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Lockable Present Ornament

by jijimath Nov 28, 2013
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Thanks for the fun print! I followed the suggestion to print the inner and outer ribbons at 101% and 101.5% (respectively). My first key printed okay with supports but the "tooth" ended up breaking off (easier because of the print orientation which allows delamination) so I took the opportunity to follow another of the suggestions in the comments and split the key in halves, printed it flat on the bed and then glued the two halves together. You can see the seam but with no supports needed, the overall key is cleaner, the print is simpler and the axis of delamination is now perpendicular to the lateral stress on the "tooth" when locking/unlocking the key. I've uploaded my STL of the split key if anyone is interested.

Excellent. I printed it in PLA on a Craftbot+ at 0.3mm. Some notes:

Box proper came out great. Lid was maybe a little tight.

Ribbon was a bit too tight as-is. I enlarged part 1 to 101% in X and Y but not Z, and part 2 to 101.5%. Keyhole was too small; enlarged it.

Latch parts fit together well.

I printed the key horizontally, 20% infill, with supports and a raft. (I don't trust the itty-bitty support bases directly on the build plate.) The top side came out great. The bottom side came out ... not bad. It seems to be plenty strong. I suspect it would have been fine with even less infill, since the strength comes from the horizontal filament. Looks good in both 0.1mm and 0.3mm.

The keyhole in the box was a bit tight.

Re-over-engineered a hook that prints flat, without a skinny vertical section, and press-fits together.

Posted a make with details and the OpenSCAD for the mods.

Great make! Printing a few of these for xmas. Thought the key printed out well, but even at 100% infill just wasn't strong enough for my silk gold pla as the clearance on the lid is a little rough. Went with the Heart Key instead

Will this fit a gift card inside?

No, it's too small. It wouldn't be hard to reconfigure, though.

I actually just found this remix today. But thank you for the clarification!

Longer Lockable Present Ornament
by aprzy15

Thanks! I was contemplating whether to remix myself. Now I don't have to!


That is simply very cool! It will be perfect for a gift I have for My Wife and Kids... Thank you for sharing. I will post a make once I print it!

Happy Holidays,


I love this design. Nice work! Very ingenious yet simple locking mechanism.

I had better luck with the key printing it in two parts and gluing them together longitudinally. Print one side flat, using the slicer settings to cut off 3.45 mm. Flip over and print the second half with the same cut-off. The two parts, when glued together make a key that's pretty much perfect on both sides. Fits and works as intended with little or no fiddling around.

I used 25-second cyanoacrylate gel to give a little working time to match the two key halves exactly. Glued key seems to be very strong, even in PLA.

I haven't done it yet but I think this design could be scaled up to provide a locking utility box without the ribbons. All three axes would have to be scaled by the same factor to avoid distorting the proportions of the key/lock mechanism, but it's a nice box even without the ribbons.

EDIT: Didn't see JvD's comment further down about printing the key in two pieces before posting this comment. His method and mine are the same and result in a nice looking key.

Also, ribbons fit fine in PLA when printed at 100% as long as you don't have any elephant foot effect going on. If your first layer is too close to the bed you'll get a slightly enlarged edge on the bottom layer that will prevent the ribbons slipping over the box as easily as they should.

best print ever! I am so new to printing and your print came out wonderfully. I had to enlarge the ribbon slightly and it works great. once I added supports to the key it printed perfectly. I highly recommend this print for beginners. For me this was a perfect print to learn from. I have a flashforge finder.

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This is my favorite thing I've printed so far! Can't wait to wrap my gifts with this for christmas. Thank you!

I like your version - a gift card size would be welcomed. As grandparents, we give give cards - seems these days, grandkids shop online.

Would also be great for weddings and birthdays.

Man, I wish this was parametric, that would be awesome it would be universal in size!

Printed perfect and easy to put together. Very little clean up and the fit was perfect. Bravo on your design.

It's very nice. BTW I cannot close it. It's because I've printed it with PLA? I've got the same issue with another box (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:197159 ) as well. I could make the TOP/Lid a little bigger, but would like to understand why it's happening to me....
Printed with Prusa MK2 at 0.2mm resolution. Thanks!

Christmas Gift Box
by muddtt

I had difficulty closing also. Primarily because the hole and post in back of box and lid were so close in size. I used a round mini file to enlarge the hole slightly. I also filed the front outside edge of the box just so the lid would slide down easier. If you are using for gift giving you want it to work smoothly.

You have a project with a key on the basic?

Ok, absolutely had to print this soon as I saw it, just brilliant....but I have a tiny problem, my davinci Jnr , for some reason starts to print thr lid great....but then starts to fill it in , half hex, then the other half in mid air, I'll try get a pic somewhere.
I've tried both , not warp, version and normal...any idea why this us happening?, everything else printed great...just the lid refuses to print right.

I've stuck 2 pics in my profile, I've made one, don't know if you can access them
And if that don't work just stuck n flkr

Strange. Looks like a slicer issue. What are you using? Cura?

managed to sort it out, the top ribbon also printed in the middle, bit like supports it was, but managed to sand and get it to fit....but all good, great box, would love more designs like this, have you done any similer.?
thakls again

Trying once more, this may have worked...looks like all flat, and starting sides..fingers X, thanks for your quick reply btw, appreciated

The other weird thing is, when it's sliced, it looks normal , you can't see what they turn out like...that's what's strange

Do you use Cura?

It's basic xyz software with my Jnr, never ever had a single problem like this in over 7 months, in fact this printer has been stunning .

just one question:
how on earth can you make intricate things like this? its just amazing!

Autodesk fusion 360 is a pretty popular one for learning because it has instructions on whatever you want to do.

great model only problem is the top part of the key is not held together good enough so I got this model and it came out very good http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:607377

Heart Key for Lockable Gift box

Lovely box, any chance of a redesigned key, difficult to print - tried different position

This is Perfect and I'll use it to deliver a diamond this coming Friday... Thank You

BTW JFYI I did the 101% scalation as adviced and I ended up with the ribbons too loose, so the trick might NOT BE for everyone using PLA...

I printed the key vertically with brim and 100% infill and came out great. Leave you a few images as a guidance:

Sweet! Your model has been chosen as one of the best 3D Printed Ornaments this year! Search "Top Free 3d Printed Ornaments Printing Ninja" in google to see (sorry thingiverse bans url addresses)

Great work man. Thanks so much for sharing...

yes so good man/woman pro

fits together well .. only issue were the key useable but dont look as nice as the box ..

I had some issues with the key not fitting well, so I printed it at 90% and it worked perfectly. Box looks great, awesome design!

The key came out ugly after removing the support. I used 'cut of object bottom' to print the key in two parts and glued them together.

With 'cut of object bottom' the object sinks into the platform.
My Ultimaker then prints half a key with a flat bottom.
Rotate the key and use the same trick to print the other halve.
Then glue. Works perfect!

Printed this whole thing, but my tolerances are different than yours. Will you add the Sketchup file please? I would like to make a few adjustments appropriate from my printrbot jr. Thanks!

I uploaded the sketchup file (SourceFile.skp) for you. I remember having to fix the lid after exporting to STL due to some non-manifold issues that often plague sketchup creations (rookie mistakes!). I used NetFab to fix. Let me know if you run into any issues...


Increasing the ribbon size for PLA worked for me, too. However, the inside hook was too small. The hook was not enough to grab onto the lid post. It needs to be 2-3mm longer. Still, a really nice box!

I printed it out in a black - red color combination and it is great! It looks great, feels strong and doesn't break. But i had some problems printing the key. Because only a small surface lays on the heatbed, and everything else floats in the air (laying on the side). I had to cut the bottom section of the key to create a bigger surface laying on the heated bed.

Comments deleted.

I'm curious about how you modeled the vertical walls of the box. I am trying to print solid walls, but it is not working as I expected. The inner and outer shell layers print fine, but I get chatter printing the interior of the wall, despite multiple slic3r settings. Is there a fill pattern built into your model, perhaps? I'm printing one more of these and that's it. It's beating up my linear rod bearings pretty bad and can't print at night with my daughter sleeping in the next room.

There's no built-in fill patterns or anything like that. If you let me know what type of printer you have, I might be able to reproduce what you've got going on and help resolve...

Thanks! I'm running a Robo3D earliest version, Repetier-Host tailored for Robo version 0.90D, and Slic3r version0.9.10b.

If you want ribbons that fit without any sanding in just upsize the inner ribbon (one with the keyhole) to 101% and the outer ribbon (one with the bow) to 101.5%. I made everything with PLA and it fits together with no fuss and best of all, no sanding. I made 5 of these in all different colors already!

Thanks for the tip. I added this info to the instructions,

Just curious as I am always trying to learn .. what program did you design these in?

I used SketchUp

Why don't the "anti-warp" disks actually intersect with the model? I don't see how that would be useful.

well i can see???

It's only useful when using a raft. A raft will help prevent against ABS corner curling, but for larger flat-bottomed models, I've found the corners are often not protected as much as needed. Since the raft is larger than the footprint of the model, the raft of the box merges with the raft of the disks thus extending the grip to the build platform at the corners. Seems to work well in my tests....

It's useful when using a raft. The raft forms a base that is larger than the footprint of the model, and when this happens the raft of the box and the raft of the disks merge forming an extended raft at the corners. I've found that the default rafts don't protect corners as well as they should when printing large flat-bottomed objects, so this trick extends them and seems to work pretty well.

I've found that connecting the disks with the actual model, like you can do in Makerware, makes a raft unnecessary. I understand what you are saying about extending the raft, however, I prefer no raft if I can help it at all.

Cool. I've got to try that.

Is there a way I could get an open scad file or something so I could change the size of the box. Its a great design put it's a little small to put actual gifts

An scad file would be nice, but I modeled this by hand. Could redo parametrically. What dimensions do you want?

I'm having the same problem printing the key. We re-leveled the build plate twice and that did not help. Any special instructions? Please help.

As I responded to uxian: When printing in MakeWare, click the "Raft" and "Supports" checkboxes and try again. What is happening is that the bottom layer only has one point that touches the build-plate so it's got grabbing well. These options should help. Let me know!

I'm having a lot of trouble printing the key on a Replicator 2. The extruder head seems to be picking back up the filament it's already laid down.

When printing in MakeWare, click the "Raft" and "Supports" checkboxes and try again. What is happening is that the bottom layer only has one point that touches the build-plate so it's got grabbing well. These options should help. Let me know!

Of course, I should have thought of that. Thanks, it did the trick.

Awesome. I added a note to the instructions about using a raft and support when printing the key.

I'm having some trouble getting the outside bow to fit over the box and the other bow - is it sized correctly? Should I resize? It's a few millimeters to narrow to even fit over the box itself, without the inner ribbon.

The stl file shows that the ribbon is large enough, and my prints give a good fit. Maybe the following can help us figure this out:

1) Does the lid fit well?
2) Do the internal locking mechanisms attach nicely?
3) Does the inner ribbon fit well?
4) You say the outer ribbon doesn't fit, so:
a) Is it catching on the lid or the base of the box?
b) Can you send me a photo showing where it's off and by how much?

Sorry for so many questions, but if you can answer the above, we should be able to resolve the issue. Thanks!

I am printing this at the moment. Since I don't have a heated bed on my UM, I chose the anti-warp version of the lid and bottom. For the lid-file, two of the circles are not in level with the rest of the drawing and thus a brim is not printed around these for extra support.. the circles are hanging just 1 layer above the rest, when printing at 0.1mm

The rest looks good :)

You were right! One of the disks was 0.1mm off. Thanks for catching that.

I uploaded a fix. Let me know if it works!

I really love this thing :D awesome thanks for sharing.

It would be easy make it larger. What dimensions do you want?

Cool idea. It'd be interesting if you had a larger version that can be actually put under the tree and hold something large.