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Slide Bag Clip

by walter Nov 28, 2016
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This is the best thing i have ever printed! It seals and is soo easy to use, im going to use it all the time. Fantastic print! Thanks for the 3d file

Printed and im unhappy from this. Hard to use and not protecting from air. In my opinion it will be better and more usable if it was in two pieces.

I am wondering when printing in horizontally, the top bridge is fine without support?

Very good design ! Wy wife loves it.
Thanks !


No troubles with horizontal printing.
I made mine 250mm with:
Layers top/bottom/outline 4/4/4
Layer height 0,2
Infill 25%
with 5 skirt outlines to prevent warping

Printed out a set of these and followed the video, but I still can't get them to actually work. The bag seems to stop and bunch up along the "top" of the center rod about a half inch down its length. I ran a small precision screwdriver along the inside to see if I encountered anything, but it seems to be clear.

I love the concept, but it doesn't seem to actually work.

Very nice, thank you!

Is the bottom of it supposed to be closed/filled? Your instructions mention trimming away some support, but that appears to be the only thing. When this is trimmed away the inner "plunger" is free to slide out. It sill works, if you fold the bag over the plunger then slide the clip over. This was the only way to use the clip with bags larger than the clip itself.

Just curious if I did it right. Other than that, great print! Thanks!

Central piece printed as part of the outer shell... how are you supposed to slide the bag on the clip?

I'm having some trouble using them. I printed a couple small and a couple large sized ones with an Ultimaker 2. Maybe its just me but I can't seem to figure out how to get them on the bag. Any help? Thanks!

Hello, how did you do to take off the central party of the breech?

bonjour,comment avez vous fait pour decoller la parti central de l'embasse?

Awesome item. It works as it states, and the printing process took less than 45 minutes on 220 degree heat. I had to utilize two for bigger chip bag, etc. However, it still looks awesome lol

Could we have some details on how to print, like:

  • Orientation on print bed? Horizontal, Vertical
  • Fill and supports?
    • Anything else?

Thanks for a great looking project.

Vertical, no supports, i did with 20% but it doesn't seem to matter

Wouldn't a vertical print make it more susceptible to breaking longways?

Indeed, that actually happens.

Thank you, will try this afternoon.

Comments deleted.

Someone try to print it with a reprap ? Is it working ?
I'm afraid that the two parts will stick together!

But great job, i like your concept!

It works on a RepRap ;) Slic3r will chew at the model for a bit but it sliced and printed first time without issue. Height is probably a problem on the big clip but the small clip prints wonderfully. Video at https://youtu.be/H9_bOHglMQ4

Your designs are amazing, thank you for sharing them!

Yes, your point???

walter does make some amazing stuff but I'm a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due if a thing is based on someone else's work. I would hope this community would feel the same way.

Yeah this is based off of images I've seen of other sliding style clips. I was going to mention the brand name in the post because I couldn't figure out which of the many companies that make the exact same product actually invented it, and which are knockoffs.

Based on your post and more searching it does look like Gripstic is the company that created the design that's sold by a bunch of different vendors so thanks for posting. I'll edit the post to include that. I'm assuming they are the original source because of this patent: https://www.google.com/patents/US7503696. interestingly they reference several other patents and the first patented bag clip of this design was probably this one from 1919 by Morril Philip E and the Bernis Brothers Bag Company: https://www.google.com/patents/US1361605. This is all based on internet searches, I could be wrong.

@brian_strickler: thanks!

good research, very informative.

I just wanted to point out that at least one product has been on the market for quite some time (long predating the https://www.google.com/patents/US7503696 patent). It is made by Coghlan (https://www.amazon.com/Coghlans-Squeeze-Tubes/dp/B003LDGKUC) and I have been personally using this product long before the 2002 patent referenced.

I agree that attribution is important, I just am pointing out that it is not always so easily discovered.

@walter thanks for the design. I am going to print on right now.

Yes, your point???