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3DRC RC Jet Boat Prototype

by finhudson16 Nov 21, 2016
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Can you upload the 3d files for this please? I want to make a few modifications but editing the STL file is taking too long. Thanks in advance.

I was made it two years ago but still not resolve a leakege problem, because there is no stern tube

@finhudsin16 I took your recommendations n got the 3000kv motor u posted the link 2 along with the 20a esc with bec can you or anyone help me get the esc programmed 2 run in the boat would be much appreciated.

I am slicing this now, am I seeing right that the motor impeller drive is 130mm?

Has anyone tested the difference between the 14mm nozzle and 10mm. If so which is better? Thanks

Hi for the shaft which materials did you use? 3mm x ¿long? maybe a comercial shaft can fit on there?

thank you !

What do you use to seal the shaft from the shaft housing, meaning no water travels back into the boat from the shaft hole? Otherwise, I would say this is a good design, however your jet nozzle might be too low, causing it to not be able to create the most thrust possible.

Hi, a good quality sealed bearing and a well-fitting shaft should do a good enough job of sealing it, though I'd still reccomend using waterproofed electrics just in case. As for the design, I'm sure there are many aspects that could be improved, I created it a long time ago when I was much less experienced just to see if I could. I don't plan to update it at all in the forseeable future but obviously feel free to make any improvements to it yourself if you want to.

what rc parts did you buy for it

I made boat a year ago and first test run shows a lot leakage through bearing and shaft. How to fix it?

I found on Aliexpress good replacement for drivetrain.

That looks good, do you have a link. I got some couplers but mine look a lot smaller than the ones you got. I have yet to assemble mine but i got some white grease i was thinking to use and make things more water proof.

updated my remix a bit so that I've cut the top of the front off now so that it can be printed without the need for support so uses less filament.

Just to let people know that the one piece model printed well on my CR-10 with supports from base enabled. will hopefully be fitting the electronics etc this weekend so will let people know how it goes.

In what orientation do i print the hull_rear_bottom so i don't need support material?

Back of boat on bottom, aka the jet drive is on the bottom

can you add link for batery, servo, motor...

As I said in a previous comment:
'The motor mount was designed for this motor: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hextronik-24gram-brushless-outrunner-1500kv.html
The other parts do not have to be a specific model
800mah 2 or 3 s lipo
20A ESC with BEC
9g servo
2ch transmitter + receiver'

Comments deleted.

can you post a one piece hull?

can you post a file of the hull already assembled? (one piece)

I've done a remix with the bottom two hull sections together, i'm printing it now on my CR10 so shall report if it works ok.

No I can't sorry, but I'm sure you could use a free STL editor to do this

Whenever i put the front tip of the boat and the front hull gasket into my g-code converter (slic3r), it appears with A LOT of holes. I don't know if this is the software i am using, or if it is the file you have posted.I have tried re-downloading it many times but still the same result. If it is the software that i am using if you can recommend a better G-Code converter for me. Please get back to me as soon as possible this looks like a fun project and i would really like to make it. Thanks!

I used the curaengine slicer in repetier for all of these parts and it worked fine

when I load the motor impeller drive .stl into Cura 2.6.2 it is waay too big to fit intothe hull. What are the dimentions X,Y & Z in mm so I can scale it in cura? Love the files, thanks for all the hard work put into these files!

se puede montar el motor hidro yet que esta por aqui para imprimir tambien?

Is it possible to have a list of electronic component?

The motor mount was designed for this motor: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hextronik-24gram-brushless-outrunner-1500kv.html
The other parts do not have to be a specific model
800mah 2 or 3 s lipo
20A ESC with BEC
9g servo
2ch transmitter + receiver

What CAD software was this designed in?

How is the seal between the hull top and hull rear bottom?
And what about the seal between the top cover and hull top. I've printed all parts and this sealing is not ok.

The hull top and hull rear bottom don't have a seal between them, ideally they would but I was unable to print one. I would recommend using some hot glue/ silicone/ epoxy to seal it if you don't mind being unable to disassemble it. As for the seal between top cover and hull top, have you printed the top cover seal in a flexible filament?

can you post the part you used for connecting the servo to the nozzle?

It's just a bent piece of wire

what is the black on it?

Hi, thanks for this project, how have you print the Top hull on the bed ? in flat position with top front of the heatbed ?(reversed) this is the only thing i can see without any support.. ?

I've added an image showing the correct orientation

Thx a lot, you print this with only support from heatbed ? No problem to print the top screws holes without support ??

The top screw holes don't need any support if you have a good cooling fan.

You're right! It's ok ! but it seems really difficult to put screw and bolt in the top hull ! Have you got tips ? ;)

Drill the holes in the front of the top hull out to 3mm. On the front hull, drill the holes out to 2.5mm and use an M3 tap to thread them.

Thx for all its perfect! but I have water flowing in the bearing, why ? boat is too load ? my bearing is too bad ?

Its probably your bearing; make sure you are using a high quality sealed bearing with 2 rubber seals (model number ending 2rs), instead of a shielded bearing.

What size bearing do you use?

Read the description

You're right ! I added for you a remix with water pump and 2205 motor support (work very well in 4s 1550mah !! With my rf2205 quad motor)

Do you run a 2s or 3s lipo?

Either, It'll go faster with a 3s

do you have a video of it where it's running? i would like to see it going :)

Not yet, but I will record one next time I am at the local canal

Alright thanks

Very nice design. I really like the modular approach, making maintenance and repair very easy. I think I will give it a shot.
As far as I can tell, the shaft is only held in place by the sealed bearing and to some degree by the coupling. Isn't there some danger of the shaft moving a bit from side to side, or to swivel around the bearing, and therefore leading to the propeller scratching on the inside of the tube?

The shaft is also held in place by the nozzle at the other end

Just had a look at the actual file of the inner nozzle in my cad software and saw the cross support for the shaft. I stand corrected :-)

Hey, big Projekt!! It is great and i love it. How big are the biggest thing? My hotbed is max 200mm big:-)
Best greats Axel

It'll be fine with a 200mm heated bed, happy printing!

Why motor_impeller_drive.stl is so big? Which a true scale?

Sorry about this, it should be printed at 10% scale. I just tried to re-upload the correct file, but thingiverse won't let me.

awesome design could you make some videos of it

I'm form china,I made this MOD with some improvements.I have uploaded the picture to the production column.

i put some screenshot in the made direction

I have edited the hull top file and re-uploaded it, try slicing it again now.

Hi, thanks for this project, how have you print the Top hull on the bed ? in flat position with top front of the heatbed ?(reversed) this is the only thing i can see without any support.. ?

i using cura and repeter host in the same position.. can you make gcode file for me? krealon@ya.ru cant ulpoad screenshots

Hull Top is bugged!!!! plz check it in any slicer and reload it!!! bcoz i waste many plastic

Bugged in what way? It sliced and printed just fine for me. I printed it standing upright on the flat face at the back.

What motor do you use?

I used this one because I already had it: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hextronik-24gram-brushless-outrunner-1300kv.html
but the impeller would work better at higher speeds, so I'd recommend this one:

i am also trying it, what types of screws should i use?

i will upload everything as soon as the top part of the aft hull is finished

M3x12mm socket head bolts, also, use an m3 tap to thread the holes first. Use M3 x6mm set screws on the impeller and drives.

perfect, just bought everything, now waiting for parts

This is fantastic. Thank you for sharing this. I have attempted a couple times to make my own with no luck. I am going to print this and give it a shot. I appreciate this!

Good to know someone else is trying it! A few tips: print the hull sections standing upright with a little bit of over extrusion (maybe 102-105%) to make them more watertight, and print the main hull gasket in TPU with a low infill (20% or so) so that it can compress slightly and completely seal the hull sections together.