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Cellular Lamp

by nervoussystem Mar 13, 2012
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The build stopped at 70% (14 of 17 hours), not sure why -was printing on the Ender 3.

Hello! Can you explain, what lamp you use? And how this lamp can be integrated to model?

I made one! It's huge! And it's my biggest - longer print ever! I am really happy :-) It's scaled up to 170% on a cr10mini. 260g of PLA, 35 hours of printing time!

I would like to put a light on the base to make the lamp. Any hint? I am wondering if there is a super cool flat lamp I can use.

nice one, good mother's day gift :-D. used ender3, no infill, zero support.

This printer looks great! Is this available on Amazon? Maybe I can get it on discount on Prime day. Thanks!

Which parameters to use? I get a lot of strings from the travel movements.. using ender 3 with retractions active...

Did one scaled up with a push light and transparent filament, zero infill, zero supports, mk3

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How long did it take on makerbot if you don't scale it down?

Struggling to print this - once I reach approx. 1 inch in height, you reach the point where some of the vertical strands aren't yet joined but are quite long. When the print head moves over these they flex quite a bit, which then of course mucks up the printing accuracy.

I'm using ABS at 50% infill. Any suggestions on how to overcome this please?

Enable support material in your slicer?

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Does anyone know if ill need supports? or will it print fine without? Snapmaker

Hi, I did not need any. Worked fine without :-)

i tried to print it two times. Both trys failed at almost the same height (100mm). I got an shift in x and y axis (Custom tuned CTC i3)
Between both trys i reduced print + movement speed. (resulted in 8h and 12h print time)
My printer doesn't have an mechanic issue at this height (tried with different model)
Sliced with cura
Anyone an idea?

try number 3. Again less speed and acceleration. Some strong supports => result is the same at the exact same height.

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I'm looking for an appropriate LED + fixture that would fit as well as the one in the main picture, could you please repost the links please?

May I have ur permission to sell a printed cellular lamp and use the first Photo on a website?

what type of led light would u recommend?

Scaled it down and came out pretty good

Hi can anyone tell me how to get the frame at the bottom printed first to keep it pinned down? Am new to the and have struggled to get this to print

Just printed this Cellular Lamp! And I added a remote controlled LED light to it to light it up! Check out my time lapse video of the print:


Thanks for a great model!

Anyone know how to do this voronoi stuff in rhino/solidoworks? Let me know!

I know there is a plugin for Autodesk Inventor to create voronoi as a projection from a flat surface, perhaps there is a similar plugin you can look up for Solidworks

I slice with Simplify3d and print it, at (around) 100 layers it print overhang which ruined my printing and waste my filament. after that i examine it on software it looks like have some overhang. i just cannot believe the designer make such error design then I tried slice it with cura and slic3r (thinking might be problem from Simplify3d software), but it gives the same overhang. now i just dont understand where the overhang error comes from. and then i download another source file, and it give good result without any overhangs. forgive my bad english, just want to share my experience with this design.

hi robby3d

where did you get the other source file from ?

It worked fine on my Anet A8 though

but did you notice the hangover at the slicer software?

I had tiny parts of overhang but since I printed without supports I was quite happy with the results.

This looks very cool! What did you use to design it?

Does anyone know a light bulb and a socket that are small enough to use with that great model?

find a socket and bulb you like and scale the model to fit

Printed this out and came out good. Not perfect but I am happy with it

Mine works beautifully until about a qtr way up and then gets weird

everytime i try to slice it... it crashes my program...

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Hello nervoussystem!

Very cool, stellar idea!! I have just started an online business and would like to use your Cellular Lamp as an example of some of the cool 3D printable designs people are making, and I'll be including a link going to the model here on thingiverse where people could download it. If you want to check out the company, it's www.brightenideas.com.

Just let me know if you are cool with that.

Best Regards,


how much material is necessary?

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Wonderful thank you

It is looking beautiful...

Gorgeous! Very aquatic inspired.

Thanks for this great and absolutely inspiring design!


great design of deep thinking . i love this . do need to put a light inside it? love to design it .thanks

Awesome model! But I get weird hangs whenever if am slicing it.
Model/program always hangs on Generating Supports... and im only using default support generation settings in Repetier Host and in standalone Slic3r. Ive left it running overnight and it still doesn't finish. Cpu usage just hangs at 17%
(note: I have more than enough CPU power to slice it... dw bout that)

Anyone have any ideas?
Try Cura maybe to generate the gcode??

what kind of light do you put in the center, exactly?

que software seria el mas recomendado para diseñar este estilo de lamparas?

great work ! Gracias !

sensible solution.nice design

Tried to print this twice, stopped half way through no explanation?

Wooowwwww.... Keep it up..

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This LAmp like Alladin lamp!))

I made one of these and it came out good. This thing is awesome!

What type of light did you use in the first picture?

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Amazin look, my suggest to start it as a business project.. Good job

Anyone know the right settings for Cura on an Ultimaker 2? I'm not sure what it means by 3 shells and it doesn't mention the layer height.

I've made this one http://www.thingiverse.com/make:112035
With these settings :
Shells 3 means = 3x0.4 =1.2mm for the wall thickness.
0% infill.
between 0.15 and 0.18mm layer

And you'll have same results as me.

Cellular Lamp
by N3W0NE

I made one! I cant wait to see it out of the printer I am making it in an olive greenish color. I will post a pic once it is done.

how easily does this print without supports? is there a video of it printing without supports?

Printed one in red, 2 shells, on a Z18 and it turned out great. Maybe next time we print one we'll have a video of it.

Has anyone succeeded to print it on the Up Plus 2?
Every time at the layer 286/354 it crashes and says move error?
Any idea how could I troubleshoot that?
Thanks a lot

I know your post is quite old. But i have exactly the same problem. Did you solve it?

Absolutely beautiful! Very creative...

I was wondering how you all are handling the supports in this. I'm using Cura and it wants to support everything. Any recommendations on how you printed it would be helpful.

Hello! This model prints with no supports, so you should be able to just run it as-is.

how do you export n-e-r-v-o-u-s designs from the web app like mine? https://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/cellCycle/?t=0&l=38427 for printing as STL's?

What software what software did you use to make this?

We used our Cell Cycle application! Check it out here: https://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/cellCycle/https://n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com/cell...

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

="thingiverse-98b59bf82322938beaf6bca6999f7ca0:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-98b59bf82322938beaf6bca6999f7ca0/KevinMakerBot - We've added links to the light fixtures we use to this Thing's description, above. You can use any LED fixture you like, but that's the one we put in our lamps. Thanks!

="geometry:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/geometry/Nervous System do you have a good link for a light to add to this? printed perfectly, don't want to mess it up with the wrong light!

What kind of lighting do use with this?
I imagine a regular incandescent bulb or halogen would be too hot for the abs or pla.

you want to use an LED fixture.

Been trying to print this in ABS but its keeps failing after a few hours. I think it starts curling and the print head crashes into the parts that are curling causing the print to become dislodged. Using ABS because I have a Rep 2X and it doesn't print PLA very well on long prints (haven't solved that heat creep problem yet). :(

You need a cooling fan and ABS juice.

what a good layer thickness?

I want to create something with a cellular look. i just don't know how i can cut out the patterns.
Can anyone tell me with what software and function i can create cells or something that looks like it?

What type of light is this? Model printed great, with a few small imperfections on overhangs. Thanks

I really want that.. ;)
But Slic3r is always crashing when i try to get the gcode..

Can't seem to get either model to slice in Slic3r 0.9.1 Any suggestions?

Try reducing the number of threads ("Print Settings" --> "Advanced" --> "Other" --> "Threads"). Or upgrade to 0.9.10b (they made memory improvements)

Why: More threads allow Slic3r to perform multiple calculations at the same time. In this case, this also means Slic3r needs to "remember" more information at once. (ie. If you tried to simultaneously add 153 + 126 and 192 + 193 in your head, you'd have to remember about twice as many numbers).

In summary, reducing the number of threads will reduce Slic3r's memory usage, but will also make it take a longer time to complete the task. It works fine for me with Slic3r 0.9.10b, 8gb RAM and 5 threads.

 had the same problem. try it on a computer with more RAM installed. (8gb RAM worked for me)

 Seems to slice with Slic3r 0.9.7 - we'll see how well it prints.

This still won't slice with Slic3r 0.9.7. I've got 8 gb RAM and yet its still crashing. How'd you get it to work?

I've got 4GB on a older Lenovo X61t. I think I used MeshLabs and used quadratic decimation to cut the resolution in half before slicing. Seemed to work on 0.9.7

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

Watching this thing print is mesmerizing; it's like a mix between the "replicator" machine in Star Trek and watch a bacteria culture grow. It took me ~12 hours to print with default MakerBot Replicator settings (may have turned Shells down to 0), but it was totally worth it. As physically large as it is, the weight is very low due to the design of the object. For me, it only used up 49g, and yet is a little bit larger than a softball. Some of the thinner features on the outer ring are prone to breaking under horizontal / compressive stress, but nothing that a little acetone spot-welding can't fix! Great work, I'm happy I finally have something that was designed by Nervous :)

Thanks for the great design - its a fun and challenging print!

These cellular jewelry are beautiful, but it's a bit of a bummer that there's no way to download the generated geometry, only to buy prints - rather like a photographer that won't sell you your digital photo's, only printed copies. Of course, we can all download the one STL that you generated and uploaded here, but I don't think that's what DubLo7 was asking for.

We make our living through selling jewelry. I understand your disappointment with not being able to to download the geometry from our app but that's the arrangement we have for the moment that allows us to develop fun software. There are three jewelry designs uploaded to our thingiverse account that you can print in addition to this big thing.

Such a cool thing it deserves to be printed glowing!

I can probably do something about that, also, I have a spare gen 3 motherboard sitting around here, but most likely it just needs it firmware reflashed.

Just send me a message through my thingiverse user page and I can swing over and take a look.

hello, just click "bigmakerbottable4.stl" on the left column of the page under the word "Downloads"

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

(please delete the "Guest" comments. I wasn't logged in and the page just kept posting the comment for some reason.

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

How do you get the STL model from the web page? I have a neat model made but can't figure out how to download so I can print it.

I'm not totally sure. It's never worked since we assembled it. Most of the time it says not connected to the computer, but sporadically it does. it's never accepted a print job.

I can help with that if you like, I rebuilt Skidoo (the black and red one). Didn't know it was broken. What's wrong with it?

I've been once or twice. Our non-functioning Cupcake used to live at Sprout in the hopes someone would fix it. It was the lime green one.

You know that we have a group of people that meet up every now and again at the sprouts in Davis, right? There's even a google group.


I haven't made it across the river to visit yet :(

WoW! Nice, must print this.


Looks like it'll print fine, half way through.

Impressive. It seems to be handling the overhangs really well, what w/t are you using?

normal stuff, height of .3mm width of .5mm so w/t of 1.6666 I have bridging set to .7 and .7 and my overall speed is slow, 28mm/s.

Long print.

If you want to see how it printed, I can give it to the guys at Room 68, I have stuff in their store as well. :)

Nice! On a cupcake no less. :)

yup :) Had to scale it down a bit to fit my build envelope.

I sized it for a Replicator...I think

Love your stuff nervous... Thx for sharing some of it over here!

From building http://flic.kr/p/bAe7xihttp://flic.kr/p/bAe7xi I think I can say that this won't work. The overhangs are too extreme and the horizontal "bridges" won't connect properly. Using a raft might give you the bottom part correctly but the middle part will likely fail.

If it had more vertical edges anchoring the bridges it would help. Nice to see you posting more though!

@tlalexander, I would love to see the Ultimaker output on this model. Please share your results!

Well, I stand corrected. Clearly magic is possible if you tweak the parameters enough. Good job!

I dunno, I think the Ultimaker can do it. I had extreme overhangs on my Helicopter blades:


But I was using 0.08mm layer heights (with 0.04mm perimeters).

Though the author specifically asked if the part was "makerbottable", I think perhaps they just meant printable without support on a home printer?

If I remember, I'll try printing one of these.

Working 3D printed Helicopter Blades

yes, although I have a particular interest in Makerbots. but primarily, how well does it work with no support?

Perimeter thread width at half the layer thickness for large overhangs on an Ultimaker?! Really? I might be doing this all backwards if that is so, can you please verify those dimensions? I need to know :)

Also, do you use the standard 0,4mm nozzle?

yo watz!

what if the outside surface was more vertical like so: