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Filament Dust Filter

by sneakypoo Nov 25, 2013
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Looks like you got a winner sneaky. Reading some of these comments is more fun than the printing.

"You know, for people who always forget to do it before. You know who you are."

I uh.... I don't know what you're talking a-about.

Great design, have been using the cylindrical filament filter for a while now, but it's a pain to pass the filament through it. 0.12 with 100% infill fused the hinges on my tornado, 0.2 with 20% infill and 90% flow rate in Cura did the trick for me.

Worked perfectly for me, printing in Prusament Galaxy Black PLA at .12 layer height, 0.4mm nozzle, and default settings. The hinge freed up easily after a little bit of brief wiggling, and with a part of a sponge cut to size, seems to work perfectly.

Perfekt alten Schwamm nehmen und fertig.

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Great design! I probably over-printed but I used PLA @ .12 height and 100% infill. I wanted to make sure that the latch was going to be strong enough. Printed in about an hour at 40mm/sec. Turned out great!

I’m new to all this. What kind of oil do I need to put on the sponge?

I wouldn't use oil, seems like it would coat the filament and cause a layer of oil in the print that might make the layers not stick as well.

For anyone who thinks this design is otherwise nice but is a bit too loose on the hinge and doesn't stay closed good enough (or if you would just like to tweak this design in any way but with minimal effort), please check out my parametric remodelling/redesign of this design here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3404664

Thanks to sneakypoo for the original design and inspiration!

Filament Dust Filter (parametric)
by Haprog

Just wondering what kind of oil I could use? Is sunflower oil okay or do you recommend something different? Do I eben need to put oil in it?

What mineral are u guys using? thanks! For example dot4 mineral oil also good?

The best filament filter on thingaverse!

Cheap yellow dollar store sponge and 1 drop of mineral oil on each piece. (literally only 1 drop per piece)
Been using this filter for almost 5 years and have never had a clog because of it .

This is one of the most underrated designs and a very important aspect of 3D printing that a lot of people overlook.

be sure to open it every so often and remove the clump of dust that it collects, or even change sponge.... you will be surprised.

where do you get the sponge
I know this sound stupid but i'am fairly new to printing

Grocery store, dollar store, under your kitchen sink.

Works perfect right of the anet a8 printer.

Very nice and functional design. Printed flawlessly using PETG on my little MP Select Mini. Filled it with 3M scrub sponge pieces and snapped it around my filament with ease. Thanks Sneakypoo. Awesome name, btw! ;)

Looks great! Just about to print it and will comment on the results! What should I use as filter material? Someone said sponge for cleaning cars. Will a kitchen sponge work as well? Or should I use something different entirely?

Printed a few of these, the work perfectly. Awesome design. Anyone try to print one of these big? I'm thinking about printing it ~300% size for my bluetooth headphones. Do you think the hinge would still work?

I have a stash of these in the desk drawer printed from end of spool runs. Each new spool of filament gets one I use a few drops of mineral oil as lube and dust catcher. Bought a cheep bag of foam brushes, and use that as my filter material. Zero issues since adopting that plan.

Made one out of PLA, 0.2mm layers, no hinge problems but mine doesn't want to stay closed :( No matter, I just stuck one of those big spring/binder clips on it. Works like a champ, amazed at how much crud it's caught already!

Very nice design!
Printed in ABS @ 60mm/s 1,2 layer 30% infill
No support

I heard about having a filter on the filament and I decided to try this print. I did not have a lot of hope of it working because I have a clone of a prusa i3 and figured it would print but be a solid block. WRONG! works perfectly hinge and clip are perfect! I am very new to the 3d printer world and this is a win in my book!
Printer: prusa i3 clone
Resolution:Don't know where to find this?
Notes:Using slic3r version 1.2.9 that came with printer and Repetier- Host version 1.6.2
Blue PLA 1.75

Resolution=layer height.

great job, works out of the box (wouldn't have thought..). Thanks!

New to this 3d printing just built geeetech i3 x Only 2nd print so far came out very nice fits does the job thanks good job

This is great! Thank you!

I have been trying to print one that isn't welded together. You design has actually helped me discover some major issues with tolerances on my tarantula. lol thanks! I had to turn my extrusion multiplier down to 0.25. Which is odd because my extruder is well calibrated,

This is awesome! It actually just... folded right after printing! :)

i printed one today with "cheap" pla and it work great. I love so hard the hinge thing and gonna use this concept for future box printing :)

Printed today at .2 resolution. Perfect........love the hinge, still amazes me that things like this can be printed fully formed.
Thanks mate

The first print came out too loose, so I decided to decrease the resolution and try it again. Then the second one just came out perfect.

My first print (too loose) was at 0.04375† layer height.
My second print (perfect snug) was at 0.175† layer height.

So for those who are getting the hinge welded, try to increase the resolution a little bit and everything should be fine (in my case was the opposite). I'm assuming that this is a common insight that applies to mechanical parts in overall.

Monoprice Select Mini magic numbers.

Works great for me. No problems with hinge and the gap is negligible. I mean its a holder for foam to filter your filament, as long as it holds it tight around your filament its doing a good job!
Printed on an i3mk2 in PLA on normal speed at .2mm . I used those cheap walmart scrub pads, just cut them open and pulled the sponge out. Gives good compression around the filament, tight.

After several weeks using it I have had zero issues. This works!! Awesome job!!

Just printed this, twice. The hinge works perfectly right off the printer. Taking the thing off the bed was enough to "snap" the hinge into operation. Printed on PLA on Anet A8. Very nice design. I need to investigate the hinge mechanism further. :-)

When printing on the M3D from Octoprint the hinge was welded and wouldn't move. So I changed the filament_flow (on the advance settings, where there is a bunch of text) from 100 to 80 and it printed fine.

I printed mine at 0.1 layer. It took slightly more pressure than I expected to release the hinge, but nothing wrong with it. Works great. Thanks

Came out perfect, snaps together nice and tight, hinge was free right off the bed.
Flux Delta
layer: .05
Infill: %30
Brim: 2

I have to say, one of the most flawless prints I have done, well made sneakypoo.

For those having hinge issues my guess is your quality setting, put your layer down as low as you can , accept your 1st layer try .25

Really nice design although could not get it to print without coming out solid at the joints. Strange because it looks like it should work with the spacing that is there.

this thing printed flawlessly!! thanks for the great design.

Do you think you could post the two halves as separate pieces for people like me who still haven't gotten their cooling settings adjusted just right? Thanks!

i printed this and it doenst close shut completly, remains a bit open... like 4mm open :(

printer: MP Select Mini
material: PLA
Height: 0.2mm
Wall: 1.2mm
speed: 40mm/s
Nozzle: 0.4
Infill: 20%
Bed Temp: 0C
Nozzle Temp: 195C

Printed perfectly in ABS on my UP! Mini, at 0.2mm normal quality.

Very good hinge design. Worked right off the printer! And the clasp mechanism is quite clever.

I hotglued some synthetic sponge into the top and bottom halves.

Printed beautifully on first try @ 100% fill. Hinge works perfectly.

I thank you, my prints thank you, and my nozzle thanks you!

I haven't read all of the comments yet. Maybe someone else has already posted this. It's a mounting bar for attaching this filter box to a select Mini.

MP Select Mini Filter Bar found on #Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1691722

Nice design keep up the good work

MP Select Mini Filter Bar

Useless! it welded together during print and just proke to bits when i tryed to fold it

I guess there is no possibility that something might be wrong with your slice settings or inaccuracies in your printer? 76 people have posted successful prints so it just might be possible.

Worked out perfectly for me. There will always be a small percentage of people who fail to dial in the right settings. It's ok everybody is learning ;)

Can you make another version? One that has a mounting tab on it?

For anyone whose hinge doesn't want to close - take a look around the hinge for areas that were accidentally joined during the printing process. Mine had 4 such areas. I took an xacto knife and carefully sliced away those bits. After that I was able to free the hinge and get it working smoothly with just a bit of force.

What did you use to make the thumbnail picture for this thing

Thank you.
Working Good.

Comments deleted.

Much better than the screw design filter I had previously! Had to print at 140% scale for the hinge to work.

Thanks for this design, it's great !!!

I freaked out about the working hinge! I printed like 20 of them to show them off and how you can immediately bend them after a print!

Hinge fused together! I think I'll modify it by hand so as not to waste it. thanks a lot for the model!!

What is used for the sponge? Just a cut-up regular kitchen sponge?

I too would like to figure out what to use for the sponge material.

I use a sponge that is used to wash cars. Very soft

Printed it, love the look, it came out great but it will not stay closed. If I have time I'll remix it and add a groove/tab combo so that it'll hopefully stay closed.

hahah Love it!!! Print with M3D, i I broke it but still fit fine and work.


The idea is really cool, but the design is bad. Small gaps.

Comments deleted.

So my design is bad because your printer can't print with high enough precision? Got it.

Yepp, definitely your fault. ;-)

Made my day.

Had to print at 150% scale, 100%-125% didn't work (hinge fused together), didn't try anything between 125%-150%. Probably my extrusion width needs to be changed.

Excellent design! (Always forgetting to thread the other style on, this one is a lifesaver.)

In a word... Perfect!

Nice support free design especially the hinge, inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

I printed this, and it is too loose and will not clamp shut. Any ideas why?

Probably because the tolerances are quite loose, I'm actually surprised it has taken this long for someone to complain :D What I'd do is probably to just gently heat up the little latch thingy and bend it inwards ever so slightly. It's so thin that a couple of quick passes with a lighter would probably be enough.

I had the same issue so I made a remix of this with smaller clearance within the hinge to make it close better. Also I wanted to make it easy to tweak so I basically remodelled the whole thing from scratch as a parametric model in Fusion 360 just by using measurements taken from the original STL.

Here you go if anyone wants to give this a try: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3404664

Filament Dust Filter (parametric)
by Haprog

I bet that just a bit of a raised bump on the non-latch side would fix that. Opps, never mind. I already declared this Thing as Perfect. Nothing to fix here. Nothing to see here. Move along. These are not the droids you are looking for.

how do you all get this thing to hinge? i print in PLA with 0,2mm layer height on my rostock max and the hinge is completely stuck, same happens with emmett's gear bearing, its completely fused together...

There can be a little bit of stick that you need to break free, but it shouldn't take much force at all. It has 0.2mm of clearance so it can move a total of 0.4mm from side to side. That's a lot IMHO. Perhaps you're over extruding a bit? Maybe your retraction isn't working well enough so that it leaves a bit of of a connecting bridge that fuses the parts? Try printing slower for better accuracy.

Been Using this design on the 3D printers for a while now & It's got to be the best & most useful small Item you can print on thingiverse.
Yes i put my hand up ! - i was too always forgetting to thread the dust trap on and this has solved the problem.
Many Thank's Sneakypoo

My slicer fail with it, and make gcode without top and bottom.

What slicer are you using? I've tried with cura, KISSlicer, and slic3r and they all work. KS complains a bit but slices it just fine.

I use slic3r. So if this one works for you, I know that it could work with it. I'll test some parameters. Thanks.

Thats what I get with slic3r :

11:29:09: <slic3r> Warning: The input file contains a hole near edge 108.798576,107.300003,0.000000-108.202278,107.300003,0.890832 (not manifold). You might want to repair it and retry, or to check the resulting G-code before printing anyway.
11:29:15: <slic3r> The model has overlapping or self-intersecting facets. I tried to repair it, however you might want to check the results or repair the input file and retry.</slic3r></slic3r>

Nice design! I printed a second one just to show off the hinge.

Showing off hinges, you're weird... but I like it! :D

two peices keep fusing together on my print, any chance of having a separated stl?

It will not work if separated as you will not be able to assemble it. Try slowing down your print speed and lower your temperature. Slicing it thinly may also help, I printed mine at 0.1mm.

Nicely designed! Looks pretty easy to print, too.