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VORON 1.0 - LM10 Bearing Upgrades

by themakeproject Nov 21, 2016
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Are the mounts for the Y axis missing? Front idlers and back motor mounts. How else would you mount the 10mm Y shafts? It is not clear from your picture if you are still using 8mm rods for Y.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, this will be useful as-is already.

Had forgotten about this thing, have updated with the rest of the required parts required I think. 10mm all round on this printer.

Is there any chance you can upload a .STEP source file? It seems the nut traps in the XY joints are way too large to capture my M3 nuts and it is turning out to be quite a challenge to edit the STL to reduce the hexagon size. My nuts are 5.4mm wide but the hex in the STL is 6.4mm.


Thank you! 10mm Z is already in the official parts on GitHub since the V1.5 upgrade.

Hi Can anyone help it seems that the 10mm carriages are missing can anyone tell me where they are please?


I like your design. Please, why not use the rods between the extrusion bars and gain more room for the bed? I am making my BOM to two new printer and I will test your parts with fro other projects. Good luck on your project.

Best wishes.

Jorge Lencini


Thanks, I like the ideas for solid mounting the rods on the extrusion bars, and acutally working on some customisations to achieve this, however this is a "remix" of an already existing VORON printer (check it out on GitHub) so the aim was to keep it as close to original as possible for those who want to run different size rods and bearings.

Following the criteria you said, I agreed with you 100%. Thanks for sharing your project, for me it´s very usefull to learn.

Hopefully I'll start printing off the Z Axis later this week once I'm home from my work trip! My side project on this is to adapt the lead screw portion of the Z axis to handle Misumi's 10mm lead screws so I can use a rod with more Z resolution (and to learn some Fusion 360).

Two motors for Z ? Why bad ideas and big mistakes rule the 3D Universe ?

It´s only a way to do the things. If you use only one motor, must worry about balancing the force with pulleys and.. oh oh, it´s not my project, hehe... just trying to help. Must consider the force of motors, the placement os parts, the weight os plates to be used.
The wrong way is one that not works. If works, than it´s right, since can be done better.
I really respect all people that DO something and SHARE.

Best wishes.


I DO things and I share when it WORKS.

Funny so many are upset when told they do it wrong. In real life, it would result in "you are fired" !

All the things I published here work and are a real improvement,even the simplest one, a filament guide that beats ALL what I see here. OK, considering the competition, there is no glory in that :)

So with one motor and belt you are worried about "balancing" the force but not with two unsynchronizerd motors in the current set up ? If you have a mechanical background please back to your books (via the net :) . If not, end of the discussion.

Comments deleted.

Have you actually looked at the way the Z works on my machine, or are you arguing for argument sake?

Why not tie X and Y motors together too, because we can't trust stepper motors moving in sync.

Reread my comments.

Your machine ?
See what others say about the Voron: http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?397,693404,693975#msg-693975

Looks like two guys that think it's solid but haven't tried it

I just mentioned the basic error of the two Z steppers but of course plenty of other criticisms to be made just by the look at the frame but as it is not complete, I refrain.
digital_dentist is one of the few with a professional approach just that he uses high quality parts (all ball bearing leadscrews and guides). Personally I try to get similar or at least close to, results but using "cheap" parts. The challenge is greater :)

Give me a budget of 10,000 dollars and I'll make an indestructible machine. People want a quality affordable printer. VORON has the best value for the money in reprap space.

Yeah, you´re all right, I know nothing about it and because you´re right, I am sending a massmail now to hundreds of makers, informing then to stop using two motors in Z, because they are not in sync, not using closed loop etc. Wrong too.

And I really need to stop this discussion, because I am not a engineer and have not any rights to have a opinion against yours, so my very sorry, master.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me.

You really lack the humility and patience required to listen to an opinion you do not share.

But the world keep spinning while we discuss, because YOU and ME are nothing, only dust...

Sorry (for real) if I offended you with my opinions.