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Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

Bluetooth Action Cam Slider

by xack Nov 30, 2016
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Is there a setting for object tracking in the app application?

Comments deleted.

Many thanks for this idea. Currently I'm printing it!
One part is missing: The mount for the mobius. Could you provide a link for it?
This would be perfect! Many thanks in advance!

Hey ho,
I just added MobiusMount_bottom.stl and MobiusMount_top.stl ;)

Perfect! Many Thanks!!!

where can i find the arduino code ?

All software is in the .zip-file. In there you'll find a folder ArduinoSketch with the arduino code ;)

First of all: Thanks for this awesome project! I am really looking forward to use it for some nice timelapses. :)

I already built the whole project, but it is my first time with stepper motor drivers.
I think that i did configure them as described in the video https://www.pololu.com/product/2134 (very far down), but I do not get my motors to spin.
I did the motor conversion and they seem to be fine. I tested the motors with the "LED trick" and they seem to work. The "working" LED on the Arduino lights up when i push the "Test" button in the app, so the Arduino seems to work too. Leaving only the motor drivers as "probably not working".

Do you have a idea what could be wrong? The soldering and all that stuff seems to be OK, I compared mine several times to yours in the video. Any help is much appreciated!

Hey there, did you sort out what was the problem ? using a DRV8825 and having the same problem. LED lights up but no current to the motors !

Sadly no. I did order replacement parts and had the exact same result: not turning motors.
All the parts are still waiting on a new take on this, since I still would want to finish this project. :/
Any help would be welcome ;)

Hi I sorted out some issue. And this is how i did it.
Use the left side circuit with a A4988. Use just one driver with a small motor like you find in a cd-rom. Start with a small single motor until you get a hang of it. Tweak the coding in steps per revolution and steps per second found in the begining of the sketch.
Then just pull the motor power supply and replace with 9 or 12 volts. Make sure you dont supply the Uno board any of the motor supply which would fry the board, i guess. Now you can use a beefy nema 17 on it and have a go.

Mine is wotking now like a charm. Still needs some tweaking.
And the apk file for the app is not installing, it keeps telling me the package installer had stopped. Doing it through the MIT app inventor. Hate it because it needs a computer each time :-(

Edit - At the moment i managed a work around, loading the MIT app inventor on my phone, generate the code from it and feed it to the MIT app and make it happen. No luck with the apk file given, or the one i made through the MIT inventor.

im using a nema 17 motor, do you think the steps are too high ?, have you tried changing it in the sketch ?

Same here, I would let you know what I did if i ever sort this out
thank you for replying

hm.... here are my ideas:

  • make sure your motor wires are connected correctly (A is one coil B the other)
  • make sure the current is not limited to 0 (can be set by turning the small trimmer as written on the page you linked)
  • don't step to fast. these motors can't turn very fast if the steps come to fast, they wouldn't move.
  • also they take a lot of steps per rev, so don't turn to slow or it could turn and you don't notice ;)
  • while it should move grab the shaft, can you feel it trying to move?
  • make sure the fault pin is connected to 5V or it will ignore the step signal

I know steppers can give you a hard time controlling in the beginning (did experience that my self when i startet with steppers - and still sometimes do ...)
Maybe also watch some videos on steppers and drivers on youtube
Hope I could help. If so let me know if not also ;)

hey there, i have the same problem. and when i grab the shaft it rotates freely so there is no current to the motor.

Great project and great tutorial videos. Thanks for sharing :-) Will be probably one of my next projects.

Thank you! Tutorial is a bit short, could have made it 5 parts but would be a bit to much xD
If any questions occur just ask ;)

Tutorial for me is just all right!I have some technical background in both,mechanics and electronics. :-)
I will have to modify the part for the camera, since I have an other type and model.