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Modular space scenery for wargames - Escenario espacial modular para wargames

by niphilim Nov 21, 2016
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Will there be any future updates to this set, such as rounded or hexagonal floors/walls/corners?

I have no plans to update the set, sorry.

Wish there was a 120 degree wall

Love the design. Thinking of using for Star Trek module.

I run a star wars campaign and this will be great for a modern jedi temple thanks

This is awesome, it would be great if had some curved walls

You mind If I use this for our 40k mod for Arma 3?
you will be credited ofc

Comments deleted.

I love this set! I've been printing it like mad for days.

Could you create a file with just 1 copy of the large door? Or possibly put the long ends together? As it currently is, it is not possible for me to print on my tiny 4.7in build space.

The "door_1x2_oneSide" files.

You are amazing, thank you so much!

This set is amazing, thanks so much for making it! I'm just getting started with 3d printing and 3d design, and my first project is a remix of one of the walls to have a built in computer.

Incredible work! I don't play anything that these would make sense in, but it makes me wanna find something. Kudos!

What scale would you use to make these 15mm (say, for Gruntz)

I did it for 28mm wargames, but without follow that measure exactly. If you scale the tiles to half I think it could be works.

These tiles look great! I highly recommend adapting them to the OpenLock system. Its the current direction most tiles systems are going.

I'm having issues with the grid/grate floor where it is printing with lots of hollows and skips. Looking over the g-code from Simplify3d, it looks like it is a problem with the object not my printer. I see someone else stated they had some issues with hollows as well. Was it the same piece? I printed the 2x2 and the errors/holes were symmetric and flipped 180 degrees on the other side so I'm thinking it's the object.

The wall handle clips are defined as two objects close to each other, this causes a seam down the middle. This model should be merged so the printer does not create these with a seam.

You're right, fixed file uploaded!!!!.


OpenLOCK is available as a free, no fees, no commission, unlimited licence for commercial purposes, I have already licenced it to 6 commercial modellers who are developing sci-fi scenery and dungeon tiles, If you want a free commercial licence then you just need to email me matt@printablescenery.com

your pics show clips to tie the sections together, can you post them.
also there seems to be some gaps/manifold issues in some of the sections.
These are definitely going to go on my gaming table

The clip piece is the "wall_handle_01" file.
I've printed all the pieces without problem using CuraEngine. I don't know if other softwares can have troubles with some pieces, but with CuraEngine or Slicer works fine.

This is pretty amazing! I would absolutely love to see an OpenLock version of this! I've bought into everything else with OpenLock, but having SciFi dungeons that interact with our existing pieces would be great! Especially in the pathfinder adventure I am currently running :) Thanks for making this!

Is it "Iron Gods"?

That would be the one! :) It is such a great Adventure Path. The group I am running it is still on the first book, but reading ahead, there would be a lot of opportunities for this (except for the some of the annoying rounded walls and skewed angles)...

I get lots of hollows when trying to print, anyone else having problems?

These look awesome; using a lot less plastic with the thinner walls then the system I was initially working with. I really do need to get a bigger printer... or lots of smaller ones.

Simply awesome! Zone Mortalis, here I come!

Amazing job !!! Lost for words, very cleverly designed, modular, great look... i'm thinking of cutting some walls in half to improve an old space hulk like gameboard I made a long time ago : I'll just have to glue the half-walls over my old flat ones and Bob's your uncle :)

Great job :), Have you thought on adding the OpenLock system ?

Using Open lock is, in my opinion a mistake, the project being under a NC licence anyone using it will not be able to sell his products and knowing Printable Scenery they provided it only to try to impose a closed system under the name Open to try to kill any competitor... Only the name is open, not the concept !

Yes It's free to licence for commercial purposes, I have commercially already licenced it to 6 commercial modellers, If you want a free commercial licence then you just need to email me matt@printablescenery.com

First this project is already posted as a freebie, so not being able to sell a openlock version of it seems kind of moot at this point.
Second, Printable scenery has already worked with at least one other designer to incorporate openlock bases into a competing Kickstartered project.
I think the restrictions aren't necessarily there to stop people from selling tiles as much as it is to make sure they ask first and work with printable scenery to put out a quality product and acknowledge who actually put in the time and effort to design the system.

I didn't know it, I'll take a look.

I put a floor and a wall onto openlock bases as a trial run. I don;t actually have a clue how to post that here but if you have an e-mail I can send them over.

The only issue is the scale is different, I believe your 2x2 floor is 60mm and openlock is 1" i.e. 50.8mm.

The base of the wall was also thicker then a openlock wall and when I scaled it to fit the pipes going up the wall distorted a bit.

A more intelligent approach to walls might be needed but I was looking for quick and dirty to see if it would work.

In the top of this page you have the "remix it" option for publish the adaptations you do of the assets.
Yes, the 2x2 floor is 60mm, each square of tile is 30mm.
If you want to scale only the base of a wall you need a program that allow you to treat that geometry as a isolate geometry, also you can do the test in a wall with no pipes, some of the "wall_b" models could work.

It actually occurred to me your walls are based on a 1x2 base, so I re-scaled the wall to match a 1x2 openlock base and it came out much better. Added a 1x1 corner and it came out really, really nice, I think if I figure out the doors I'd be set to redo all the pieces if you don't mind.

I'm also curious, why did you go with a 30 mm square for your tiles instead of the usual 25 mm or 1" (25.4 mm)?

Did you ever make progress on an OpenLock conversion? I'm really curious how that turned out.


I started converting them but found the wall & door files to be incredibly problematic with simplify3d and have since gotten tied up with work, the holidays, my annual holiday sinus cold that usually lasts 6 weeks and printing the rampage sets so its been on the back burner for a few weeks.

I used 30mm because a 40k base fits on it, is the reference I had when I started to work on it. I didn't know about the usual measeure, but I keep it in mind for future designs.
You can remix it if you want it.