of it as well.

I give you another tip as well, there is some really cool red point reflex sights on eBay, search for reflex sight and you find them easy. The one I got are made for a more narrow rail, but if you replace the screws with 25-30mm long M4 screws(not counter sunk) they work fine on NERF and cost only about 7USD.

NERF Front grip with Sipik SK-68 holder

Awesome. Followed and added the grip to my collection. I'm just deciding whether to order that flashlight or remix it for one of the similar flashlights I have. Either way, I'll report back when I finish something either as a make or a remix attribution.

I would straight up love to add a red dot to my Stryfe. I was resigned to the idea of adding a fake one, but I'll check ebay and see what I can maybe find for cheap. Thanks again!

The CAD-drawings is up on OnShape and the link is on the thing page. Sipik SK-68 is nice (small, sturdy, zoom lens, runs on single AA), i even bought 5 more just now so i have enough for all my NERF guns. http://www.dx.com/p/sipik-sk68-cree-q3-wc-120-lumen-convex-lens-led-flashlight-black-1-aa-1-14500-39585

Yeah, it's really nice. And it does a loot for the look of the gun. No problem. :)

Whoa, for $3 I almost have to try one. I have a light that size and similar form factor that I carry everyday made by Fenix that was around $100.

Very nice barrel design. Just one thing though, after i printed mine, the barrel would not fit properly into the gun, apparently my stock Stryfe inner barrel has some extra protrusion in its barrel which doesnt allow the printed barrel to fully slide in and twisted to lock in place and its really disappointing. Maybe your Stryfe is slightly different from mine

Nevermind my mistake haha i got it to fit PERFECTLY! Keep up the awesome job

Missed to remove the support? ;)

Thanks! I have some more NERF accessories coming up in the near future, follow me if you don't want to miss them.