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Prusa i3 MK2/S/3 Filament Guide ClipOn

by Area51 Dec 5, 2016
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Just printed this, works great!! Thank you :)

WARNING! WARNING!. I printed this for my Prusa i3 MK3 and did a print and the head went all the way to the top right where the bracket attaches and jammed up my printer. So be aware that the Mk3 doesn't clear that bracket on the bottom.

This is a fantastic design. Wonderfully executed - well done! I'm using the angled version with the dust cleaner. Works great, very well thought out, and very well designed. Perfect!

Thank you for the feedback! It is very appreciated.

Printed without any problems on Prusa mk3

Very useful

This is not slicing quite right in Slic3r. See the attached pic.

Great collection of guides. Recommended.

Printet without any problems on Prusa mk2

Thank you for feedback!
If you press the like button, my design will be rated higher on Thingiverse :-)

Thank you for this great design. I've really needed a filament guide, and this is going to be very useful.

Thank you for posting your make - It looks nice in pink :-)

Holy jesus that was a tight fit on my mk2! Like almost break the part tight. Great design, but I would maybe recommend printing at 100.5% or 101%. I think only the fact that I made it from ABS helped save the day.

Printer: Prusa i3 MK2S
Filament: Hatchbox Blue ABS 1.75
Nozzle: 235c
Bed: 95c
No Enclosure

Kudos Mr.Author.

Thank you.

ABS filament - that explains why you had that tight fit.
Shrinkage for ABS is around 1-3% and that is why it tends to curl up (warping) and slip the print bed for medium to larger prints (same problem with nylon).
With PLA and PET the shrinkage is very small and the print will keep the model size.

You're right, scaling the model to around 101% for ABS will give a more true size in X ans Y direction, but Z would be to large.
For this model incorrect Z scaling is not a problem :-)

Thanks for the recommendation.

I printed the parts in ABS. Here is my remix of your Filament Guide , it is changed to fit for the Hex Design Spool Holder as you can see in the picture. The loop is 8 mm longer now, and the clip-on is 10 mm higher and 7 mm more forward. The connection on the loop side is 3.0 mm x 11 mm (2 x 5.5). I changed the counterpart to 3.2 x 11.4 mm for a better fit, my Prusa is a little bit over-extruding to that is quite tight. The filament storage hole is now 2.5 in the front and 1.75 in the back. Because I had to made it new from scratch and some measurements in the stl file, the remaining body is not an perfect copy. Because it was initially your design, you are welcome to use my files if you want to change it.

As for the loop, if you push the ends together, it bends around a point on the inside of the front part of the loop. Thus the shape needed to close the gap fully as you can see in my version of the thing.

Prusa i3 Filament Guide Clip
Prusa i3 MK2(s) & MK3 Spool Holder - Frame Mount - Top Loader

Thank you for your design feedback!
I will incorporate the "V" shape and some of your other suggestions.
Still has to keep compatibility with original Prusa spool holder and my own derive - that leaves little to no room for extending the length/height when using large spools.

You have some nice designs :-)

Prusa i3 MK2/S/3 Filament Spool Holder ClipOn
by Area51

The compressing part for the loop doesn't work that way. Now the gap is parallel, and by compressing it at the end it closes there, but stays open on the loop side. You can fix that with an hot-air-gun, or redesign it to a "v"-Shape, which I did for my remix.

What material are you using?
I used PETG filament for my tests - it is flexible and the gap in the loop closes to 1-1.2mm when inserted into the base. I think ABS will be the same, but PLA may be to stiff a material.
If you have some measurements of your fixes, I will be happy to fix and upload.

Thanks for the designs!
The Inventor model of the MK2 in the pictures looks great. Any chance of sharing it or pointing me in the direction of where I can download it? It would save me a lot of time in designing a few mods I have in mind.

Thank you!
The Prusa models for printed parts can be found on GitHub (https://github.com/prusa3d/Original-Prusa-i3/tree/MK2) and the rest was modeled by measuring when building the kit.

It will be too much work and time making my model ready for publishing...

Understandable, thanks anyway. I found a decent step model on grabcad which should work for what I want.

I found it on GRABCAD too when building the Inventor model.
The GRABCAD model (https://grabcad.com/library/original-prusa-i3-mk2-printer-1) is nearly complete, but some parts differ from the actual parts in the kit - that made me continue building a model from measurements.
The Step files are easier than STL or OpenSCAD to import into Inventor and other CAD systems.

i was thinking to also add the following, someway (maybe on the rear of the holder):
1) a 45° filament cutter (like this http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1543522)
2) one or two 1.75mm tight holes on the holder, so you can attach the filament somewhere while you decide which clip to use :)

Filament Cutter - Slim (New Hardware Version)

Good ideas!
I have the temporary filament storage holes on the Spool Holders as the space over the filament guide is to tight when using large spools - but maybe one on the side as this will not give printing problems.
A filament 45° cutter is a great idea. I think the cutter should be placed on its own holder to give more freedom of placement. I will give it a try in the near feature.

Update: Just uploaded angled holder with temporary filament storage hole on left side...

Prusa i3 MK2/S/3 Filament Spool Holder ClipOn
by Area51

very nice, thank you

Doesn't the filament get stuck in that middle slot/split of the loop? Or the upper part of the extruder collide with the loop?

When the loop is inserted into the base it is compressed and shrink to 1 - 1.2mm by design - this prevents the filament from getting caught in the slot.

Printing in the top most 20mm can give collision problems with the filament guide, this is true for every filament guide I have seen so far. Just remove the filament guide loop, the base should not give any problems.

Update: Added filament base with angle to support full Z height.

I printed off the angled one one in the Prusa orange PETG, clipped on great, but when the extruder is at the top of the frame (z 210) and moving along the x axis from side to side past the part, the extruder clears the part but not the filament itself, in moving away from directly beneath the guide, the filament catches on the side of the guide and snapped off flush with the extruder :(

I think this would only be an issue in the last couple of centimeters of Z height, but definitley something to consider/look into.