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Christmas Tree (now with lamp base)

by idig3d Nov 24, 2016
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Printed 130% with .6noz using HDglass looks amazing!!

Christmas Tree Led strip mod
by geduxk

Super Cool! looks kind hard to print though....

Sliced in Slic3r PE and there are layers missing at the bottom about 6mm up, tried it with S3D and its the same, any idea what's wrong??

I had the same problem when I scaled the tree down to 70% to print on my Prusa. Scaled to 65% and the problem goes away. It took me a little bit to notice Slic3r doesn't show the problem until you export the Gcode.

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In case you want to add a star to the top of the christmas tree you might want to check this: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3279197. The STL file is for a 200mm sized print, but you can simply adjust the attached Fusion360 File.

Star for Christmas Tree (now with lamp base)

Very cool design! Finally got around to printing this! and Yeah it does have a song to it. Each new layer has a different sounding pitch!

does anyone else notice this kinda sounds like the Christmas song "noel"

Hello mate :) love the print and really looking forward to printing a few for the office. Iv come across a problem. I’m using cura 3.4 on Mac and a 0.2 mm settings with the correct spiralise and 0 level 1 prints off but after about 40 minutes in for some reason the gcode sends the extuder backwards retracting the filament and then it continues in thin air. Iv tried it twice and it’s still done it. Any ideas?

I am relatively new to 3D Printing but when I downloaded this file into Cura, the program My college uses, its was solid, no way for the bulb to be inserted like designed. Is there something I am missing or a way around this?

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You need to go into settings and enable the "spiralize outer contour" in special modes menu and then select it when you slice

Place i get my filament from has one of these about 4 feet tall. Did it on one of their large scale printers (the other goes upto 1.8m tall)

How do you get the facets on the tree. Can you short explain this please ?

It truly escapes me. Lack of sleep during the holidays a year ago. Thinking I bumbled my way through it using MeshMixer--and a few crashes. I should document my work, but documentation can be a speed bump on my path to discovery.

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This is the grooviest model i've ever heard :D

What brand of petg do you use? The colors look really nice.

nice job russ! i stay in shape, with onshape hahaha

Is there any chance of a version with a hole in the base rather than printing without a base, I have issues with getting just the outline to stick or have you any advice?

maybe a brim will fix that issue

I really, really like this design! Job very well done!
Do you think you could design another one with a 10mm hole in the direct center for a tea light? I can drill it but I can't find the exact center plus the big drill makes a messy hole.

Thanks again for this great design! My wife loves all the ones I'm printing out.

Thanks! Crazy busy for a holiday market, so no mods for a while. Could try printing without a bottom layers and with a skirt.

I've made a version that is 147mm tall and holds a 35mm standard LED tea light. You can see it under I Made One https://www.thingiverse.com/make:415318

idig3D, I'd be happy to share the stl files.

Christmas Tree (now with lamp base)

Hmmm....that's a thought! And a very good one at that!
Umm...heh...not sure how to print without the bottom layers. I don't mind giving it a go if you can just point me in the right direction.

Thanks again! Merry Christmas!

What's your slicer?

CURA 14.07 I realize it's old but it runs well for me and creates good gcode that allows me to make good prints in Octoprint. :)

Sorry. Print with a brim, not a skirt.

And some people still like Windows 95. LOL.

Cura 3 rocks. I bought Simplify 3D (and paid for itself for what I needed at the time) but I like Cura 3 better for a few things--can send files directly from it to Octoprint, top layer ironing, easier to switch between machine types, far better thin wall structures like fine type.

Look under Fill for top/bottom thickness. Usually, you still want top thickness for overlaps.

I would love to see a version of this that uses the ToolMoon lamps.

really nice job! Thank you for letting us gift prints to friends and family. I will make sure they know the designer of these awesome trees!

Great! Just great!!

My sisters saw mine and now they want a few of their own. :)
Well done and love that these are easily scalable in virtually any shape! Can make them all unique!
"No sister #1, your's is totally different from sister #2 and sister #3." lol
I'm taking the advice of one of your other fans and using a flameless tea light for it.
Ordered some green PETG and will be here on Monday. Will be a Christmas tree printing fool for the next few days.

Thanks for a great idea!

Very nice. Where would I find a Flat LED Light for lighting these puppies up please?

Dang - you've been keeping busy with this design - nice work!

What settings did you use for the tree trunk part?

I've tried it a couple of times but the tops of the legs collapse in or have gaps.

I've printed mine with 0.25mm layers, 2 perimeters, 5 top layers and 4 bottom layers, and 10% honeycomb fill.

Can you please share the link to your design in Onshape?
Would like to see how you created this 'organic' shape in it..

Thanks for sharing! I added a star on top and printed it very small as earrings :)

Cool! Please post a picture as a make. hopefully not too pokey as earrings.

Hey, I made up a super simple star to go on top of your tree.. looks cool. ;). I really like this tree.. great design !!
thinking of doing a simple Angel too. ;)


Tree Star

Thank you. I have some MakerGeeks crystal series translucent green that I'm going to have to try this on.

I really liked this tree.

Printed it out at 140mm, drilled a 9.5 mm dia hole in base, and pushed in a flickering LED tealight. The tealight itself acts as a trunk for the tree. The tealight battery last 10 hrs plus, not exhausted it yet, and is replaceable. Lastly some spray snow from the top. Great - MANY THANKS.

Nice! Thanks for the kind words.

I was just looking at the PETG from Inland at the store. I bought some of their PLA to test out, because their prices are super cheap. Those trees look amazing though

PETG is a bit more challenging to get temps and retraction right. But has more flex, durability, and more glass like. But got some good results with $5 (protoparadigm) transparent PLA filament. Good colors but not quite as deep as the Inland PETG.

Hi, can you make a bottom "cup" to close the tree and use it as gift box?

Good idea. How deep? Are you printing the tree at 100%?

no i print in vase mode with a drilled 1.2 nozzle now 1.6, i print with wood pla at 10mm/s or the extruder don't feed enough filament (i'm using 1.75mm) so i make some test and 10mm with 1.5mm on bottom is enough but.... looking to a better version (you can change the source file) consider to make the same shape up to 5mm over the first angle and just remove a bit of material along the vertical line (from the first angle to the bottom) and in the center of the long arc. In that way the bottom will clamp on the tree.

i hope my english is enough and you understand

Very great and wonderfull job !!!

Thanks! Appreciate how much people like it.

What printer is this you use ?

As listed in the Print Settings, a Tronxy X3. But had to modify it. The stock set up cools the heater block too much that the hot end temp never rose above 205°C. My mod is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1906391

Tronxy X3 Supercooler - hot end fan shrouds
by idig3d

Thanks for information. I´ve never seen this printer but it seems that it does really good prints....

New printer kit. Price was reasonable enough to take a chance figuring I'd have to tweak it or mod it to get better prints--or part it out for another machine. But many printers are decent with enough tweaks. Solid frame. Good size. I skipped buying the autolevel version since it was overpriced at nearly $50 more for a $10 part and opensource firmware. Small facebook group of users sharing tweaks, mods, and building experiences.

Nice Job! What brand green PETG is that?

EDIT: I'm dumb, I should have watched the video first. Great news that it happens to be inland though, I use that stuff for practically everything, and I just got a green spool of PETG a few days ago before I saw this :)

Cheap Inland Green. In other pics, bluer green is $5/200g Emerald PLA from Protoparadigm, Magenta is Inland PETG, White is eSun PETG, opaque blue and green are Makergeeks' Raptor PLA, clearer/darker clear is Makergeeks PETG, and frostier clear is Makergeeks not so glow in the dark PETG.

Would you consider sharing the Onshape design? I'd like to build a small base to house some electronics and a few NeoPixel's. Cheers

I printed this in about an hour an half. I put it in a time lapse in the video below

I used Cura, in spiralize mode running a 0.2 layer height with no supports or infill. I recommend printing no faster than 80mm/s if your 3D printer does not have a cooling fan. The overhangs may not cool quickly enough and will cause tears and blobs on the ends

Thanks for sharing the STL :)

Nice! How tall was your print?

wow looks cool ill try and print it thanks :)

Finally a Xmas tree I don't mind putting up!

Is the high facet version available?

Yes. I recently added it to the files.

Man that sure is cool looking

Thanks! Been working on it or a bit. The green PETG really shimmers.

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