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Modular Castle Playset (3D-printable)

by CreativeTools Dec 1, 2016
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I've been printing for 3 days now to make the full set for my kids to play with (will definitely post my make when I finish). But I was curious if there are any plans for an actual castle type structure? Or maybe taller wall sections to make a castle in the center of an outer wall?

Hi moveit124,

thanks for your interest in the project. I spent a lot of time creating it. Feels like we posted it yesterday but its already been 2 years.

For now there is no plans to add files. We might come back to it and some point.

The beauty of this project its that its quite easy for anyone to use there own models in conjunction with what we already created.

@Bikecyclist additions is a great example of this.

I'm open for inspiration :-)

What would you consider an "actual castle type structure"? A huge square donjon? A "palas"-style representational hall? Or something else altogether?

The attached photograph shows a couple of modules I designed assembled into a solitary tall round donjon. I could probably redesign it into a square one with a more "Norman" look fairly easily.

In case you haven't seen it yet, here's my collection of Modular Castle Playset compatible things:


Tall walls are a good idea, but a bit tricky if everything is to be nicely modular. I'll have to think about this!

The parametric castle tops work, but I think a wall that is twice as tall as the normal wall would help to complete a center castle type structure.


something like this?

I've added the total wall height as parameter to the standard wall, so you can use the customizer to create walls of any height you like:


I would love to hear from you how it works out! :-)

Castle Wall for Modular Castle Playset

Thanks! I'll give it a try tomorrow probably (have one more wall to print to finish my kids outer wall)

Looks good!

It would be easy to make a double-height wall, but the existing parts don't interface well with that, so it wouldn't be properly modular.

I see three challenges there:

  • Gaps between high walls and towers etc., as the interface is only defined at lower level.
  • Transition between high walls and normal walls
  • Accessiblity of high-wall battlements

Thinking about it, maybe "flat-topped" standard walls could solve some of the problems. Basically a standard wall cut off a bit below the merlons, and with vertical pins so that you can put another standard wall on top of it, or a section of merlons to get it to standard height.

This is my first comment in many years here and this design is fantastic! If I had a child I'd definitely buy a printer to make this one! Thanks for so amazing work!

how beautiful your cannine,
I thought you might be interested in my project, it's a lamp printer.
what do you say?
thanks bye

Comments deleted.

Hi, could you make a toy soldier like figure?

What about this figure?


(That's the one that's part of the playset already.)

Great design, thank you very much! :-)

A technical question: What is the conical hole in the connecting face of wall and tower modules for?

Comments deleted.

And what glue do you use?


i printed
1x "Scout_Tower_Corner_Closed_Modular_CastlePlayset-_3D-printable_By_CreativeTools.se"
1x "Wall_Large_Modular_CastlePlayset-_3D-printable_By_CreativeTools.se"
1x "Butterfly_Joint_x16_Modular_CastlePlayset-_3D-printable_ByCreativeTools.se"
from the zip "3DCastlePlayset
-_Wall_components " with Cura.

But the they dont fit together. The Butterfly Connector is somehow to short, so there is no place left between, the wall and the Tower to tuck them together.

Some other Guy (theadam on Jun 6, 2017 ) wrote the same Problem here.
But does someone have an suggestion why it is so? And how to solve this?


I hope this spring connector solves the problem:


I haven't printed it yet, but it's designed to the same dimensions as the original one, and will extend under pull, so I'm confident it will do the job.

Spring Connector for Modular Castle Playset Modules

After testing my spring connector, it was an improvement over the original connect, but still had some disadvantages.

I redesigned it now and achieved a great improvement:


It now prints easily laying flat. This means the layers of the connector now run at an almost perpendicular angle to the castle pieces (which are usually printed upright), so it's far easier to insert and remove the connectors. You need no brim anymore, which also helps insertion and removal, and saves you the effort of finishing them. The spring, which has to follow the layers, now has more give without danger of breaking. The connector is smaller and only contacts the surfaces defining the connection, so it doesn't rub against any other surfaces.

I'm quite happy with the results, it's really child's play to connect the pieces now ;-)

Spring Connector for Modular Castle Playset Modules

I will gice it a try. It looks good.


Comments deleted.

Omg!! Thanks so awesome!!

Thanks all for the constructive comments! We highly appreciate this. Please write a comment or message us if you have any suggestions for this castle playset. :)

Fabulus, one of the best prodget i have seen on thingverse, ill use it for gdr:D

meh, this is just a playset. however you have inspired me to recreate a "crossbows and catapaults" set

Great work! One of the finest projects I have found on Thingiverse.
I am currently using MatterControl to slice and print my stuff and I am getting tight fit on some of the designs. I have found out that Slic3r and MatterControl's own slicer provide tighter fit (to a point where I have had to extensively sand down the design to make it fit with a lot of force), while Cura gives a more fitting results. Cura, at least in MatterControl, is offering fewer settings though.

Any hints on what to do to make the items fit more? I.e. castle wall joints fit snuggly, but connecting 2 walls with it is impossible, there is not enough room there. I am pretty sure this has sth to do with my settings. Can anyone offer hints on this?

If the issue is that the connector is too short (very likely, as it seems to be designed no allowance for tolerances), this spring connector might solve the problem:


I haven't printed it yet, but it's designed to the same dimensions as the original one, and will extend under pull, so I'm confident it will do the job.

Spring Connector for Modular Castle Playset Modules

Thanks for making this great adaptation of the modular castle playset! :)

where could I find a set of people for this? It includes some animals, but not humans. also it is missing cats and dogs.

I am looking to get a home 3D printer instead of a school one. do you have a canadian counterpart, or a suggestion of one?

Thanks for your feedback. We have made a soldier as human. For other kinds, you could search Thingiverse for other human 3D models and scale them down accordingly.


I also see no human soldier parts.

My booth little girls (and in meantime myself also) love to play with the castle.

But what we miss, is a tower like this: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Kamianets-Podilskyi_Castle_towers.JPG
The typical home of a wizard or witch ;)

It would be wonderfull if you could provide it.

Thanks a lot for the link to the photograph!

I've created some modules that you can use to build towers like that: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2844165

Have fun!

Parametric Tower Tops for Modular Castle Playset

Your mods are amazing, Bikecyclist! Thanks for sharing them! :)

Thanks for your feedback Thiemo! We will for sure consider making and releasing such a tower. :)

Check out the clever LEGO adaptation of the wall segment, made by Phil Val.


WALL LEGO for Creative Tools castle playset (in progress)

The jousting tent has issue that I can't repair. The centre column seems to have no thickness so doesn't print

Seems to be a problem in Simplify, but Flashprint, Cura and Makerbot print works at the moment. (at least for me). Gonna try to fix it.

Edit: was a few versions behind in Cura can slice it in 2.4.

Edit 2: Seems to be a weird error in the mesh but fixed it using netfabb. Will ask the boss to upload the repaired model when he can.
This fix will make it slicable in Simplify3D

If you want to fix it yourself load the model into netfabb (you can get a 30 day free trial).
Click the "red cross" on top of the UI. This will take you to a new workspace.
In the bottom left click "Automatic repair" and choose the "extended repair" option.
When its done click the "Apply repair" in the bottom left. Choose the option you want. (I used "remove old part")
You will jump back to the normal workspace.
Right click the model and export as stl.

Hopefully it works for you as well.

Great! I don't see the extended repair option, I guess that's because i'm using the free version?

The new file Jousting_Tent_Modular_Castle_Playset_v02.stl can now be downloaded.

You are most welcome :) We are very grateful for all the feedback and suggestions we can get from the community! :)

May I ask what filament you are using for the light brown items?

Think is was Polymaker polywood in this case

I don't see how the cannon works, in the video you seem to pull it back and it snaps back in place, but I can't see why it would do that.

Thanks for asking. The shaft of the cannon springs back to the original position with the help of a metal spring. The kind found commonly in pens.

Watch the video again. At 2:36 you can see that they use a spring from a click pen. Put the spring on the plunger shaft. Glue the plunger head on. Thread the shaft through the rear hole of the cannon and then glue the pull knob onto the shaft. Now when you pull the plunger back and let go, the pen spring will snap it back into place

No inspiration from Crossbows and Catapults the board game??

Stoning project ! Impressive ! Very nice work !

Muito obrigado Paulo! :) We are glad you liked the #3DCastlePlayset.

Thanks! Just printed the catapult and the holes where the frame goes into the base seem a little large. Should they be a tight fit?

Thanks for your feedback. :) Tolerances can vary between different printers, materials, and settings. If you experience that the holes are too large, we recommend you to glue them together using commonly available wood glue.

Wow, these are fantastic, keep it up.

Thanks for your kind words Andrew :)

I agree, I want to see more of this kind of stuff

We're happy to say that the dragon now can be downloaded!

Enjoy and please share your print photos :)

The Dragon for 3D-printable Modular Castle Playset

Can you add files for the dragon and maybe make some more creatures, like an ogre/troll or maybe a griffon?

The dragon is now available for download.

The Dragon for 3D-printable Modular Castle Playset

Sure :) We will release them this week Please stay tuned.

Is there any diagram on how put all the walls and tower together? There seems to be more parts than shown in the photos. I want mine to look like in the photo and don't want to print any of the extra pieces.


Thanks for your suggestion. :)

You can now download the file #3DCastlePlayset - Wall components.zip, which includes all STL files for the wall section and an explanatory PDF chart.

Towers: Can be printed in Closed or Hollow Versions, If you choose hollow print Hatch_Towers aswell
Tower_Wall_Corner x1,
Round_Tower_Straight x1,
Tower_Straight x1,
Scout_Tower_Corner x1,

Wall Gate x1
Wall_Corner_Small x1
Wall_Corner_Medium x2,
Wall_Corner_Large x1 (or Wall_Large_Modular andx2 and Wall_Corner_Small x1 same result)
Wall_T_Large x1
Wall_End x1
Wall_Small x1
Wall_Large x5

Perfect!, thank you very much

I=gfffivoe56t hrh

Do you need supports for the tower?

Hi :)

Allt the towers and wall parts in this playset are 3D-printable without the need of support structures.

Thanks. Looking forward to printing this!

This was one of the first things I saw on Thingiverse and one of the first things we started printing. In black at first but now in semi-clear (it looks wicked with lights under it!).
Absolutely love this project! A potential area for new parts would be angled corners at 60 and 120 degrees.

Thanks for your comment and suggestions Fenriq! We are glad you liked it.

Checkout the first remix of the #3DCastlePlayset! The clever idea to add stairs to the wall section.

Wall with stairs for Creative Tools castle playset by Mat Dcq

Wall with stairs for Creative Tools castle playset
by Matdcq

So excellent, thanks for sharing it, it'll fit in perfectly! How hard would it be to make one with the stairs going the other way as well?

I've just remixed Matdcq's Wall with Stairs to provide a version with the stairs going the other way: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2841480

Castle Wall with Stairs for Modular Castle Playset

Thanks for your suggestion. This is easily done in a 3D software such as Autodesk netfabb. You can watch the video below for instructions.

Amazing work!!! i have a question, the color of wall is gray or white ?

very nice job indeed! it must have taken many many hours to print all of these things. it looks great i may have to follow you and begin a whole kingdom for myself lol. great inspiration and this will be so many great hours of playing and using imagination for kids. thanks for taking the time to post and share it.

Thank you Thomas for your kind words. We are very glad you liked the castle! Stay tuned for more stuff that we will release to add to this playset.

Swedish power! Amazing work!!!

Thanks for your kind words :) We are glad you liked this project.

This makes me want to buy a ton of translucent filament and a few gerbils

Cool tune in the background - what is it called, as I would like to buy it - super cool set of files!

You'll find information about the background music below:

Folk Round av Kevin MacLeod är licensierat under en Creative Commons Attribution-licens (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...)
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-...
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

We're glad you liked it!

Thanks for the link - downloaded and donated the $1 I would have paid Apple

I think I'm going to go through a lot of filament printing this castle set ! ;)

:) We're glad you like the castle!

A part of this "print-your-toys-at-home" project, was also to evaluate the cost of making toys in your home using a 3D printer, instead of buying mass-produced toys from the store.

Can you post the white knight?

Can you post the file for the dragon? The rest is so cool!

For sure! You can expect the #3DCastlePlayset Dragon to be released shortly. Stay tuned :)

Awesome! Thank you!

What a set...thank you for offering this up!!!

OMG the poor printer, good thing i have a second one on the way!! The grandkids are gonna go nuts with this. Many thanks to those who have taken the time to create all this and then post it for public use, just amazing!!!!

That sounds great! :) We hope your grandkids will enjoy playing with the castle.

Very excited to look into this one. Although I am worried about which items exceed my 120x120x120 build area.

If you want to easily cut STL files into two or more smaller parts you can use the following software:

Thanks, I will look into it. I'm still fairly new to owning a printer and the list of things to learn continues to grow.

If I remember correctly it's just the "Large" pieces that is 120x120 but you can skip those and print the smaller versions if needed. And the T and + versions of the Round Towers as well. Then the Siege Tower Assembly and the Windmill might be too big but you can cut/split those it into more pieces if you need to to fit your build plate. Rest will fit. (I think. So many models...)

Thank you for the reply -- I'll give it a shot soon. Again, great project and it will be great to work on it with family.

That really is impressive. I used to have a game as a kid called crossbows and Catapults. came with an elastic band powered crossbow and catapult for each player as well as some projectiles to go with so you could knock over each others figurines. that would be cool.

Yes! That's the first thing I thought of when I saw this. I too played that game as a kid, now my son will be able to play it too :D

No way, I have to popularise your playset to Czech 3D printer community (http://www.3d-tisk.cz/tip-na-3d-tisk-pojdte-si-hrat-s-modularnim-hradem-pro-vase-deti-ci-kobkami-pro-hrdiny/). ;) Maybe my daughter will replace lego with a new castle too.

Thanks for the kind words Tomas :) and for sharing it to the Czech 3D printing community.

Maybe another corner tower but with pointed roof and a bit taller? Like archer towers. :)

Will do! :) Thanks for your suggestion Chris.

No problem, maybe instead of pointy sharp make it slightly round so it's more kid friendly! Haha

Just printing my first two wall pieces now

Thank you all for your kind words. :) We loved making this playset and will continue to update this thing with new compatible parts, such as a drawbridge as suggested by Thingiverse user "onelayeratatime" below.

Excellent model! Certainly deserves to be featured.

Congratulations on being featured, well deserved

This is amazing, great job on the build and design. Maybe some kind of bridge or drawbridge?

Well deserved featured thing!

All files are now uploaded to this project. Please follow us and stay tuned for future parts we add to the #3DCastlePlayset.

Enjoy! :)

The castle now has more animals. You can download the cow, goat and sheep! :)

Today you can download the fence STL files for the #3DCastlePlayset to keep your animals in place.

The #3DCastlePlayset is now updated with STL files of the horse and a tree.

Two new house designs uploaded to the #3DCastlePlayset. The horse will be released tomorrow! :)

The house with chimney is now available as an STL for you to download for your #3DCastlePlayset.

You can now download two new props for the Castle - The barrel and the wooden crate.

Fun fact, the pig was printed with white PLA, then painted with miniature paint.

Meet the first animal in the #3DCastlePlayset. Download the pig STL :)

New STL files added to the #3DCastlePlayset. You can download a house with shed roof.

New STL files added to the #3DCastlePlayset. Download the wall towers in different configurations and connections. https://youtu.be/OrxFgabPht0

Cool idea
what about the round type jousting tents and a jousting arena?
so many ideas for this
keep up the good work

Jeremycon! :) Your wish is our command. Today’s update - a jousting tent you can download for the #3DCastlePlayset.

  • Jousting_Tent_Modular_Castle_Playset.stl

Thank you Jeremycon for your kind words. We will for sure make more parts for the #3DCastlePlayset and publish them in the future - and it would be great to see user-made content too! :)

Today you can download the ladder to climb the walls of the #3DCastlePlayset.

New STL files added to the #3DCastlePlayset. Download the T-jont and end section for the walls.

New STL files added to the #3DCastlePlayset. Download the wall intersections.


New STL files uploaded! Now you can 3D-print the round wall towers.

This looks great!!
What print settings do you recommend?
I would like to see some canons as the one we remember from playmobile pirate ships:)
Kind regards Joar

Thanks for your kind words joar! :)

We recommend using typical settings of FFF 3D printers as described below:

  • Layer thickness: 0.2 mm (200 microns)
  • Perimeters (shells): 2
  • Infill: 10%
  • Top solidlayers: 4
  • Bottom solid layers: 3

Please follow us and stay tuned here for updates on this project. We plan to make new modules continuously. Any user-feedback is highly appreciated. :)

Great! Do you think you could add this in the "summary" section?

For sure! :)

There is such a section now for print settings.

New STL files uploaded! :) Now you can 3D-print the wall and scout towers.

New STL files uploaded! Now you can #3Dprint the wall corners.

Nice going Tim! Looks swell :D I'll have to come by and check it out.

Why not add an observatorium with like a huge telescope which you can spin around? Sciency castle!

That is a great idea for a new accessory. :)

First of all, great job! Ideas - a portcullis and drawbridge, maybe a ballista? :)

Thanks for the kind words :) We are glad you like it!

More files will be uploaded continuously and also improved with user-feedback.

So awesome!! My 6 year old will love these!!

Thanks for the kind words. We are glad that you think your child will like the castle! :)

Would love to see certain pieces added to this awesome set! I've already reached out to you via FaceBook (DM Misha here), about what I'd like to recreate! :)