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Prusa Fan-Nozzle Remix

by Jangles1981 Nov 21, 2016
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Should this attach okay to the prusa style fan for a generic E3D v6 found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1746358?
Because it doesnt.
Here's the weird thing - the position of the nozzle doesn't line up by about 5mm shift in the X-Y plane. I dont understand why because if the parts that holds to the fin is attached to the fin then the nozzle center must be in line with that.
But isn't that the type of fan this nozzle was designed for?

E3D fan with integrated layer-fan
by Tom114

printed one with the smallest circle, doesn't really fit E3D with Silicone Sock on Prusa MK2S, any chance to get the CAD file to correct and make it fit Silicone Sock?
You refering to 1sr, 2nd, 3rd file but no way to identify what is what, can you include numbers in the files?
Thanks for the design, I may also make my own.

Just tried the half circle version with a E3D Silicone Sock. It didn't fit, as the sock pushed down on the semi circle too much. But great concept nevertheless! Thanks!

I printed the half circle and it's working fine with a PLA print.. my next question was will it work with a silicone sock as I've got some in the post now, and yeah melting with ABS was my another question.. maybe I'll try the draft angle one and print it in PC at 290º. that should stop it melting..

Interesting design and attempt to improve the air distribution of the MK2, but like commented already; I have also tried the half circle design, printed in ABS, but it already deformed / melted in the 1st print - and I do have a silicone sock around the extruder.

Mine is PLA and has never deformed. The trick is to run the nozzle fan any time you heat up the hot end i.e. changing filament and first layers of prints.

Hi Jangles. Yes, that might work, however printing different materials, there are several occasions that I want the nozzle fan off, or only running at very low speeds (10-15%). Also off on the 1st layer. Anyway, happy to hear it works for you. cheers.

Is it better than the original?

I've printed full circle and half circle fans.
Very proud of the result.
But they melt like butter very quickly... !

I turn the nozzle fan on when changing filament and run it for the first layer as well. I'm still using a PLA version with zero melting. Did you try ABS?

I printed the half-circle one with ABS, melted on the first print. This is a great idea, but there isn't enough clearance from the heating block.

I tried the semi circle fan and printed in abs. But it melts because it is to near to the hotend. Any idea?

These models look great, except when I printed the full circle one, I found it is incompatible if you also have a Silicon Sock on your E3D V6 hotend :(

I wondered if that would be the case. I don't have a sock on mine so I didn't know how much clearance to leave. Can you tell how much interference it has?

The silicon sock appears to make the heater block 2mm bigger in all dimensions (X, Y and Z), and the nozzle area is about 12mm in diameter, but the tip still barely sticks out the bottom through a hole. Silicon sock for reference: http://e3d-online.com/V6-Sock-Kit-3-Pack

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Can you post a picture showing the coenction with the radial fan?

Added a couple of pictures for clarity I believe.

Thanks a lot. I have printed them. as you said the semi circle hasa great air flow but seems to not have the draft angle the other model has, that draft angle seems to improve a lot how the air goes towars the print and not towards the noozle. Would be posible to improve this?

I'm not sure which draft angle you are referring to. I would love to improve the model where it's needed.

One of the files is named: Mk2_Fan_Duct_with_draft_angle, but the semi circle model has beter coverage with its air flow. My question was if the semicircle model has this draft angle too, and if not if it could be modified to have it..

Ok, so that model had more material on the bottom side because I had been using a Micro Swiss nozzle and they are longer than the E3D nozzles but I did not realize it at the time I designed my original file. I made the file with the draft angle at request. This was only exterior draft for clearance to the bed not draft for airflow. I will add that caveat to the description. Sorry for any confusion.

Comments deleted.

I tried using Hobbyking PETG but it melted.

nice and smart design i have three mk2 on one oits ok but i gave it on second one and it has colision woth print bed, i am amking little change in dimensions to be more slim will se how it works.

Thank you. I added a second file with a slight draft angle to the bottom for better clearance. Hopefully this works better for you.

thank you sir ;)

Your welcome. Let me know know if it's not enough clearance and I'll try and squeeze some more out for you.

nice design, have you seen a difference with your (PLA) printouts using this fan-nozzle?

I haven't printed any highly detailed models with it yet but even basic models seem to have better overall quality. It definitely hasn't hurt quality in any way.

Printed in ABS or PLA?

ABS just to be sure it holds up to the heat on long prints.