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3D Printer Tool Stand

by STIG_ Dec 3, 2016
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Printing is coming along nicely, but I'm noticing my Elmers glue stick is not fitting in what is the beginning of the hole!? Anyone else have that problem? I have calibrated the machine... ?

Sucks your glue stick didnt work, after all the makes done, your the first one to experience that.

I noticed someone else had the same issue with the holes being 28mm... I also need 30mm. Everything else printed good, I'll just see if I can heat and stretch the holes a bit larger...

that sucks, those sizes must not be sold around me. Hope your mod will work

Thank you for coming up with this design. It is on my printer now about 78% done. I did tweak it a little to work with my Flashforge Dreamer but so far it is printing beautifully. I will add a photo when it is done.

Who knew The Stig had a 3D printer. I assume the NEMA motors were replaced with Ferrari 458 engines and can print at around 200 mph.

Fantastic tool base btw, I'm a little annoyed I haven't print it before and just left my tools lying on the desk next to my printer for the last 2 years.

Some say it takes some people 2 years to do what STIG did in 2 seconds. ;)

This is one of my favorite 3D prints! I made a video about the print.


Very well designed - works great!

I keep looking at the two cylindrical depressions toward the back on the left side; wondering as to their intended purpose. I can't tell if you are doing anything with them from the photos....

Really appreciate all the effort you put into this - very useful - Thank you!!!

Where are you placing your scraper tool because I have various ones including a painters 5-in-1 tool and can't find anywhere either the blade width or the handle width will fit.

I am blown away to find this because all this stuff in the picture is what I use and store in a dresser top drawer LOL

awesome, glad it works for you!

Nice design. My print came out perfect and was well worth the wait.

Comments deleted.

can you add some slots for micro SD card and USB drives ?


Good morning.
It already does. The Front Right corner has a SD card slot, and the Rear Right corner has a USB drive slot.

Yes ic that now
But it could use a few more

VERY nice! My favorite over other tool holders is the caliper placeholder and the versatility of other tool spaces.

Comments deleted.

Mine printed HORRIBLY, but it's my own fault. I didn't set bottom/top layer thickness thick enough. I didn't realize it was different from shell thickness it's still functional, so I won't bother printing a new one until I get some more filament.

I'm not quite sure what I did, but this is estimating 2 more days print time and it's already been 7 hours, lol. It looks great though. I've got it running at 150pct feed rate now.

Made it. 22hours. Looks great

cool, glad it was useful for you

It looks good.
I have the same flashlight... It's an essential tool, and this one is perfect

same, its as if we bought a kit lol

thank you kindly!

Thanks for this. It looks well thought out.

One problem I have is that if I generate the STL from Sketchup and load into Cura 2.7 it shows errors.

I need to modify to make one of the holes 30mm instead of 28mm. But even without modifying the original sketchup, and stl export shows errors.

Any idea please, I dont want to spend 2 days printing to find it failed.

i just noticed the sketchup model was on 2016, so i went ahead and updated model as a 2017, and it shows 0 errors and its manifold.

I opened it in cura as well to validate and no errors, so you should be good to edit as needed.

to be safe, Make sure you have sketchup 2017 and latest cura. Regards

Thanks for your response. Not sure what I am doing wrong but there is no difference for me. When I load the new stl into Cura 2.7 it shows 2 or 3 surfaces coming up in red. When I run Sketchup 2017 with the new skp file Solid Inspector 2 says there are two Surface Border Errors, although it does not highlight them. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

Try the new versions i just uploaded. I got rid of the two error messages for you. The object is manifold.

Many thanks. Printing now.

This works great! The holes are just barely too small for my Elmer's purple glue stick (which looks to be the same as pictured), but other than that it's great!

Great design. I printed with the same spec with the exception of the infill which are the following
Infill - 20%
Flow Rate - 100
Speed 100%
Filament - PETG
Bed type glass on top of aluminium heat bed
Bed Temp - 60
Nozzle - 263
17hrs and a few mins using the latest Cura slicer. Already filled it up and need a second one.

What are the dimensions?

X 171mm, Y 137.62mm and Z 77.06

I'll need to slice it, thanks for the details

Is there any possibility to split this thing up? 17h of printing Time is not what I'm looking for! :-(

not really, but you can easily do that on your slicer.

excuse me..What ind of slicer did you use? In cura with 50 mm/s and 10% infill is about 19 hours!
This is a must have and of course everyone should print it

I used Simplify3D

WOW what kind of Amazing Design. Im still printing it now!
I hope all Tools it got at the Banggood Sale with up to 11% Discount will fit right into it:


Thank you!

Wow it's almost scary how many tools we have in common. Even the flashlight, and the tiny screwdrivers I got with a couple iPhone screen replacement kits. Thank you

Printing now, hope it tunes out well

sweet!, look forward to seeing a MAKE.

What are the two hole indents on the left wall for?
Also, what do you put on the lip in the back?

Left wall holes I glued magnet discs. I have a flat wrench held there. On the back I have this tool that looks like a dentist pick

I just bought those same calipers from banggood, they are the poorest made calipers I've ever used.

I love the tool holder though!!

for ten bucks I find them pretty amazing

This is great. Do you have the 3D file that I can down load and edit for my tools?

sure, ill upload my file

Comments deleted.

Nice! Wonder if it'll fit my calipers... will have to measure :D